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Canada Student Visa

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    Canada student visa

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    Canada is the global hub for international students from around the world to pursue higher studies. Canadian educational institutions are world-renowned for their quality of education and affordable tuition rates with the highest satisfaction rate for international students around the world.

    Basics of Canada Student Visa

    International students who want to pursue higher education in Canada must apply for a study permit.  A Study Permit is a document that is issued by Immigration, Refugees & Citizenship Canada (IRCC) that allows a foreign national to study in Canada for a limited duration of time.

    What are the minimum requirements for a Study visa?

    To apply for a Canadian student visa, you have to meet the following minimum requirements:

    • Get a Letter of Acceptance (LOA) from a Designated Learning Institution (DLI) to apply for a study permit.
    • You have to prove that you are financially stable and will cover your tuition fees for one year and any other expenses.
    • If the applicant wants to study in Quebec or Montreal, they must get a Quebec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ).
    • Applicants should have a clean record; meaning that the applicants with a criminal background or posing have a risk to Canadian security, their application may get rejected. A Police Clearance Certificate may be required.
    • A medical clearance certificate.
    • Convince the immigration authority of your intention to leave Canada after the study permit is expired.

    Also, a candidate is required to submit the following set of documents for their application:

    • Valid traveling documents (like – passport) for the applicant and each family member that is included in the application.
    • Submit two passport size photos of the applicant and any accompanying family member with their full name and date of birth written on the back of the photos.
    • For the married applicant, they must provide their marriage certificate.
    • Any other documents asked by the immigration officials.

    If any accompanying family member is moving with you to Canada, they must be included in your application. If the applicant is moving to Canada with their spouse or common-law partner, their spouse can get an open work permit. Their children can study at a Canadian elementary and secondary school.

    How to apply for a study permit visa?

    After meeting the minimum requirements, an applicant can submit their application for a study permit with the right set of documents. There are two ways to apply for a student visa – The online and Paper-based processes. For the offline method, an application can be submitted directly to any one of the Canadian visa processing offices located outside of Canada. 

    Candidates need to apply for a study permit on an urgent basis as soon as receiving the Letter of Acceptance (LOA). Processing time for a Canadian study permit varies from case to case and can get delayed during the summer months. 

    What to do after getting the Study Permit?

    If your application is accepted by the IRCC, then an LOI is issued to confirm the approval. An LOI does not act as a student permit visa. When arrived at the Canadian border, show this letter to the immigration officer and then they will issue you your study permit.

    In case the applicant is from the country where the citizens need an eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization) then the eTA is indicated on the Letter of Introduction (LOI).


    According to the QS World University Rankings, the top universities in Canada for 2020 :

    How to apply for PR Visa after graduation?

    A study permit expires after 90 days of graduation. International graduates must update their status with the IRCC within these 90 days or they might risk losing their status in Canada. 

    The majority of international students who have graduated from a Canadian educational institution are eligible for Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP). Through this work permit, you can work anywhere in the country for 3 years. All the work experience gained during this period will help you in increasing your chances of getting the Canadian PR visa through the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) or Provincial Nominee Program (PNPs).

    In case the immigrants do not apply under PGWP, they can do the following to maintain their legal status in Canada:

    • Apply to modify your status to a visitor.
    • Apply for a different study program for another study permit.

    Different between a Canadian Study Visa and a Study Permit

    To tell in laymen’s terms, Canada Student Visa provides the authorization to enter the country which is a conditional authorization as the officer at the border has the authority to deny the holder entry to the country.

    While in case of a Study permit, it giving the holder the authority to stay. It contains all the details like course level, duration, etc.

    • Student Visa allows entering Canada 

    Study permit allows staying in Canada

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