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Alberta Province Nominee Program 2023

Alberta is located in Western Canada and is known as one of the fastest-growing provinces of the country. Alberta is home to two of the country’s urban hubs, Calgary and Edmonton. The province offers amazing landscapes from towering mountains to glacial lakes, vast boreal forests to fertile prairies, and desert badlands. Alberta has natural resource reserves of natural gas, oil, coal, minerals, and the famous Alberta oil sands, making Alberta Canada’s energy province. 

Alberta Immigration Nominee Program (AINP) is an economic immigration program managed by the Provincial Government of Alberta and the Federal Government of Canada. The AINP is set up for immigration aspirants to apply for permanent residency in Alberta. The AINP is designed to fill the labor gaps and meet the rising demand for skilled workers in Alberta.

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The Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program intends to fill the shortage of skilled labor. The immigrants can apply for AINP under the Alberta Opportunity Stream and Express Entry system. Moreover, Alberta welcomes entrepreneurs, student entrepreneurs, self-employed, and businessmen under several economic immigration programs.

All Alberta PNP immigration programs are operated by the Alberta government in and Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). Eligible candidates seeking the invitation need to follow a two-stage process. First, they need to apply for a nomination to the provincial government, and then, if nominated, apply for permanent residence to the federal government.

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The Alberta PNP streams are:

  1. The Opportunity Stream
  2. The Express Entry Stream
  3. The International Graduate Entrepreneur Immigration Stream
  4. The Self-Employed Farmer stream

The Opportunity Stream is a directed way for foreign workers working in Alberta to get a Canadian permanent residence visa. Foreign workers require a valid job offer from an employer in Alberta to be eligible for this program.

The Express Entry Stream is for Express Entry candidates who get the NOI from Alberta. The stream enables the province to select the candidates who are already in Express Entry Pool. Though the stream is aligned with Express Entry, this invitation will stand under Alberta PNP only and such candidates will receive 600 additional CRS points. In the subsequent draw from the pool, they get a notification of interest (NOI).

The International Graduate Entrepreneur Immigration Stream or IGEIS is for international students after graduating from post-secondary institutions in Alberta. Steam offers such students a way to immigrate to the province permanently either by starting a business or purchasing an existing business.

The Self-Employed Farmer Stream is for farmers who have rich experience and capability to operate a farm in Alberta. The self-employed farmers can get a permanent residence visa through PNP nomination and live in Alberta permanently.

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    Quick Facts About Alberta PNP Visa

    • All the eligible candidates are nominated through the Alberta Immigration Nomination Program for a residency permit in Alberta
    • The nominated candidate can apply for permanent residency in Alberta with their spouse/law partner and dependent children
    • The entire process from application to immigration is managed by Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)
    • The federal government is the sole authority for the final go-ahead
    • Once nominated, every applicant must meet basic checks in medical, criminal, and security to successfully get the permanent resident visa to immigrate to Alberta

    Eligibility Criteria For Alberta PNP (AINP)

    Immigration aspirants who fulfill the eligibility or selection criteria get the nomination under Alberta PNP. Here is the list of detailed Alberta PNP requirements:

    • Applicants must have an active Express Entry profile
    • A minimum of 1-year work experience in an occupation that supports Alberta’s plans
    • A CRS score of 300 or above
    • An IELTS score of band 6 or above in each module
    • Intention to work and live in Alberta

    To make a stronger Express Entry profile and improve the chances of receiving a nomination under Alberta PNP, the applicant can secure points for:

    • Relatives residing in Alberta
    • Post-secondary education certificate from Alberta
    • Fresh job offer/prior work experience in Alberta

    Check Eligibility for AINP

    Alberta PNP comes under the federal skilled worker express entry program candidates with an active express entry profile can apply for Alberta Express Entry Stream. The stream enables the province to nominate a limited number of qualified people from the federal express entry pool.

    The candidates selected under Alberta PNP are notified from the express entry pool by the Alberta government. Candidates need to receive a notification of interest in their federal express entry portal (NOI) before they submit their application to the province.

    The selection of candidates for Alberta PNP from the Express Entry Pool is done on the basis of the demand of a particular NOC (national occupation code), i.e. occupation-in-demand list. The occupation in demand list is not permanent and these occupations keep on changing subject to the demand of the labor market of the province.

