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British Columbia is the westernmost province of Canada. The economy of the province is diverse with a large portion coming from service-producing industry, forest industry, and mining. Provinces are in continuous need of skilled workers to help sustain economic development. This is where the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) assists provinces to nominate skilled immigrants to live in the province as permanent residents. 

Immigration candidates under the federal government’s Express Entry program can also apply for BC PNP nomination. With a provincial nomination, their CRS score is given a major boost of 600 points. You can check your CRS score with the help of a CRS calculator tool.

What is the British Columbia PNP program?

BC PNP is an immigration pathway that allows the province to meet the demands of their local labour market and nominate skilled workers to live in the province as permanent residents. There are different immigration pathways for high-demand foreign workers, international students, and entrepreneurs to apply for provincial nomination.

What are the different BC PNP immigration pathways?

British Columbia PNP has different immigration pathways to cater to the needs of their labour market and nominate immigrants with different backgrounds to live and work in the province as permanent residents.

There are three BC PNP immigration streams:

  • Skills Immigration: For semi-skilled and skilled workers with high-demand skills in the province. 
  • Express Entry BC: For this, immigrants must be qualified for a federal economic immigration program and have registered under the Express Entry program.
  • Entrepreneur Immigration: For experienced business people from around the world who want to invest in and actively manage a business in the province. 

Skills Immigration

British Columbia PNP -SI is for immigrants with skills, experience, and qualifications that are required by the provincial eligible employers. Here are the different categories:

Skilled Worker

You must meet the below-mentioned minimum requirements to apply under this stream:

  • Must have got a job offer from an employer in the province. The offered job must be a skilled job categorized under NOC skill level 0, A, or B;
  • Be qualified to perform the duties of the job;
  • Have a minimum of 2 years of work experience that is directly related to your occupation;
  • Demonstrate you can support yourself financially;
  • Must be admissible to Canada;
  • Also, must clear the minimum language requirements for NOC Skill level B;
  • The wage offered for the job must be in line with the province’s wages rates;

Health Care Professional

This stream is for nurses, physicians, and allied health professionals. Here is the minimum requirement to be eligible for this immigration stream:

  • Have the support of, or a full-time permanent job offer from a public health authority as a: registered nurse, physician, registered psychiatric nurse, and allied health professional like clinical pharmacist, diagnostic medical sonographer, medical laboratory technologist, occupational therapist, medical radiation technologist, physiotherapist;
  • Have a letter of confirmation from an established practice group in the province (For midwives);
  • Eligible to work in your profession;
  • Minimum 2 years of work experience that is directly related to your occupation;
  • Demonstrate you can support yourself financially or any accompanying family member;
  • Must be admissible to Canada;
  • Must clear the minimum language proficiency requirements for NOC Skill level B;
  • The wage offered must be in line with the province’s wage rates;

International Graduate

Here are the minimum requirements for BC PNP SI – International Graduate immigration sub-category:

  • Got a job offer from an eligible provincial employer under occupation categorized under NOC Skill Type 0 OR Skill Level A, B;
  • Qualify to work in the occupation in the province;
  • Demonstrate you can support yourself and any accompanying family member financially;
  • Must be admissible to Canada;
  • Have at least a diploma, degree, or certificate from a post-secondary institution in the country in the last three years;
  • Must meet minimum language requirements for NOC Skill level B occupation;
  • The wage offered must be in line with the province’s wage rates;

International Post Graduate

For this category, the candidate must have graduated in the last three years with a master’s or doctorate (Ph.D.) degree in natural, applied, or health sciences: agriculture, biological and biomedical sciences, computer and information sciences, and support services, engineering, engineering technology, health professions and related clinical sciences, mathematics and statistics, natural resources conservation and research, physical sciences. Other than these, the candidate must:

  • Must be admissible in Canada;
  • Must have done graduation from an eligible postsecondary institution in the province in the last 3 years;
  • Must demonstrate an intent to live in the province;

Entry-level and Semi-Skilled

This category provides a way for workers in a valid tourism/hospitality, long-haul trucking, or food processing occupation to settle in the province as permanent residents. 

