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Skilled Work Regional Provisional Visa Subclass 491

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    Australia Subclass Visa 491

    Table of Content

    Table Of Content:

    1. What is The Skilled Work Regional (subclass 491)?
    2. Documents Required
    3. Eligibility
    4. Process to apply
    5. Processing time
    6. Cost of processing
    7. Visa Subclass 491 to PR

    What is The Skilled Work Regional (subclass 491)?

    The Skilled Work Regional (subclass 491) visa allows overseas skilled workers and their families to live, work, and/or study for up to five years in regional Australia. After three years, the subclass 491 visa allows route for permanent residency.

    Under this visa category there are two types of streams:

    • Family sponsored- A relative residing in a regional area of Australia who is prepared to sponsor you and an occupation on the Medium- and Long-Term Skilled Shortage List are both required for the family sponsored visa (MLTSSL). The applicant must also submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) and be invited to the monthly rounds of invitations, which are competitive and dependent on your performance in the points assessment.
    • State Sponsored- This is thought to be easier because there is a larger list of occupations to choose from, and the candidate usually just need to acquire the bare minimum of points to get an invitation. Applicants must still submit an EOI to apply for a visa in this stream, but invitations are given as soon as the state or territory authorises the nomination.

    State or territorial nominating agencies use their own criteria, which differ from state to state, when deciding whether or not to nominate an applicant. To begin, all candidates must demonstrate that they have a job on the relevant state or territory’s occupation list and that they intend to live in that state or territory.

    Canada Visa , Holding 2 Canadian passport

    Documents Required

    All supporting papers for the information provided in your EOI must be submitted:

    • Valid Passport
    • Police Clearance Certificate
    • Marriage certificate (if applicable)
    • Language Proficiency report

    The following documents are required for applicants between the ages of 18 and 23:

    • Birth certificate
    • Valid Passport
    • Proof for financial dependency
    • Adoption papers (if applicable)

    Applicants who are beyond the age of 23 but still rely on their parents due to a physical disability or cognitive difficulties require the following documents:

    • Birth certificate
    • Valid Passport
    • Proof for financial dependency
    • Adoption papers (if applicable)
    • Medical reports addressing the condition of the candidate

    The following are the documentation you must be submitted in support of your EOI application:

    • Skill Assessment
    • Language Assessment
    • Australian skilled employment
    • Education Qualification (as per Australian standards)
    • Specialist education
    • Study in regional Australia
    • Partner skills
    • Work experience in Australia

    In case of being sponsorship, the sponsor must submit the following information:

    • Proof of age (18 years and above)
    • Sponsor’s declaration
    • Proof that he/she is a qualifying relative
    • Proof of permanent residency

    Eligibility for Visa Subclass 491

    To be eligible for a 491 visa, you must meet the following requirements:

    • Get a Family or State nomination from relative or region
    • Submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) application
    • Demonstrate language competency in English
    • Demonstrate proof of good health and character
    • Receive an EOI nomination invitation email in response
    • Must be under 45 years of age

    Process to Apply for Visa Subclass 491

    Step 1: Refer to Skilled Occupation List

    The applicant must first check if his selected occupation is included in the Australian Government’s annual Skilled Occupation List.

    Step 2: Skill Assessment

    The next step is to get the applicant’s skills assessed by the appropriate Australian organisations.

    Step 3: Points Calculator

    For assess and rank profiles of visa applications, the Australian government uses a points system. To receive an invitation, you must achieve a minimum score of 65 points on these examinations.

    Step 4: Submit an Expression of Interest profile

    The candidate must apply via SkillSelect to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) to the Department of Home Affairs. SkillSelect thoroughly evaluates those 65 points before allowing you to begin applying.

    Step 5: Submitting supporting documents

    Following the acceptance of the EOI, the Department of Home Affairs invites the applicant to apply for candidacy.  60 days are allotted to submit all the supporting documents. It is advisable to gather all supporting documents ahead of time.  The applicant must apply on Immiaccount and provide these papers. Also, the applicant needs to pay the required cost within the 60-day time frame.

    Step 6: Verify the progress of your application

    The applicant will receive an e-mail after the application has been received. You can login to your ImmiAccount to monitor the status of your application.

    Step 7: Biometrics and Medical Examination

    Each applicant is mandated to submit his/her records of medical exam results, police clearance certificates and biometrics.

    Step 8: Getting accepted

    Once all the formalities are completed, the applicant receives an email with the visa grant number, start date, and visa terms and conditions after the visa application has been accepted.

    Processing Time

    The processing time for visa 491 applications is not set in stone. Regional application processes, on the other hand, are given higher priority.

    Total processing cost

    The primary applicant’s application fee for the Skilled Work Regional visa subclass 491 is AUD 4240. There is a separate fee for each consecutive admission of qualified family members.

    • If the dependent is 18 years and above, an additional processing cost of AUD 2120 is applied.
    • If the dependent is 18 years and below, an additional processing cost of AUD 1060 is applied.
    • Biometrics and Medical examinations roughly cost AUD 60 and AUD 350 respectively.

    Visa Subclass 491 to Permanent Residency (PR)

    The 491 visa is valid for five years. The applicant can apply for permanent residence using the Subclass 191 (Permanent Residence- Skilled Regional) visa if the following conditions are met:

    • The applicant has lived, worked, or studied in the selected geographical area for at least three years while on a 491 visa, and can show three years of earnings of at least $53,900.
    • If the applicant has a partner on his/her application, only one of you needs to show three years of yearly salary at or over $53,900 (via tax returns).
    • If the applicant’s partner can demonstrate that they meet this condition, they can be the principal applicant for the Visa 191.

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    Note: To combat the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, IRCC has granted applicants with incomplete applications an additional 90 days to obtain all the correct documents.

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