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How to Get Jobs in Canada from India?

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    How to Get Jobs in Canada from India?

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    Easy Steps to Get Job Offer Letter from Canada in India

    For many decades, Canada has been a heart of employment opportunities. Getting a job in Canada is one of the most important aspects of Canada. Especially for Indians, Thousands of Indians migrate to Canada for work every year. The reason for migrating to Canada. Canada has the best-paying in-demand jobs.

    What are the documents required to apply for a job in Canada from India?

    What are the documents required to apply for a job in Canada from India?

    The documents are required to apply for a job in Canada:

    • Professional Resume
    • Cover Letter
    • Previous Employment Document
    • Payslip for Salary Proof
    • Identity Proof
    • Passport
    • Visa/Work Permit

    How to Easily get a job in Canada from India?

    Let’s understand the 3 easy steps to get a job in Canada from India;

    Create an ATS-Optimized CV 

    Creating a resume or resume writing needs lots of expertise and experience because Canada has its own Canada resume format. Also, every month Canadian companies receive thousands of applications hence, there is more competition. Most Canadian companies use the Application Tracking System (ATS) because it might be difficult to check applications manually. For a smooth hiring process, ATS is used to manage the hiring process right from job posting to sorting applications. It will scan all applications based on a hierarchy such as resume format, keywords, alignment, profile with photo, etc. 

    To get the best response for your application it is best to advise you to choose the best resume-writing services. Province Immigration provides you with the best resume-writing services with lots of expertise and experience. 

    Choose the right sources for apply for jobs in Canada

    As of 2024, the application process for jobs in Canada has been changed completely. To get noticed by a Canadian channel approach. Choose LinkedIn and other online portals for reaching Canadian employers.

    To get a better or quicker response:

    • Use multiple job portals
    • Reach out to Canadian HR consultants
    • Applying for the job directly on the company’s website.

    Apply for Canada PR

    Having a Canada PR Visa will increase your chances by 3 times. The employer will be looking for candidates with the right to work in Canada, without being sponsored by the company.

    It is best advised to apply for Canada PR if you have a good education and relevant work experience. We’ll help you to apply for a PR Visa to Canada in a shorter period of time.

    How Province Immigration can help you to get a job in Canada?

    Province Immigration is the best Canada immigration consultants in delhi, having a motto “together we can reach the goal” we work to fulfill your dream to fly. Have a look on how can we help you to get a job in Canada 2024;

    1. Resume Writing: Prepare a resume as per Canadian standards. We prepare your resume in a systematic manner and with all guidance.
    2. Tracking Application: We keep an eye on your application and ensure that application will reach the recruiter.
    3. Constant Efforts: We work on your application constantly and must ensure that all possible options are filtered and applied.
    4. Interview Preparation: We have expert trainers who teach you to crack and get a yes from the recruiter. 

    Factor Affecting your Job hunting in Canada

    Now that you are aware of the majority of factors affecting job hunting in Canada, keep in mind that there are a number of difficulties as well.

    • A poor CV might cost you your job.
    • Your resumes might not always make it to the recruiter’s mailbox.
    • There are several positions that are posted and withdrawn every day that you could miss.
    • Employers conduct thorough interviews, so one mistake might cost you your job.

    Different Canada Jobs portal for Indians

    Now, on how to search for a job in Canada, you can follow some of the points mentioned below which can help you find a job in the country:

    • You browse job search websites like Linkedin,,, etc and newspaper classifieds sections to see which companies are hiring.
    • Use the services of employment agencies – as Service Canada can sign up for government employment services and training assistance.
    • You can go to job hunting fairs in the city where you live, increasing your chances of meeting an employer and discussing jobs.
    • Can ask your friends or family if they know of any vacancies

    Once you are able to find the job you were looking for, you can apply for the position by submitting your:

    • A cover letter that describes why you are the best for the job opening
    • CV (List of all your qualifications and work experience)

    After submitting your cover letter along with the curriculum vitae, the employer will decide whether to invite you for a job interview or not. Through a job interview, the employer can meet with you in person and ask you questions to verify if you are the right candidate for the job. You will also be able to understand your tasks and learn about organizations to decide whether or not you want to work for them through this job interview.

    If you are selected for the position, you will receive an official job offer from your employer.

