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British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program

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    Know About BC PNP | British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program

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    This guide will let you know about the BC PNP program in detail, so that you can know your eligibility for immigration to the province.

    What Makes British Columbia (B.C.) Unique?

    What do you think is special that makes you immigrate to British Columbia? Well, you can find a number of reasons to prove this statement.

    Did you know that British Columbia is considered as the “go-to” destination within Canada for immigration? This is obviously because of the natural beauty, diverse culture, work opportunity, and many more. It is one of the best destinations across the world for the purpose of work, study and residing in. Let us discuss the benefits of immigrating to British Columbia (B.C.) this year:

    1. Better Quality Living: According to the survey, it has been declared that Canada is one of the finest countries in the world for the purpose of living. It consistently ranks on the top for serving a better quality of living to the immigrants. You can know your eligibility for moving to British Columbia by using the BC PNP Canada point calculator. We can help you in using this calculator.


    2. Best Healthcare Facilities: If you have immigrated to British Columbia this year, you will be getting world’s best healthcare facilities that are affordable and reliable for every person. You and your family can enroll themselves in British Columbia’s Medical Services Plan (MSP) to access the best health services within the country for sure.


    3. Competitive Wages: Immigrating to British Columbia (B.C.) will give you high wages by which you will be able to enjoy a standard living along with your family. Many of the British Columbia (B.C.) employers offer candidates with some other perks such as support for medical needs, dental coverage, and many more. We suggest you to use the British Columbia PNP points calculator to know your eligibility for immigration.


    4. Diverse Culture And Tradition: You will be amazed by seeing the diverse culture and tradition of British Columbia (B.C.) which makes people call it their “home.” The immigrant students, workers, and tourists are welcomed with warmth and gratitude from all over the world. You can use the BC PNP latest point calculator to find your score.


    5. Cultural Heritage: It is interesting to know that the British Columbia (B.C.) is a home to around 2 lakhs of Indigenous people who have been living in the province for more than 10,000 years. You can know more about this by connecting with the experts.


    6. Best Industries And Workplaces: You should know that British Columbia (B.C.) is a home to many multinational companies and big industries which will offer you job opportunities in fields like agriculture, engineering, healthcare, and many more.


    7. Safe And Health Environment: By immigrating to British Columbia, you will get to live and work in the safest environment for sure. You will find that this province has low crime rates, and effectively regulates government rules.

    British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program- What Is It?

    It is a type of immigration program in which the provincial government aims to hire skilled workers to fulfil the labour demands of the province. With the BC PNP program, one can gain permanent residency. You must have a desire to work and live in the province. The BC PNP calculator can be used to apply for the program.

    BC PNP Canada- What Are The Different Streams?

    To inform you, there are three BC PNP streams from which you can select:

    1. Skills Immigration Stream
    2. Express Entry British Columbia Stream
    3. Entrepreneur Immigration

    We will briefly discuss all the streams further for you.

    What Is The Skills Immigration Stream?

    The British Columbia Skills Immigration Program aims to attract those who have the skills to power up BC’s workforce. Those candidates are considered under this if they are having the required experience and skills to secure employment as British Columbian residents. The Skills Immigration Stream is divided into the following categories:

    1. British Columbia Skilled Worker
    2. British Columbia Healthcare Professional
    3. British Columbia International Graduate
    4. British Columbia International Postgraduate
    5. British Columbia Entry-Level And Semi-Skilled Worker

    What Is The Express Entry British Columbia Stream?

    The Express Entry British Columbia Program is meant for skilled workers, healthcare professionals, international graduates, and postgraduates only. It provides a pathway to permanent residency to the eligible candidates who have an active Express Entry profile.

    What Is Entrepreneur Immigration Stream?

    The British Columbia Entrepreneur Immigration Program aims to target those candidates who have demonstrated a record of success in entrepreneurial fields such as business ownership, management, or investment. Entrepreneurs with a high net worth and the international corporation with high revenue can immigrate to British Columbia by launching their new venture within the province. They can know their eligibility by using the British Columbia PNP points calculator correctly. The Entrepreneur Immigration Stream is divided into the following categories:

    1. British Columbia Entrepreneur
    2. British Columbia Entrepreneur Regional Pilot
    3. British Columbia Strategic Pilots

    BC PNP Tech Pilot Program- What Is It?

    The BC PNP Tech program aims to attract the tech professionals when processing the application for Canada immigration. In this, the tech and IT workers can get permanent residency in the province.

    BC PNP Eligibility- Who Can Apply For The BC PNP Program?

    Candidates who fulfil the basic eligibility requirements are able to apply for the BC PNP program. The requirements are:

    1. They must have legal proof for immigration to British Columbia.
    2. They must have at least two years of experience in a skilled occupation.
    3. They must be able to perform the responsibilities described by the BC employer.
    4. They must have a job offer from a reliable employer in British Columbia.
    5. They must have language proficiency skills as required.

    One must fulfil the above requirements.

    BC PNP requirements- What Are The Documents Required For The BC PNP Program?

