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Improve your Express Entry CRS Score

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    Improve your Express Entry CRS Score

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    Want to improve your Express Entry Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score for PR Canada? If you are a qualified professional, you should ensure that you get a high CRS score. Otherwise, there are chances of being denied a PR Visa.

    CRS is the main component of Express Entry. It is the CRS score that helps you receive the ITA (Invitation to Apply). The higher the score, the more chances you have to face each other in the invitation. It is not necessary to submit an EE profile with a lower CRS score.

    However, you have different options to improve your score. Reach the desired score to receive ITA.

    How to improve your CRS Score?

    Express Entry draws are held periodically, usually once every 2 weeks. So you always have the option of increasing your CRS points score.

    There are several ways to increase your CRS score in case you do not fulfill the CRS cut-off requirement in the particular draw. You can thus improve your CRS score and attain the required points for getting an ITA – Invitation to Apply for the Canada PR Visa in the upcoming Express Entry draw.

    Here are a few ways for improving your CRS score:

    • Provincial Nominee Program –The Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) allow Canadian provinces and territories to nominate individuals who wish to immigrate to Canada and who are interested in settling in a particular province. Canada PNP programs let you get PR of Canada through their different Provinces Program. Almost every province has 2-3 pathways to invite candidates. Candidates can either apply through their respective Province’s portals or by given mode of application. Every year almost 80,000 – 1,00,000 candidates are invited through this program, Getting invitations from any of the Provinces under this program is the easiest way to increase CRS in 2022.

    • Improve your language score
      You can improve your CRS score by securing good marks in language tests such as IELTS. For instance, if you secure CLB level 9 in the language test, you can add a maximum of 136 direct points to your CRS rank. Similarly, appearing in a French language test can incur a maximum of 72 points.

    • Including your Common-Law Partner/ Spouse in the application
      This will fetch you extra points for 3 factors. The language proficiency of the Common-Law Partner/ Spouse will incur 20 points, while work experience and education in Canada will incur 10 points individually. Thus, you can add a maximum of 40 extra points to your Express Entry CRS score.

    • Get an LMIA Approved work offer
      If you get an LMIA Labor Market Impact Assessment recognized job offer from a Canadian employer, you can receive a maximum of 200 points added to your CRS score. LMIA received from Saskatchewan can add 30 points to the SINP points grid. Many employers in Canada are eager to hire skilled people due to the skill shortage in Canada.

    • BC – Tech Pilot Program
      British Columbia Tech pilot can help in getting ITA through BC PNP. An employer based in BC can help in the immigration process by sending job offer letters to candidates. This program is less tiresome than LMIA and requires less documentation. However, this program is for candidates with a technical background.

    • Obtain education in Canada
      If you complete a recognized Diploma or Degree in Canada, you can receive a maximum of 30 points. Also, studying in Canada can lead to a work permit of 1-3 years in Canada. Canadian working experience can spike CRS score and results in securing innovation to apply for a Canada PR visa. Candidates having less study gap can consider this way to get settled in Canada.
    Any individual who submits a profile to the Express Entry pool of up-and-comers is appointed a CRS score out of 1200 points. Roughly at regular intervals, the Canadian government conducts an Express Entry draw, where they issue a round of Invitations to Apply (ITAs) for inviting candidates. We at Province Immigration Pvt Ltd. help clients to increase their CRS score in many ways.

    How to calculate your CRS Score?

    The wait may be longer if you do not meet the Express Entry profile eligibility criteria. This is the high CRS score required for an invitation to apply.

    Similarly, many opportunities exist if you want to improve your overall ranking under the ranking system in the Canada EE pool. However, some advancements improve CRS scores with a slight increase that makes a difference. They earn you 600 points. In effect, this guarantees you to receive ITA in the next EE pool draw.