    How long does it take to find a job in Canada?

    According to a work polis survey, over 50% of job seekers were able to get and secure their jobs within a period of 16 weeks of application. 

    The salary range for various in-demand professionals in Canada

    The salary range for jobs in Canada in 2024

    DesignationNew NOC CodeOld NOC Code
    Wages in Canadian Dollars (CAD) – Per hour
    Software EngineerNOC 21231NOC 217329.5449.3872.12
    Computer Network TechnicianNOC 22220NOC 228119.233249
    Database administratorNOC 21223NOC 217223.083956.41
    Business Analyst, ITNOC 21221NOC 21712542.1661.54
    Engineer, network systemsNOC 21311NOC 214725.9646.4365.13
    Computer systems analystNOC 21222NOC 21712542.1661.54
    Data entry operatorNOC 14111NOC 142214.422133
    Computer ProgrammerNOC 21230NOC 217423.640.3858.97
    Network AdministratorNOC 22220NOC 228119.233249
    Chief Technology Officer (CTO)NOC 00012NOC 001332.8862.596.15
    Information OfficerNOC 11202NOC 11231830.552.88
    Software DeveloperNOC 21232NOC 217423.640.3858.97
    Information Technology (IT) development managerNOC 20012NOC 021334.8655.3876.92
    ArchitectNOC 21200NOC 21512436.0660
    DevOps EngineerNOC 21231NOC 217329.5449.3872.12
    Help desk technicianNOC 22221NOC 228217.528.8547.6
    Sales AssistantNOC 64100NOC 64211315.225
    Sales EngineerNOC 62100NOC 622117.428.8243.27
    Account ExecutiveNOC 11201NOC 112223.0839.962.5
    Inside Sales RepresentativeNOC 64100NOC 64211315.225
    Sales and marketing managerNOC 10022NOC 012424.3648.0874.36
    Store manager – retailNOC 60020NOC 062118.4635.5869.23
    Real estate brokerNOC 10020NOC 623227,446 per year46,212 per year134,783 per year
    Sales EngineerNOC 62100NOC 622117.428.8243.27
    Market Development ManagerNOC 10022NOC 012424.3648.0874.36
    Export sales managerNOC 60010NOC 060127.452.8887.18
    Area Sales ManagerNOC 60010NOC 060127.452.8887.18
    Account ManagerNOC 11102NOC 111421.6334.3662.5
    CashierNOC 65100NOC 66111314.2517
    Construction WorkerNOC 75110NOC 7611152135

    Why is Canada the best place for Indians to work?

    Working in Canada has its own advantages for Indians. Here are some of the top benefits of working in Canada for Indians:

    • Employers and workers are protected by federal and provincial laws by setting hours of work, minimum wage levels, health and safety standards, parental leave, and annual paid vacation.
    • After joining a business in Canada, you have the right to join a union in Canada. You often have to join a union even if you don’t, union dues will be deducted from your salary.
    • If you are not treated fairly by your employer or union, you can contact the office of a ministry responsible for labour in your province.
    • If you lose your job, you receive Employment Insurance (EI). This insurance provides you with short-term financial assistance while you work to improve your skills. Employment Insurance benefits are also paid if you are:
      • Injured, Sick, or in quarantine for reasons related to your health
      • Pregnant or caring for an adopted or a newborn baby
      • Taking care of your family member who is down with a serious health problem
    • This is a tax-free monthly payment that is made to eligible families to help cover the costs of raising children under the age of 18. It may include benefits for children with disabilities and any related provincial and territorial programs.

    How to get a job offer in Canada in less time?

    In this segment, we will discuss the different methods that can help you increase your chances of getting a job in Canada.

    Here are some of the major ways through which you can get a job in Canada:

    • Networking
      For anyone, it is much easier to find a job if they have a network of established contacts. Networking allows the candidate to search for employment in broader aspects, expanding their area of ​​search and helping them find jobs in Canada’s hidden job market.

