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    Post-Landing Services

    If you know, the visa process is only a 50% part of your immigration. Getting your visa certainly means that it’s time to go to your dream country, but what after you have landed there? How will you know what must be your first step? Therefore, our post landing services are exactly what we have for your assistance. At Province Immigration pvt. ltd. , we make sure that we help you sail through your migration till the very end. As much as we are there to celebrate your joys of getting a visa, we also help counter your difficulties post landing.

    We understand that without a good support system in place, in alien surroundings, you would feel alone, and without help. And, so our excellent post landing services are tailor-made in such a way that you get all possible help and guidance, to settle overseas easily and speedily.

    Right from airport pickup services to help you find good and cheap accommodation we offer all possible post landing services.

    With PVI on-board you are never alone there.

    Assistance on landing and living around in Canada –


    1.Post Landing Services That We Offer

    • Helping you with health card/Medical card application process.
    • Guiding you about how to get your 9- digit Social Insurance Number (SIN Number) which is compulsory for taking up an employment in Canada.
    • Sharing info on the initial temporary application process.
    • Helping with SIM card support and helping you decide which card to get in Canada.
    • Guiding on you on ways to apply for your driving license, G1,G2 or G.
    • Guiding you on how to buy your own transport.
    • Guiding you about the Travel Card – Pesto Card.

    2. Scope of services on mandatory documentations-

    • Pickup from Airport and transfer to booked accommodation.
    • Helping you about the documents you may be asked at the airport.
    • Helping you to open a bank account and apply for credit card.
    • Helping you about the different places from where you can buy really cheap groceries.
    • Sharing info about the place from where you can buy really cheap Home decor or household stuff.
    • Helping you find a good accommodation and connecting you with top real estate brokers.
    • Guidance on every transport available in Canada for your easy commute.
    • Guidance on schools, the admission process for children.

    3. Scope of services for Job Search-

    • Offering helpful and result-oriented job search assistance.
    • Guiding you on the different professional licensing or registration requirements and offering all related help.
    • Sharing information about prospective recruiters as per your NOC job code.
    • Guiding on the different exams to be faced to obtain a professional license and registration.
    • Re-writing your resume as per Canadian standard by our specialized content writers
    • Drafting the cover letters of your Resume to seek the attention of employers.
    • Drafting the cover letters of your Resume to seek the attention of employers.
    • Helping you prepare for the crucial interviews

    Why Is Province Immigration is the Best Immigration Consultants In Delhi? 

    If Canada is on your mind, then province immigration the best solution for you. The company is well known for Canada PR Visa services as well as other countries at best pricing plans. We work with 100%Transparency to give you 100% Success along with Experience, Expertise and excellence , this is what makes us The Best Immigration Consultant In Delhi for as well as pan- India level. Province Immigration is an ICCRC registered immigration company with over 5+ years of experience in the immigration industry. Province Immigration is the one-stop solution of all your visa and Immigration needs. Province immigration works with the motive of Client’s success & satisfaction. To know more about Canada Immigration and check your eligibility criteria contact us- 9896196762 or write us on- and fill our free assessment form to get a call from our expert.

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