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What is Invitation To Apply | Get Your ITA in 2024 

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    The Immigration Authority of Canada, IRCC(Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada) issues the Invitation to apply to Candidates who have submitted their profiles in the express entry program pool. Those who have met the minimum requirements of the Express Entry Program and have the required CRS scores are the only candidates to receive ITAs. The ITAs are issued based on their scores and according to the latest Canada CRS cut-off list.  

    If you are a Candidate who submitted their profile in the express entry pool but failed to get an ITA, then in this article, we will provide you with every information related to the ITA and how to get an ITA in 2024. But first, let us understand the meaning of the Invitation to Apply. 

    ITA- Invitation To Apply

    What is an Invitation To Apply?

    IRCC (Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada) gives an Invitation to Apply to eligible candidates who have submitted their profiles in the express entry pool. This Invitation allows them to apply for Permanent Residencies. 

    Importance of getting an Invitation to Apply

    Mentioned below are the numerous importance of getting an Invitation to Apply. 

    • Get an Entry in the Express Entry Pool 

    Only candidates with a valid ITA are entitled to submit a formal application for permanent residency through the express entry program.

    • Eligibility Criteria 

    Getting an ITA ensures that the candidate has met the eligibility criteria of the immigration program set by the immigration authority of Canada.

    •  Pathway to getting the Permanent Residency 

    Candidates consider ITA (Invitation to Apply) a crucial step in the immigration process as it opens doors for them to obtain permanent residency in Canada. When a candidate responds successfully to the ITA, they will move further in the process for a formal application. If their application is selected, they will become a permanent resident of Canada.  

    How to get the Invitation to Apply for a Canada PR visa in 2024?

    If you are a Candidate who wants to get an Invitation to Apply via the Express Entry Program, then you must meet two main requirements including. 

    • Eligible to Register under the Express Entry Program

    One of the main requirements is you should be eligible to register under the express entry’s three immigration programs including.   

        1. Federal Skilled Worker Program
        2. Federal Skilled Trades Program 
        3. Canadian Experience Class 

    To create an express entry profile and have it submitted in the pool, you must meet the minimum requirement of any of these programs.

    • Crack the CRS Cut-off 

    Now, you have to get enough CRS score to crack the latest CRS cut-off and to get an Invitation to apply from the IRCC. The Comprehensive Ranking System appoints points to candidates based on their age, educational qualifications, work experience, Language proficiency, and others. 

    Next Steps After Getting the ITA 

    If you complete the above-mentioned tasks, you will be eligible to receive an Invitation to Apply. Once you receive an ITA, you will have 60 calendar days to take one of the following actions.

    • Submission of Application to get Canada PR Visa

    After you receive the Invitation to Apply, you are entitled to submit a complete bunch of documents to the IRCC to get a Canada PR visa. 

    • Rejection of Invitation to Apply 

    In case you are unable to submit your application with a complete bunch of documents within 60 days, then your ITA will automatically become ineligible or your ITA will automatically get canceled. 

    Required Documents Checklist for an ITA

    The checklist documents can vary based on the program you are invited to, your educational qualification, work experience, marital status, and others. Mentioned below is a list of documents that you have to submit in any case.    

      • Valid passport
      • Birth certificate
      • Language Proficiency test results
      • Updated CV/Resume
      • A Clearance Certificate from the Police
      • Medical Certificate
      • Passport Size Photo

    How can you submit your Application after getting an ITA?

    You can submit your application for permanent residence completely online, also known as an electronic application. You will be unable to make any changes to the application after submitting it.

    Application Processing Fee 

    The following table represents the processing fee you have to pay while applying.   

    Category  Fee Amount
    For each Adult in the Application CAD 850
    Right of Permanent Resident Fee (Per Adult) CAD 515
    Dependent Child (Per Child) CAD 230

    Latest Invitation to Apply Nominations List 

    The following table represents the latest invitation to apply nominations list which has been released so far in 2024.   

    Draw No. Date Number of invitations to apply issued Minimum CRS Score Category
    287 Feb 29, 2500, 336 French
    286 Feb 28, 1470, 534 General 
    285 Feb 16 150 437 Agriculture
    284 Feb 14 3500 422 Healthcare
    283 Feb 13, 1490, 535 General 
    282 Feb 1 7000 365 French
    281 Jan 31 730 541 General 
    280 Jan 23, 1040, 543 General 
    279 Jan 10, 1510, 546 General 



    In this article, we have provided you a complete details about the Invitation to Apply and the importance of the Invitation to Apply. We have also mentioned how you can get the Invitation to Apply for a Canada PR visa in 2024, what to do after getting the ITA, and other necessary details. If you want more details about the ITA, you can consult Province Immigration

    Frequently Asked Questions 

    Q1. What to do after receiving the ITA? 

    After receiving the invitation to apply, you have 60 calendar days to fill out the application form and submit all required documents. You have to do it before your invitation to apply expires. 

    Q2. What is the processing time for the express entry invitation to apply?

    Within six months or less, most applications get processed.

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