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Do you intend to visit your children who have moved to Canada? You just visited on a visitor’s visa, but now you want to stay in Canada for a longer period of time with them. For your parents and grandparents, you can apply for a Canada Super visa. 

What is a Canada Super Visa?

Using a Canada Super Visa, parents or grandparents of Canadian citizens and permanent residents can stay in the country for up to five years per visit without having to renew their visas. For up to ten years, your visa is eligible for repeated entries into Canada. Canada super visa is also known as a multi-entry temporary visa. Its purpose is to encourage family reunification by enabling qualified family members to visit their loved ones in Canada more frequently. 

Canada Super Visa Fees And Processing Time 

  • Visa application fee: From $100
  • Current processing time: 89 days 

Who Can Apply For A Canada Super Visa? 

Canada Super Visa applicant should be a parent or grandparent of a Child who is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. The super visa is not available to people who are dependent on their parents or grandparents, they may apply for a Canada visitor visa.

    The Canada Super Visa
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    How Long Can I Stay In Canada On A Super Visa?

    It allows an applicant to travel to Canada many times. Without renewing their status an applicant stays in Canada for up to Five years. 

    Eligibility Criteria For Canada Super Visa

    Let’s discuss what are the eligibility criteria to get a Canada Super Visa.

    • To get a Canada super visa, applicants must be a parent or grandparents of Canadian citizens or permanent residents.
    • Have an official letter with your child’s or grandchild’s signature asking you to visit Canada.
    • Having medical insurance.

    Requirements For Canada Super Visa

    Parents and Grandparents who have a Canada super visa can live in Canada for five years without needing to renew their status. There are some requirements which need to be fulfilled. 

    1. Complete and submit form [IMM5257] from outside of Canada.
    2. The parent’s financial and the child’s (who is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada) financial situation will be considered.
    3. The overall economic and political also offer application.
    4. Invitation letter from the child.
    5. Parents or Grandparents must provide financial support for their child and meet the minimum income requirements.
    6. Prove Canadian medical coverage insurance (for at least 1 year).
    7. Complete medical examination.

    The letter of Invitation format should include

    • Complete Name and Middle Name of Parents.
    • Date of Birth/Country of Birth.
    • Parent/grandparent Address and Phone Number
    • Relationship to the child (citizen or permanent resident of Canada)
    • The purpose of the visit.
    • How long does the parent/grandparent intend to stay?
    • Detail of accommodation 
    • Date the parent/grandparent intends to leave

    Do I Need Medical Insurance For Canada Super Visa?

    Yes, For the Canada Super visa, one of the requirements is that you have health insurance. It will be necessary to provide proper proof that the medical insurance has been paid for. You are unable to provide quotations for the same. 

    Do not forget that health insurance must be provided by a Canadian insurance provider. The Canada Super Visa medical insurance must be in force for at least a year after the anticipated date of your admission into Canada. It needs to offer protection of at least $100,000.

    Will My Canadian Children Have To Meet Any Income Criteria For Inviting Me On a Canada Super Visa?

    For Canada Super visa applicants, proof of sufficient financial assistance or proof of finances will be required as one of the requirements. The Canadian child or grandchild who will be extending the invitation to you must be able to substantiate that their household earns at least the required amount, often known as the Low Income Cut-Off (LICO). 

    Any of the following papers can be used as proof of funds: bank statements, pay stubs, a letter from the employer outlining the employee’s salary and date of hire, a copy of the most recent federal income tax notice of assessment, etc.

      How To Apply For A Canada Super Visa?

      You can apply for a Canada Super Visa online or paper-based application through the visa application center. The following documents are needed:

      • A letter of invitation
      • Proof of Finance
      • Relationship evidence
      • Having medical insurance

      After applying you need to go for a medical examination and provide proof of results. Give your biometrics (fingerprints, photo) to the visa application center.

      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

      Is a super visa open in Canada?

      No, you can’t apply for a Canada super visa within Canada. You must be outside of Canada applying for a Canada super visa.

      Can a super visa be converted to PR?

      Canada super visa is a temporary visa that can’t be converted into a permanent one. That means the answer is No.

      Does a Canada super visa need medical?

      Yes, when applying for a Canada super visa an applicant must undergo for medical examination.

      Can I sponsor my mom to Canada?

      Yes, you can sponsor your mom to permanent residency in Canada.

      How long does it take for a Canada super visa?

      The Canada super visa processing time is 89 days.

      What is the difference between a super visa and a visitor visa?
      • The Canada visitor visa is for everyone and the Canada super visa is only for parents or grandparents.
      • Canada visitor allows your parents or grandparents to visit Canada for 6 months if they want to stay in Canada for 6 months or above then they will need to apply for a Canada super visa.
      Can I apply for a Canada super visa from within Canada while on a visit?

      No, You can only apply for the Canada Super visa from outside Canada.

      Can I include dependents on my Canada super visa application?

      No, you can not include dependents on your Canada super visa application. Dependents need to apply for a visitor visa.

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