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Express Entry Points system (Six Selection Factors Calculator)

67 Points Canada Calculator 2023

The IRCC uses 67 Points System in Canada Immigration to evaluate every applicant under the Federal Skilled Workers Program and decide whether they qualify or not. 67 points are the minimum score one should achieve on the Canada 67 points calculator to be considered eligible by the federal government. Six selection factors calculator helps you to check you eligibility for Canadian PR.

If a candidate is able to score 67 points or higher, they are qualified to apply under the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSPWP). In case they are not able to meet the cut-off for 67 points, they can do things like:

  • Improve their language Skills
  • Completing another degree, diploma or certificate
  • Receiving a job offer from Canada

In this page, we will be helping you to calculate 67 points Canada Immigration with the help of our 67 points Canada Calculator 2023!!

Six Selection Factors – Federal Skilled Worker Program :

Under the Federal Skilled Worker Program, the immigration authorities specify 6 factors based on which an application is assessed and allotted points. Here is a brief about each of those factors.

  1. Language Skills (maximum 28 points): English and French are 2 official languages of Canada. Immigrants planning to settle down in this country should have mastery over one or both of these languages. He or she should be able to listen, speak, read and write these languages. To test the applicant’s language skills, there are certified tests. Based on their score, candidates can score up to 28 points in this factor.
  2. Education (maximum 25 points): Every degree, certification, diploma or higher education that a candidate possesses will fetch points for him. To meet the Express Entry minimum points mark, you should provide authentic documents for any education acquired from a foreign university or provide an Educational Credential Assessment report for any qualification acquired from a Canadian university. Candidates who hold Masters or Ph.D. Degrees will receive more points in this category.
  3. Work experience (maximum 15 points): Work experience holds great importance for Federal Skilled Workers. If you have spent at least 30 hours per week for 12 months working in a full-time job which is relevant to your skills, acquiring permanent residence becomes easier. Here IRCC will consider your work experience in a different country as well as in Canada. You may get additional points if you have worked while studying in Canada. People with 6 or more years of experience will fetch 15 points for the candidates.
  4. Age (maximum 12 points): Age is a crucial factor for those who want to cross the 67 Points Immigration Canada threshold. Every applicant above the age of 18 years desiring to qualify under the Federal Skilled Worker program will acquire points according to their age. People between the age group of 18-35 will get maximum points. As the applicant’s age increases, he or she will get lesser and lesser points in this category.
  5. Arranged employment in Canada (maximum 10 points): It is highly advisable to anyone planning to get a Permanent Residence visa in Canada to get a permanent job offer from a Canadian company. Having an appointment letter from a Canadian employer will get you as many as 10 points in the 67 points calculator. This job offer should be full time for at least one year. A valid job offer should be for the education or work experience that you have.
  6. Adaptability (maximum 10 points): Apart from the 5 factors mentioned above, the candidates can reach the 67 Points for Canada Immigration mark based on their spouse or common-law partner’s CRS score. If your partner has a better language proficiency score, they might gain 5 points. Your or your partner’s education from a Canadian university and Canadian work experience can gain 5 points. Having a blood relative in Canada might also add up to 5 points to your score. Your or your partner’s parents, grandparents, siblings, child or grandchild who is already the citizen of Canada qualify in the relative’s category.

Language Proficiency (Maximum 28  points)

Canada has a population of English speaking communities. It is very important to be able to communicate in English. These points are awarded to the candidates based on the factors: Speaking, Reading, Listening and Writing.

For a language test, the candidate is required to take an approved language test to prove their language knowledge. Canada uses the Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) levels for the English language.

Candidate needs to score minimum CLB level 7 for 1 official language in all 4 language testing criteria. For 2nd official language, the candidate must have a minimum level of CLB 5.

First Official Language ( Maximum 24 Points )

CBL LevelSpeakingListeningReadingWriting
CLB Level 9 or Higher6666
CLB Level 85555
CLB Level 74444
Below CLB Level 7Not Eligble to apply

Second Official Language ( Maximum 4 Points )

LevelPoints Awarded
Minimum CLB Level 4 in all abilities4
CLB 4 or less in any of the 4 abilities0

Education (Maximum 25 points)

If the candidate went to school in Canada, they must have a certificate, diploma or degree from a Canadian high school or post-secondary school. If the education is pursued by the candidate from outside of Canada, they must have an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) that is to prove that the foreign education is equal to the Canadian certificate, diploma or degree from a Canadian high school or post-secondary school.