    • Volunteer Work
      Volunteering means that you are performing the service voluntarily and without pay. By volunteering, you can benefit from the following benefits:

      • Get work experience in Canada
      • Improve your language skills in English or French
      • Increase your network
      • Show you’re ready to work hard
      • Find someone who can reference for you
    • Bridging Programs
      Bridging programs are designed to help internationally trained professionals and tradespeople obtain a license or certificate and thus integrate into the Canadian labor market. Some of the main services provided by bridging programs are:

      • Courses
      • Skills and Education assessment
      • Workplace experience
      • Assist in preparing for certificate or license
      • Language training 
      • Action and learning plans
    • Alternative Jobs
      While working in an alternative job, you will be able to learn more about your profession or industry in Canada. You can also obtain a permit to practice a regulated profession or trade.

    • Federal Internship for Newcomers Program (FINP)
      This program is aimed at Canadian citizens or eligible permanent residents which allows them to gain valuable temporary work experience and training in Canada.

    • Look for a Mentor
      Many Canadian professionals and business people provide free advice and guidance to newcomers. You can also find a mentor who can help you in entering the below mentioned organizations:

      • Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia (ISANS)
      • Edmonton Region Immigrant Employment Council (ERIEC)
      • Calgary Region Immigrant Employment Council (CRIEC)
      • Ottawa Community Immigrant Services Organization (OCISO)
      • Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council (TRIEC)

    How is Express Entry is Helping Job Seekers in Canada?

    How to Easily get a job in Canada from India?

    Express Entry was created by Canada with the goal of streamlining the visa application process while also connecting applicants to job possibilities.

    For this, it has these three distinctive features:

    1. Job Bank Registration

    You have the choice to build a comparable profile with Job Bank after completing your Express Entry profile.

    Employers in Canada who are actively seeking for international talent can utilize our Job Bank.

    Similar to Naukri, Shine, and Indeed, The Job Bank acts as a recruiting site where job seekers and companies may interact to discuss open positions.

    Up until 2017, signing up with Job Bank was mandated. Since that time, however, creating a profile with Job Bank is not required.

         2. Employer Sponsorship

    ​​Candidates may be sponsored by Canadian employers while Express Entry is processing their visa. This is accomplished by a genuine employment offer.

    The applicant must provide information in his Express Entry profile if his profile is selected for further consideration by a business and receives a job offer.

    He receives between 50 and 200 extra points for doing so, which raises his CRS score overall. 

          3. Provincial Nomination

    In order to choose and nominate people for jobs, provinces that are short on qualified talent connect their visa programs with Express Entry.

    Candidates are asked to live and work in the province for two years if they satisfy the requirements of these programs.

    Why is PR the best option over a work permit to get a job in Canada 2024?

    A PR Visa is the best option over a work permit. You do not need a job offer while applying for a Canada PR Visa. You can do both job search and PR Visa process simultaneously. 

    You will just need to score 67 points under Canada express entry and able to get many Canadian benefits that is;

    • Work anywhere in Canada
    • Your spouse can work without additional points
    • Claim unemployment benefits
    • Free education and healthcare 
    • Right to apply for citizenship

    What is the occupational requirement to apply for Canada express entry?

    Canada express entry known for an organized system which issues visas. Based on skills, experience, and points visas were issued. It is must that the occupation you will represent is listed on Canada national Occupation Classification.

    There is an in-demand occupations list in Canada. Previously Canadian labour market is allotted 4-digit NOC Code but as of november 16, 2022 the new unique NOC Code is allotted for 5-digit.

    Here is Canada’s top jobs for 2024

    1. Retail Salesperson

    New NOC Code: 64100

    Old NOC Code: 6421

    For 2024, sales representatives will rank among the most in-demand occupations in Canada.

    Talented salespeople are needed by Canadian employers to reach their consumers as the country’s commercial sector continues to grow and welcome new companies on a daily basis. Salespeople for both B2B and B2C are in high demand.

    The finest moment to immigrate to Canada has arrived if you work in sales and have been dreaming of doing so. 

    Job titles that come under NOC 64100 include – 

    • Clothing salesperson
    • Bookseller
    • Car salesperson – retail
    • Pharmacy clerk
    • Sales clerk

    A retail salesperson can earn an average salary of CAD 15.20 (INR 924 approx.) per hour in Canada.

    2. Financial Sales Representatives

    New NOC Code: 63102

    Old NOC Code: 6235

    These individuals promote fundamental loans, deposits, and investment goods and services. They can work in trust corporations, banks, etc., serving both businesses and people. 

