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    Province Immigration’s Refund Policy 

    Province Immigration, established in 2015, is Delhi’s top immigration consultancy offering exceptional services to help individuals migrate to their country for better career opportunities, providing accurate information and transparency to clients facing immigration-related issues.   

    Our experienced immigration consultants provide top-notch services, including IELTS training, in Delhi, Canada, Australia, Germany, and other countries, with over nine years of reliable experience. Here, we will provide you with information about our Refund Policy. 

    Importance of our Refund Policy for Our Clients 

    The following information illustrates the importance of Province Immigration’s refund policy for our clients. 

    • Offer Transparency 

    Our clear and concise refund policy offers transparency. It will provide clarity to our clients in terms of financial transactions. 

    • Building Confidence 

    Our clear Refund policy builds confidence in our clients. It will provide them assurance in terms of financial transactions. 

    • Build trust 

    We promote trust between us and our clients by setting clear expectations and terms for refunds through our clear refund policy.

    Eligibility Criteria of our Refund Policy 

    The following information illustrates the eligibility criteria of Province Immigration’s refund policy. 

    • The refund is only applicable for full payment 

    Our clients must have paid in full the consultancy fee to be eligible for the refund percentage.

    • Rejection of Application after receiving Invitation to apply for PR Visa

    In case of rejection of the application from the immigration authorities, then the clients are eligible to take the refunds. 

    • Refund within 60 days 

    The candidate is eligible to take the refund within 60 days after applying for the refund to province immigration. After 60 days, the Refund will be credited. 

    • Refund Request 

    Clients who wish to receive a refund must submit a payment receipt, relevant documents, and a refund request. 

    Instances of non-refundable fees 

    The following are the instances of non-refundable fees.  

    • Language Proficiency Test failure 

    The candidate who fails the language proficiency test will not be eligible for refunds.

    • Non-submission of documents 

    If the candidate has submitted the wrong documents or did not submit the required documents, then the candidate will not be eligible to take refunds. 

    • Failed to submit the application 

    If the candidate received the invitation to apply and failed to apply after receiving an ITA, they are not eligible for refunds. 

    • Withdrawal of case by client 

    If the candidate wants to withdraw the case for personal reasons, they are not eligible to take refunds. 

    • Insufficient Police Clearance Certificate 

    If the candidate has provided an Insufficient Police Clearance Certificate and their application gets rejected, they are not eligible to take the refunds. 

    • Insufficient funds 

    In case candidate applications get rejected for providing Insufficient funds for settlement by clients or family members, they are not eligible to take the refunds. 

    • Changes in government policies 

    If the candidate’s applications get rejected due to changes in government policies, they are not eligible to take the refunds. 

    Other instances of Non-Refundable fees 

    The following are some other instances of non-refundable fees. 

    1. The submission of fraudulent documents or information 
    2. A prior violation of immigration or visa law.
    3. Late submission of additional documents by Immigration Authority/Consulate/High Commission.

    Province Immigration, a Delhi-based immigration consultancy, provides a refund policy for clients facing immigration-related issues. Clients must pay full fees and can request refunds within 60 days, but cannot request refunds for language proficiency test failure, failed application submission, or fraudulent submissions. The policy aims to promote trust and transparency in financial transactions. 

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