Candidates have to include their Canadian credential or their foreign credential and ECA certificate when applying.

Basics for Canada PR 67 points calculator system 2023!!!

Work Experience (Maximum 15 points)

Candidates are awarded points for the years they have spent doing full-time paid work under National Occupation Classification (NOC) skill type 0, A or B. For to be able to get points for work experience it must be gained while:

  • In Canada or abroad
  • While studying
  • While being self-employed

How to find your NOC?

National Occupation Classification (NOC) is the categorization of all the occupation in the Canadian labor market and it is used to classify all the jobs in the Canadian economy. It illustrates all the details related to the occupation like duties, skills, talents and work settings for different jobs. The candidate will be required to identify their NOC code and submit for each job they need to include in their Express profile.

Duration of Work Experience (In years)Maximum Points Awarded
1 year9
2-3 years11
4-5 years13
6 or more years15

Age (Maximum 12 points)

Age (In Years)Points Awarded
Under 180
47 or older0

Arranged Employment (Maximum 10 points)

To get points under this section, the candidate needs to have a job offer for a minimum of 1 year from an eligible Canadian employer. Candidate must get this offer before applying to come to Canada as a Federal Skilled Worker.

For job-offer to be valid, it needs to be:

  • For continuous, paid, full-time work (minimum of 30 hours/week)
  • For an occupation that is categorized under NOC skill level 0, A or B.

The Canadian government must be convinced of:

  • That the candidate will be able to do the job offered
  • That the candidate must be able to become licensed or certified when in Canada

To get points (67 points Canada calculator 2023) for the arranged employment, the candidate must be fall under any one of the following scenarios:

Situation 1:

You currently work in Canada with a work permit and you meet all of the following conditions:

  • Your work permit is valid both when you apply and when you issue a permanent resident visa (or when you are allowed to work in Canada without a work permit at the time your visa is issued).
  • We issued your work permit on the basis of a positive Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) by Employment and Social Development Canada, in a Type 0 occupation or A or B skill level. NOC.
  • You work for an employer named on your work permit.
  • This employer has made a valid job offer based on your acceptance as a skilled worker.

Situation 2:

You are currently working in Canada in a job that is exempt from the LMIA requirement for one of the following reasons:

  • an international agreement (such as the North American Free Trade Agreement) or
  • a significant benefit to Canadian interests or
  • a federal-provincial agreement

You must also meet all of the following conditions:

  • Your work permit is valid both when you apply for and when you issue a permanent resident visa (or if you are allowed to work in Canada without a permit when your permanent resident visa is issued).
  • Your current employer has made a valid job offer based on your acceptance as a skilled worker.
  • You are currently working for the employer indicated on your work permit.
  • You have been working for this employer for at least 1 year without interruption, full-time or equivalent.

Situation 3:

You must meet all of the following conditions:

  • You currently do not have a work permit or do not intend to work in Canada before obtaining a permanent resident visa.
  • An employer has an LMIA.
  • This employer has made you a valid job offer based on this LMIA and your acceptance as a Skilled Worker.

 Situation 4:

You must meet all of the following conditions:

  • You have a valid work permit or are allowed to work in Canada without a work permit.
  • You currently work in Canada in a job that is exempt from an LMIA, but it is not governed by an international federal-provincial agreement or a significant benefit to Canadian interests.
  • An employer other than the one you are currently working for:
    • has an LMIA
    • made you a valid job offer based on this LMIA and your acceptance as a Skilled Worker

Adaptability (Maximum 10 points)

In case the candidate is moving to Canada with a spouse, they can get points for their qualifications and credentials also.

Adaptability FactorsPoints Awarded
Candidate’s spouse or common-law partner’s language level:Minimum CLB level 4 or higher in all four abilities (Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing)5
Candidate’s Past studies: Completed minimum of 2 years of full-time study at a secondary or post-secondary school in Canada5
Candidate’s spouse or common-law partner’s past studies in Canada:Spouse or common-law partner completed a minimum of 2 academic years of full-time study at a secondary or post-secondary school in Canada5
Applicant’s Past work in Canada:Minimum 1 year of work experience in Canada in an occupation classified under NOC skill level 0, A or B with a valid work permit10
Candidate’s spouse or common-law partner’s past work in CanadaSpouse or common-law partner did a minimum of 1 year of full-time work in Canada on a valid work permit5
Arranged employment in Canada5
Relatives in Canada:If the candidate or their spouse or common-law partner have a relative in Canada who are living in Canada as a Canadian citizen or permanent resident and 18 years old5

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