    Job titles that come under NOC 63102 include – 

    • Credit officer
    • Personal banker
    • Loans supervisor
    • Mortgage officer
    • Student loans officer

    A financial sales representative can earn an average CAD 26.67 (INR 1,620) per hour. 

    3. Administrative Assistant

    Administrative assistants are expected to have a very high employment demand in Canada in 2024 since they are the foundation of office environments.

    Administrative assistant jobs in Canada in 2024

    The NOC codes and jobs that can be applied for are:

    NOC Code 

    Unit Group 

    NOC 13110

    Administrative assistants 

    NOC 13111

    Legal administrative assistants

    NOC 13112

    Medical administrative assistants 

    An administrative assistant can earn an average CAD 24 (INR 1,459) per hour.

    4. Developer

    The rapidly expanding IT industry in Canada depends heavily on developers. Software development is becoming more and more important as every industry migrates to the digital age.

    Randstad claims that there is a high need for full-stack engineers that are proficient in both front-end and back-end programming.

    Developer jobs in Canada in 2024

    The NOC codes and jobs that can be applied for are:

    NOC Code 

    Unit Group 

    Job title

    NOC 21232

    Software developers and programmers 

    Cloud developer

    Computer game developer

    Electronic business (e-business) software developer

    Electronic commerce (e-commerce) software developer

    Graphical user interface (GUI) developer

    Interactive media developer

    Mobile applications developer

    Multimedia developer

    Software developer

    NOC 21234

    Web developers and programmers

    Back-end Web developer

    Electronic business (e-business) Website developer

    Electronic commerce (e-commerce) Website developer

    Front-end Web developer

    Full stack Web developer

    Internet site developer

    Intranet site developer

    Web application developer

    Web developer

    Website developer

    A software developer can earn an average of CAD 40.38 (INR 2,455 approx.) per hour in Canada.

    5. Accountant

    The Canadian job market always has a variety of roles accessible for you, whether you are an accountant or an accounts manager. Accountancy-skilled professionals are anticipated to be in great demand in Canada in 2024.

    Every sector in Canada requires accounting specialists, from IT to consulting to sales and marketing.

    When hiring an accounts professional, businesses often seek for good sales skills and knowledge of CRM software.

    Accounting jobs in Canada in 2024

    The NOC codes and jobs that can be applied for are:

    NOC Code 

    Unit Group 

    NOC 10021

    Banking, credit and other investment managers 

    NOC 60010

    Corporate sales managers 

    NOC 10010

    Financial managers 

    NOC 11100

    Financial auditors and accountants

    NOC 12011

    Supervisors, finance and insurance office workers

    An accountant can earn an average of CAD 38.46 (INR 2,338) per hour in Canada.

    6. Project manager (non-technical)

    Demand for Project mangers with project management professionals are high in demand in Canada 2024.

    Project management jobs in Canada in 2024

    The NOC codes and jobs that can be applied for are:

    NOC Code 

    Unit Group 

    Job Title 

    NOC 70010

    Construction managers

    Construction project manager

    Construction senior project manager

    Construction special project manager

    NOC 11100

    Financial Auditors and Accountants

    Internal audit project manager

    NOC 13100

    Administrative Officers

    Non-technical project manager

    Organization and productivity project manager

    NOC 13101

    Property Administrators

    Housing project manager

    NOC 51120

    Producers, directors, choreographers and related professions 

    Video games project manager

    NOC 52121

    Interior designers and interior decorators

    Interior design project 


    7. Registered Nurse

    New NOC Code: 31301

    Old NOC Code: 3012

    In Canada, wherein the older population is growing, the healthcare system has set an increased focus on service improvement.

    A registered nurse can earn an average of CAD 40 (INR 2,434 approx.) in Canada.

    8. Electrical Engineer

    Engineers have always been in low supply in Canada. Electrical Engineer job openings are anticipated to rise significantly in Canada in 2024.

    To get a Canada PR visa, an electrical engineer might use the following NOC codes: 

    • Engineering managers – NOC 20010
    • Electrical and electronics engineers – NOC 21310 
    • Other professional engineers – NOC 21399
    • Electrical and electronics engineering technologists and technicians – NOC 22310 
    • University professors and lecturers  – NOC 41200

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