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Bilingual speakers get extra points in Saskatchewan


Bilingual speakers get extra points in Saskatchewan

Bilingual speakers given extra points in Saskatchewan PNP

bilingual speakers getting points in saskatchewan

Candidates who speak both English and French claim up to 10 additional criterion points.

Saskatchewan immigration candidates will get extra points for being adept in both French and English. Bilingual speakers get extra points in Saskatchewan. 

The new measures went into effect on November 24. Bilingual applicants can get up to an extra 10 points below the International Skilled Worker — Express Entry program. The number of additional points will depend on the proficiency level of the applicant’s second language.

The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) utilizes a points system to rate which applicant would be a successful immigration candidate.

Saskatchewan’s points system

People that are interested in immigrating to Saskatchewan throughout the SINP are needed to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) profile in order to showcase their abilities and credentials.

The EOI entry functions as a screening stage that determines candidates’ eligibility. Bilingual speakers get extra points in Saskatchewan. 

People who submit an EOI profile are evaluated based on the following variables: age, education, work experience, language ability and their connection to the state and adaptability.

Based on these variables, candidates are provided a stage score. In order to enter the EOI pool, a candidate must score at least 60 points from 110.

A max of 23 points are available to get a candidate’s instruction or training. For example, a candidate that has a Master’s or Doctorate level would receive the most amount of points. Holders of a transaction certificate would receive 12 points.

A maximum of 15 points are available to get a candidate’s work experience, 30 points are available for their language skill, 12 points are available for their age, and 30 points can be found depending on their connection to the state or adaptability.

Connection to the province includes using a job offer or using a close relative who resides in Saskatchewan.

What are Saskatchewan’s immigration programs

The SINP’s applications are divided into four classes.

The International Skilled Worker Category targets applicants that have proficient work experience anywhere on earth.

Under this class, there are 3 subcategories. The next subcategory, International Skilled Worker — Occupations In-Demand is for foreign skilled workers who have work experience in certain occupations that would help address the state’s labour shortages. The third subcategory, International Skilled Worker — Express Entry, is for those who have proficient work experience in an in-demand job and who also have an Express Entry profile.

The Saskatchewan Experience Category is for foreign nationals who currently reside and work in the state. Under this class, you will find five subcategories :

  1. Health Professionals
  2. Existing work permit
  3. Long haul truck driver project
  4. Hospitality Sector project
  5. Students

The International Graduate Entrepreneur Category is for pupils who graduated from eligible post-secondary institutions in Saskatchewan who wish to begin a business in the province.

The Entrepreneur and Farm Category is targeted at those who wish to conduct their own business or farming operation in Saskatchewan.

Those that are interested in any of these classes are encouraged to complete our free assessment form to find out if they’re qualified.

ο Reference taken from CIC News

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