  • Got a job offer from an eligible provincial employer under occupation categorized under NOC Skill Type 0 OR Skill Level A, B;
  • Must be working with the same employer for at least 9 consecutive months before applying;
  • Meet minimum language and education requirements;
  • Qualify for the job offered;
  • Demonstrate you can support yourself and any accompanying family member financially;
  • Have legal immigration status in Canada;
  • The wage offered must be in line with the province’s wage rates;

Express Entry BC

This pathway is in line with the federal government’s Express entry program that allows the eligible applicants to receive priority processing of both nomination applications and if successful for the nomination, their permanent residence application. Here are the different BC PNP categories that are in line with the BC PNP EEBC:

  • Skilled Worker Category
  • Health Care Professional Category
  • International Graduate Category
  • International Post-Graduate Category


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    What is the Skills Immigration Registration System (SIRS)?

    The provincial government of British Columbia introduced a point system on January 27, 2016 – Skills Immigration Registration System (SIRS). This system awards the candidates with a registration score that determines that the candidate can be invited to apply for provincial nomination. This score is awarded based on the factors like – levels of education, direct work experience, and a British Columbia employment offer. These points are awarded on the following factors:

    Selection Factor

    Maximum Points

    Skill level of the B.C Job Offer


    The wage of the B.C Job Offer


    Regional District of Employment


    Directly related work experience


    Highest level of Education




    Entrepreneur Immigration

    This BC PNP immigration stream is for experienced businessmen who want to buy an existing business or run their own business in the province.

    Here are the minimum requirements for this immigration category:

    • Have a minimum personal net worth of CAD 600,000;
    • Demonstrate business and/or management experience;
    • Must be admissible to Canada;

    The following are the requirements for Business, job, and investment:

    • Establish an eligible new or purchase business and improve an existing provincial business;
    • Must make a minimum personal investment of CAD 200,000 in your business;
    • Must create at least one new full-time employment for a Canadian citizen or permanent resident;

    To apply in this category, candidates need to pay the following fees:

    • Registration fees: CAD 300
    • Application fees: CAD 3,500
    • For each key staff application: CAD 1,000

    What are the documents required for BC PNP?

    To successfully get a provincial nomination, it is very important to provide the province’s immigration office with the right set of documents.

    Here is the document checklist for British Columbia PNP:

    • A written employment letter on the official company letterhead;
    • Proof of having sufficient funds required to support themselves and any accompanying family members;
    • A valid passport and travel documents;
    • Documents supporting legal immigration status in Canada;
    • Educational Qualification certificate (degree, diploma, and certificates) Educational Credential Assessment (ECA);
    • Work-related reference letters;
    • Language test result;
    • Police certificate and clearance;
    • Civil Identity Proof;

    Simple steps to apply for British Columbia PNP

    Here, we will discuss the overview of the application process for the Express Entry BC (EEBC) stream of the British Columbia PNP (BC PNP). The steps to apply are as follows;

    Step 1: Registration

    The first to apply for BC PNP provincial nomination is to register under Skills Immigration Registration System (SIRS). This province can assess the application based on candidates’ credentials like Candidate’s job, B.C location, education, language ability, and wage. Candidates must make sure that before registering under SIRS, they can complete their express entry profile with IRCC. 

    Stage 2: Invitation

    BC PNP EEBC – Skilled workers and International graduate eligible candidates will get an invitation that allows them to apply under the Express Entry BC stream.

    Based on the score in SIRS, candidates’ profiles are ranked along with the profiles of the other candidates in the same category. Through a frequently held provincial draw, BC PNP invites higher-ranked profiles to submit their application for provincial nomination. These invitations are issued based on the BC PNP’s annual nomination allocation and processing capacity. 

    Stage 3: Application

    Must submit your provincial nomination application through BC PNP Online. Once the EEBC – Skilled Worker and EEBC – International Graduate candidate gets an invitation to apply, they can submit their application online. EEBC – HealthCare Professional and EEBC – International Post-Graduate applicants do not require an invitation; they can apply directly through BC PNP Online. 

    Stage 4: Nomination

    In this step, the candidate gets the provincial nomination and can apply for a Canada PR visa to IRCC. When the application of the candidate is approved, British Columbia PNP will nominate the candidate to apply for permanent residence through the IRCC express entry system. Candidates have to accept the nomination via the IRCC express entry portal to receive a federal invitation to apply for Canada PR Visa as a provincial nominee from IRCC.

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