    Eligibility for Express Entry

    One cannot neglect certain areas of the CRS score if one wants to get the desired points. Make sure to claim the necessary points applicable according to the individual profile. These include –


    If you have a sibling living in Canada who holds permanent residency or citizenship; then you can claim 15 points for your Canada PR score.

    Education Criteria

    To be eligible for the EE program, you must provide an ECA (Educational Credential Assessment) or academic documents from a college/university in Canada. By simply meeting the education criteria, your Canadian immigration points can be increased by 200 points. Candidates will get 50 to 150 points respective to the education documents they provide with their language proficiency test results.

    In terms of EE profile, mention details of valid education you have completed to date. Provide details of completion of a one-year course after a few years under the Express Entry profile. It is necessary to obtain an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) report confirming all educational credentials. In other words, the entry system awards different points regardless of the field of study, including the degree or degree related to the existing job.

    Language Proficiency

    One of the options you have is to get the necessary points for the English and French language proficiency test. This is part of the Global Ranking System score. Every qualified professional who knows these languages ​​well can get the desired points. Even if you are a bilingual candidate, you can get bonus points. The Provincial Nominee Program streams give preference to fluent French speakers.

    Those who know English and French should not miss the opportunity to improve CRS scores. You need specific points in the test of your English skills. The test is one of the fastest methods to get a competitive CRS score. With the help of the language test, you can get 260 points up to 270 points if you and your spouse apply. Language skills and abilities are considered vital human capital factors under Express Entry.

    Consider different points. You can get 0.5 points by including language skills such as listening, speaking, writing, and reading modules. It is when the immigrant can get CLB level 9 they get the maximum points under the Skill Transferability factor. A small change can improve the CRS score. At the same time, you can improve your skills by claiming 100 points.

     It is the responsibility of immigration experts to provide advice through which you can work on different strategies and achieve the necessary language scores.

    Tips to improve CRS Score

    If you are considering migrating to Canada through the Express Entry route, you can improve your CRS score. Some options may take a few months, while others take a few years.

    Work Experience

    If you have less than 3 years of full-time or part-time experience and work outside of maple country, you may need to gain additional experience. Job retention goals are vital for those on a Canadian work visa. Earn points in the Canadian Work Experience category.

    Apply for provincial nomination

    As part of the CRS score, you can claim 600 points if you are nominated by a particular province in Canada. IRCC gives preferences to these provinces under the Provincial Nominee Program. These provinces are in line with the express entry program that helps them to nominate skilled immigrants from the EE pool to select and help in the economic development of the province.

    Over the past few months, different provinces have used PNP streams through the Express Entry program. Citing an example, Ontario targeted several professionals in the IT (information technology) sector.

    Nova Scotia and Saskatchewan have opened different streams of the program for candidates in many occupations that do not require a job offer. It is British Columbia that welcomes applicants through its immigration system. Manitoba PNP and Alberta PNP are also in the same boat. They have their respective immigration programs supported by Express Entry. In addition, other provinces issue different certificates of appointment to qualified and eligible professionals in the EE pool.

    Higher Education

    The plan is to improve the CRS score. The number of degrees in education contributes to higher scores under the EE system. You get the score, not just for diplomas and college degrees. However, you can recover at least 100 points under the skill transferability factor.

    At the same time, you can comply with a one-year study program to earn extra points. An additional half-year program requires you to invest time. However, it is an investment that will give you a full return.


    Meet the requirements if you wish to claim points under Canada’s Job Offer through Express Entry. The advantage of a job offer contributes to the CRS score. It’s not as important as it used to be when a candidate got 600 points. Even if the candidate obtains 50 CRS points, obtaining a job offer is an essential factor.

    Spouse’s CRS score

    If you plan to move to Canada with a partner or spouse, be aware that you must claim 20 points based on the language ability of your partner or spouse.

     With the help of work experience and level of education, you and your partner can earn 10 points each in Canada. You can claim 40 points taking into account the factors of your partner or spouse. Each contestant can claim the respective points with their particular abilities.

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