    International Skilled Worker Expression of Interest (EOI)

    International skilled worker Expression of interest is submitted through the Federal skilled worker Express Entry portal. It is submitted by the candidates in the express entry pool meeting the requirements of Alberta PNP, occupations in demand, relatives in Alberta, or have a job offer.

    It is a type of pre-application which allows an aspirant to express their interest and delegate the profile to the province. It is not a chargeable process and takes around 60 to 90 minutes to complete. The interested candidate is required to submit details such as age, education, work experience, language scores, details of family, details of past studies, relatives in Canada, etc.

    The application of interest submitted online under PNP to move to Canada is called Expression of interest. Candidates meeting the required specification for Alberta’s job market are selected through the Skilled Worker EOI system and are issued an “Invitation to Apply.”

    Process To Apply For Alberta Express Entry Stream

    The application procedure of Alberta Immigration through AINP begins once the candidate has received a notification of interest or in other words an application from AINP inviting them to apply. The complete step-by-step procedure to apply for the AINP program is explained here.

    Step 1- Create a Federal Skilled Worker Express Entry Profile

    The first step towards the Alberta Express Entry stream is to create an Express Entry profile under the Federal skilled worker program and select Alberta as a province to settle down permanently.

    Step 2 – Wait for the notification of interest to apply for Alberta PNP

    The second step for the applicant is to wait for the province to send an interesting letter to apply for the Alberta Provincial nominee program. The letter is issued after assessing the occupation of the applicant, if the same is in demand, and is not being filled up by the current permanent residents and citizens of Canada.

    Step 3 – Receive the Notification of the letter of interest to apply for Alberta PNP

    The applicant receives the notification of interest to apply for the Alberta Provincial nominee program.

    Step 4 – Submission of PNP application under Alberta Express Entry

    After receiving the notification of interest from the province the applicant needs to submit their application within 30 days under the Alberta Immigration nominee program with all required documents.

    Step 5 – Receive 600 points for nomination certificate from Alberta PNP

    The applicant must wait to receive nomination approval from the province which awards 600 points under the Federal Express Entry program.

    Step 6 – Wait for the Next Express Entry round of invitations Draw

    After the addition of 600 points to the applicant’s existing profile, the applicant must receive an invitation to apply for a Canada PR visa in the next express entry draw.

    Step 7 – Final PR Visa Application Submission

    After receiving the invitation to apply through a general express entry round of invitations, applicants need to submit their application within 60 days with all required documents. Candidates need to show a strong desire and likelihood towards settling down permanently in Alberta and AINP reserves the right to decline applications that do seem to fit under their criteria. You can check your occupation in demand before applying for an Alberta Express Entry program. Click here to check the NOC codes.

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      Fact Check For Alberta PNP Immigration

      Canada immigration aspirants can get an NOI (notification of interest):

      • If they have an active Express Entry Profile with at least 67 points in FSWP
      • If they have expressed interest in permanently migrating to Alberta
      • If they have a minimum of 300 points in the comprehensive ranking system (CRS)
      • If the occupation is in demand in the province, i.e. Alberta
      • Adaptabilities that can increase the chances of NOI
      • If they have a blood relative living in Alberta: Brother/Sister/Parent/Child
      • If they have a valid job offer or work experience in Alberta
      • If they have completed their studies in Alberta

      The chances to receive a notification of interest may decrease:

      • If the Express Entry profile is about to expire in 3 months
      • If they submit the application under several AINP streams
      • If the occupation is ineligible to apply for the AINP program