    Once you have passed the eligibility score on BC PNP latest point calculator, you will require the following documents:

    1. A Valid Passport
    2. A Job Offer Letter From An Employer In British Columbia
    3. Language Proficiency Results Such As IELTS, CELPIP,  And Many Others
    4. Your Original Birth Certificate
    5. Civil Identity Proof
    6. Proof Of Funds
    7. Proof Of No Criminal Record
    8. Essential Travel Documents
    9. Legal Status Proof
    10. Letter Of Recommendation (LOR) From Current And Previous Employers
    11. Educational Credential Assessment (ECA)

    Make sure to carry all the necessary documents that we have mentioned above. Do not try to fake anything in them as it will affect your chances of immigration to British Columbia.

    British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program- How To Apply?
    British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program- How To Apply?
    1. Check your eligibility for immigration to the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program.
    2. Choose a suitable immigration program under BC PNP.
    3. If you are eligible, submit an Expression of Interest (EOI).
    4. Your profile will be reviewed by the province officers.
    5. If you are selected, you will receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA).
    6. Create an Express Entry profile.
    7. Upload all the essential documents as asked.
    8. Send your documents for verification.
    9. If your documents are fully verified, you will be able to land in British Columbia.
    BC Provincial Nominee Program Processing Time- For Every Stream?

    The BC PNP Express Entry processing time for all the streams are mentioned below:

    S. No.


    Processing Time


    Skills Immigration Stream

    About 2 To 3 Months


    Express Entry British Columbia Stream

    About 2 To 3 Months


    Entrepreneur Immigration Stream

    About 4 Months

    You can choose a stream of your choice, and wait for the mentioned time duration to process your PR. You can also take expert advice from Province Immigration to help yourself in using the BC PNP latest point calculator.

    What Are The Fees Required For The PNP Programs After Passing The Criteria Of BC PNP Canada Point Calculator?

    S. No.

    Immigration Streams

    Registration Fee In CAD

    Application Fee In CAD

    Review Request Fee In CAD

    Additional Fees In CAD


    Skills Immigration Stream






    Express Entry British Columbia Stream






    Entrepreneur Immigration Stream




    1000 (for each key staff)

    If you are applying in any of these programs, make sure to have enough funds (according to the British Columbia PNP fees) priorly available in your bank account. We would suggest you to use your credit card while paying your fees. But to calculate your score on the British Columbia PNP points calculator, it would be best if you hire experts like Province Immigration to help you out.

    Why Hire Experts To Help You In Using The BC PNP Program Points Calculator?

    Hiring an expert immigration consultant will help you in using the BC PNP points calculator. This is because of the knowledge and information that they will give you in order to guide you right from scratch. They will build your path to success so that you can land in your dream destination! They are authorized and reliable in immigration consultancy. You can contact Province Immigration to help you out. By landing on the official website of Province immigration, you will find the BC PNP instant points calculator which you can use to calculate your Comprehensive Ranking Score for PNP programs. Our experts are there to assist you always.

    Why Choose Province Immigration To Assist You?

    Experts at Province Immigration have the knowledge as well as expertise in this field. They can guide you about the BC PNP program and every detail related to it. You should hire our immigration experts as they will help you land in your dream destination this year successfully.

    We are the best immigration company for because of the following reasons:

    1. Experienced Consultants: If you are thinking of hiring an expert for solving your doubts about immigration to British Columbia, we would suggest you to get in touch with us right away. This is because we have a team of expert consultants who have been working in this industry for years, and have helped candidates migrate to their chosen country.

    2. Transparent Procedure: Nobody will let you know what goes behind the immigration process, but we are transparent to our clients. We make sure that nothing is hidden from the clients who contact us for the purpose of immigration to a new country. This is because we believe in providing trustworthy and reliable services from our clients in order to ensure that their documents and personal data is safe with us. We promise to never break your trust.

    3. 24*7 Full Support: If you are interested in applying for the BC Provincial Nominee Program, we are here to provide you with full-time support! We will offer you a free consultation session in which our experts will clear your doubts and questions about using the British Columbia PNP points calculator in the right way. Province Immigration is skilled in guiding you from start to finish so that you can successfully immigrate to British Columbia (B.C.) this time. With our assistance, you can easily meet the eligibility CRS score on the BC PNP calculator.

    4. Documentation Process: Province Immigration will help you understand the documents you need for British Columbia PNP, the documentation process, and will guide you every step of the way. We will not rush you in any step for sure.

    5. Real Guidance And Back-Up Support: A real guidance is very important that is trustworthy as well as reliable for you, therefore, it would be best for you to choose Province Immigration right away. We do not deceive our clients who are looking for immigration opportunities in British Columbia or any other place because we believe in being honest. We want to see our clients successfully immigrate to Canada. The main goal of our organization is to inform our clients about the truth behind immigrating to British Columbia through the BC PNP program.

    For more information about our services, you can contact us on the given details right away. We recommend you to get in touch with our expert immigration consultant to know about BC PNP.

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