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It takes time and research to apply for a visa because it is a complex process and even the smallest mistake can result in an application rejection and ban of a few years. Prior to applying, you should have an understanding of visa options available and what fits you best. In addition, once you’ve applied, you need to stay on top of immigration updates & your profile for a quicker processing time.

These problems make it necessary for you to seek the help of an immigration consultant. You can save time and effort by working with an immigration consultant who can help you select the right visa for your profile. Your Consultant at Province Immigration will always update you about the new immigration process and will keep you & your profile updated as per the best guidelines for faster processing of your application and landing you in your dream country.

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Welcome To Province Immigration!

Province Immigration is the best and 5-star rated company for Canada immigration consultants in Delhi. Our company was established in 2015 . The motive behind launching this big organization was to help people land in their dream destinations for work and living. We ensure client satisfaction in every work we serve and that is what leads our company successfully.

What makes our company the best for immigration consultants in Delhi is that we hear our clients carefully and work on solving their queries related to immigration. Province Immigration is not only having the best immigration consultants in Delhi for Canada PR but also for other countries such as Australia, Germany, and many more. We have a team of 50+ immigration consultants who have experience as well as expertise in offering reliable consultancy to the candidates.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which Consultancy Is Best For Canada Immigration?

If you are looking for best immigration consultants in Delhi for Canada, you must look for the services they offer to the clients. It is suggested to determine what are your needs for immigration and is your chosen company able to fulfil those requirements. An immigration consultancy company must follow a customer-centric approach in order to meet the unique requirements of the clients. Along with this, they must offer you personalized guidance and support throughout your immigration process for Canada. At Province Immigration, we follow a transparent procedure to provide clients with proper assistance. That is why we are the right choice for you as our 50+ immigration consultant team gives honest and accurate suggestions on your immigration journey to Canada. You must hire us to get real-time support from the expert consultants and make your immigration process a streamlined and hassle-free one. Province Immigration is the right choice for you.

How Much Does An Immigration Consultant Cost Canada?

The cost actually depends on the process and procedures followed by the immigration consultants. If you wish to apply to Canada, you must have enough funds ranging from 80,000 INR to 1,50,000 INR. For more information, you can contact our best immigration consultants in Delhi for Canada. Province Immigration can help you right away! You can also visit our official website to know more about the cost you will have to pay in total to consultants. Our official email: and phone number: +91 98961 96762, you can contact us anyway.

Which Consultancy Is Best For Immigration?

Looking for best immigration consultants in Delhi for Canada, then you will require to pay attention they offer to the immigration seeking candidates. It is always advised to check upon your needs and requirements for immigration when hiring a company for this purpose. They must be able to fulfil your immigration requirements. Your chosen consultancy company should align with the customer’s unique needs by listening to their queries. With this, an immigration company must provide fully-personalized guidance and give you ultimate support throughout the process of immigration to Canada. To abide by this, Province Immigration makes sure to follow a precise procedure to give you the right assistance. We have a team of 50+ immigration consultants who have experience as well as expertise in this industry, and have been serving clients with the best of their advice. By hiring us, you can easily plan your journey to Canada following a thorough and hassle-free process.

Is it worth hiring an immigration consultant?

Yes, Hiring an experienced immigration consultant can always help in getting positive and timely outcome . Always look for consultant who can provide end to end services including IELTS Training , ECA Assistance, Job Assistance, Post Landing services in addition with Documents assistance to manage your work by their own. We want you to be able to plan and manage your move, and eventually live an amazing and successful life in Canada, without you having to spend a penny more or a day longer waiting than you need to.

Can I go to Canada without a job offer?

Yes, Canada Government is offering Permanent Residency visa under Express Entry stream without any job offer letter . Canada Government has significantly increase the target of permanent residents arriving in Canada by up to 500,000 per year by 2025. Even Provinces of Canada are issuing invitations to applicants without any job offer letter.

Do You Need A Consultant To Immigrate To Canada?

If you want to plan your journey to Canada precisely, you need to have perfect guidance for the whole process. Immigration consultants are the need of hour, especially for the aspiring candidates who want to fly to Canada this year. We can help you get through an easy process of applying for Canadian immigration without any hassle. Province Immigration is the top-rated company in this industry, and it is known as the best immigration consultant for Canada. You can easily contact us via email or phone to help yourself with the expert support. We will thoroughly guide you on this. Our immigration consultants have years of experience as well as expertise in this industry making them the right choice for solving your immigration queries. You can know more on this by paying a visit to our official website

Who Is The Best Immigration Consultant In Delhi For Canada?

You can identify the best immigration company in Delhi for Canada by following our tips and tricks. Your immigration expert or guide must be able to explain to you about the whole process of immigrating to Canada. They must have an understanding of how you can apply for certain things in your PR or visa so that you can boost your chances to immigrate. Along with this, they must be able to help you in filling up the application forms, and guide you for the documents required during immigration. They must give you post-landing support. Once you have identified all these factors in your chosen company, do not run anywhere as they would be the best for you. Province Immigration has the best Canada immigration consultants in Delhi as they have all the above-mentioned features in their company. You can easily consult them via email or phone number +91 98961 96762 to make your Canada journey fully successful.

How Can Immigration Consultant Help Me?

In order to apply for Canada immigration, it is suggested to follow the tips so that you can identify the best immigration company for yourself in Canada. Firstly, your immigration expert should be able to explain the entire process of Canadian immigration. They must be able to tell you the ways to improve your chances to get a PR or visa for Canada. An immigration consultant must help you in filling the application forms, help in collecting the essential documents, and provide you with post-landing support once you land in Canada. All these factors make an immigration company the best one for you. We, at Province Immigration help our clients with all of these. We have the best Canada immigration consultants in Delhi whom you can contact via email or phone +91 98961 96762 number easily right away.

What is the easiest way to migrate to Canada?

Canada Permanent Residency visa and Student visa are easiest ways to migrate in Canada . Canada is more welcoming for immigrants than any other country in world.

How much IELTS score is needed for Canada PR?

The minimum required IELTS score may vary as per other factors such as Age, Experience, Adaptability Factors, level of Education, etc. and it also depends on the pathway you are choosing to apply for Canada PR. The minimum IELTS score required to get a Canada PR visa under the FSWP program is CLB 7 i.e. 6 Bands in each of the modules (Listening, Reading, Speaking, Writing), under the Provincial Nomination Program you only need CLB 4 to apply, and If you get a CLB 10 or higher score, you get maximum points in CRS and in the Canadian Experience Class for NOC A Minimum IELTS score requirement is CLB 7, However, for NOC level b, the IELTS score requirement is only CLB 5.

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