      Alberta PNP latest draw Update 2023

      Date of DrawNumber of Notification of Interest (NOI) Letters sentCRS score of a lowest-ranked candidate who received an NOI letter
      August 1, 202332322
      August 1, 202311317
      July 18, 202314311
      July 13, 2023142302
      July 11, 2023150435
      July 4, 202312354
      June 29, 202365316
      June 22, 2023125306
      June 21, 202319318
      June 20, 202368301
      June 8, 2023150382
      June 1, 2023117304
      May 30, 202320342
      May 23, 20235401
      May 11, 2023119311
      May 9, 2023175444
      May 9, 20238307
      April 25, 20238316
      April 24, 2023124301
      April 20, 2023152302
      April 18, 202368307
      April 5, 202353351
      March 30, 2023150372
      March 9, 2023134301
      February 16, 2023100357
      January 23, 2023154385
      January 19, 202346324
      Date of drawNumber of Notification of Interest (NOI) Letters sentCRS score of a lowest-ranked candidate who received an NOI letter
      June 17, 2020187303
      May 27, 2020148300
      May 13, 2020191300
      April 29, 2020200322
      April 16, 2020200353
      April 1, 2020100381
      March 18, 2020136300
      March 4, 2020100300
      February 20, 2020150300
      January 29, 2020150300
      January 22, 2020150300
      January 20, 2020201350
      January 9, 2020150350
      December 5, 2019132400
      November 6, 2019148400
      October 30, 201929350
      October 24, 2019372300
      October 9, 2019115350
      Date of DrawNumber of Notification of Interest (NOI) Letters sentCRS score of a lowest-ranked candidate who received an NOI letter
      December 14, 2021150351
      November 24, 2021100350
      November 9, 2021200343
      October 26, 2021248300
      October 12, 2021293300
      September 30, 2021275300
      September 21, 2021450300
      September 14, 2021385300
      September 7, 2021500300
      August 30, 2021400301
      August 23, 2021450300
      August 10, 2021396300
      July 27, 2021148300
      July 14, 2021181301
      June 29, 2021148302
      June 22, 2021184300
      June 5, 2021191300
      May 18, 2021250301
      May 5, 2021250300
      April 20, 2021200301
      April 6, 2021200302
      March 26, 2021300301
      March 2, 2021200301
      February 16, 2021159352
      February 10, 2021200301
      January 28, 2021100406
      January 8, 202150406
      Date of DrawNumber of Notification of Interest (NOI) Letters sentCRS score of a lowest-ranked candidate who received an NOI letter
      December 08, 2022129305
      July 29, 2022120473
      June 16, 2022150306
      May 19, 2022100382
      April 14, 2022250356
      March 22, 2022350325
      March 08, 2022350318
      February 01, 2022400340
      January 18, 2022350346
      January 05, 2022250327

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        Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

        maple leaf (coloured dark red red for Liberal Party of Canada)

        Yes, Alberta is one of the easiest PNP to get nomination letters. Alberta has an ineligible list of occupations . Candidate’s profile shall not be in that list . Alberta follows a cut off system to select applications. Minimum score requirement is 300 CRS. Alberta conducts multiple draws almost after a fixed interval during the whole year.

        Alberta PNP nomination may take 10-12 months in the whole process. Process starts with the Education Assessment and IELTS exam . Candidates must submit an application in the Express Entry pool and must score a minimum 300 CRS . Alberta conducts regular draws during the whole year . These days getting an invitation from Alberta is one of the fastest processes.

        Candidates must have a 300 CRS score to get a nomination letter from Alberta. Alberta has very less score requirement , if compared with other provinces. Candidates with a graduation degree and 6 in each with IELTS may score more than 300 CRS points.

        Alberta Advantage Immigration Program (AAIP) ,Formerly AINP invites candidates from Express Entry Pool. AAIP Alberta invites candidates –
        – Must have minimum 300 CRS score
        – Application must be submitted in Express Entry Pool
        – Candidates Occupation shall not be in In-Eligible occupation list .

        The Alberta government has an In eligible occupation list . The list includes fire cook, Secondary School teachers,Judges, Musicians , Actors , Painters etc. Rest all occupations can apply for AAIP . Candidates must have an express Entry application with 300 CRS points .

        Most provinces of Canada give nomination letters without any job offer letter. For example – Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Prince Edward Island, Ontario, etc. However, these provinces follow other criteria to invite candidates. For Alberta, applicants shall have only 300 CRS points, Whereas For Saskatchewan even a candidate’s express entry profile is not required . It is very easy to get a nomination from these provinces .
        Yes, You can apply to Alberta PNP under Express Entry Stream without any job offer letter. AAIP selects candidates having a minimum 300 CRS score. Upon nomination, candidates get 600 additional points in the current CRS. 
        Alberta has a yearly quota of selecting candidates without job offer letters.