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Canada PNP without Job-offer

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    Canada PNP without Job-offer

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    Canada is one of the most sought-after places to immigrate to. One of the main reasons for its popularity is its immigrant-friendly policies and time-efficient skill-oriented pathways. Express Entry is the fastest way to apply for a permanent residence visa but the provincial nomination program (PNP) is the way to immigrate directly to the province directly of your choice. 

    PNP is the pathway to get a permanent residence visa for those immigrants who have low scores in the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) applying through express entry can get it via provincial nomination. Provincial nomination depends on the eligibility criteria set up by provinces and each one of them has different criteria of their own. 

    Provincial Nomination Program (PNP) is designed to help provinces to select skilled and capable immigrants to settle and work in the province. Choosing skilled immigrants helps the province to develop its economy. All of the provinces have one common criterion that all of them follow the recommendations of the National Occupations Classifications (NOC). Also, PNPs provide a much simpler and easier Canada PR visa process.

    Candidates who have applied for a permanent residence visa know having a full-time job offer is always a good thing. Job Offer from an eligible employer from the province gives extra points in the express profile. But there is another PNP program that offers nominations without job offers.

    PNP’s that offers a pathway to Canadian permanent residency without asking for job offers are as follows:

    One can always opt for the above programs and look for a job after immigrating to the province. Now let us discuss each of the programs in detail:

    Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP):

    Saskatchewan province like any other province has its provincial nomination program – SINP. SINP allows immigrants to apply for permanent residency visas without job offers. It comprises multiple streams or categories to invite immigrants in the province under various categories. 

    Occupation in-demand in Saskatchewan province allows immigrants to apply for permanent residency visas without job offers. If the immigrant has work experience in a profession that is listed in occupation in-demand by the province they are nominated for permanent residency. After receiving the nomination, applicants who express their profile are awarded 600 points in the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) thus increasing their rank and their chances to get an invitation to apply for a permanent residence visa.

    Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP)

    Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) is the provincial nomination of the Ontario province. Immigrants that are looking to settle and work in the Ontario province can apply directly to this provincial nomination program without any job offers.

    OINP express entry HCP stream is the key to immigrating to this province. To qualify for applying under this program, an immigrant’s express profile should have a minimum of 400 points in the CRS. After meeting this requirement they are issued a notification of interest (NOI) by OINP to apply for permanent residency in the province. After they are selected for nomination by the province, they are awarded 600 points in their express profile increasing their ranking in the CRS. Improved rank means they have more chances to get a Canadian permanent residency.

    Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP)

    NSNP gives a pathway to the immigrants who are looking to settle and work in Nova Scotia province without any job offers. Immigrants can apply for permanent residence visas for Canada PNP without job offers under the NSNP category B.

    The main category for immigrants without job offers under NSNP to apply for is Nova Scotia Demand – Express Entry (Category B). This category opens and closes throughout the year depending on the demand for occupancy or any current status prevailing in the country. Same as in other provincial nominations, after getting the nomination 600 points are awarded in the applicant’s express profile. Such express entry CRS points will surely help the applicant to get a Canada PR invitation from IRCC.

    Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP)

    Quebec province has its provincial nomination program to help them select capable and skilled immigrants to develop the economy of the province – Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP). One of the main features of this provincial nomination is that they offer permanent residency to the immigrants without any job offers. Candidates can migrate to the province and then can look for a job that matches their skill sets. After getting the job they can apply for permanent residency in the province.

    Alberta Provincial Nomination Program (APNP)

    Province of Canada – Alberta has its provincial nomination program – Alberta provincial nomination program(APNP). Immigrants without any job offers can apply under the Strategic Recruitment Stream head of Alberta PNP. This stream allows the province to select skilled immigrants to immigrate to the province and help them develop the economy of the province.

    The Strategic Recruitment Stream has the following categories under which immigrants can apply for: 

    • Engineering Occupation Category.
    • Post-Graduate Category.
    • Compulsory and Optional Trades Category

    Also other than a Provincial Nominee Program, you can also get your Canadian permanent residency through Business Immigration. If you want to operate your own business in Canada, business immigration is the way to go. There are various programs like starter visa program, self-employment program, etc. in the context of business immigration. You must meet the minimum requirements of these programs which include minimum net worth etc. to be eligible for these programs. These programs allow you to apply for permanent residence in Canada without any job offers.

    If you need help finding a job in Canada, we provide our clients with 100% employment assistance services which include resume redesign, job bank account creation, and more. With our experience of over 14 years in the immigration industry, we give our clients a reference immigration service to make the whole process hassle-free.

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