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    Canada Is The Best Country To Visit With A Canada Tourist Visa Or Visitor Visa!

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    Canada is the most sought country for paying a visit either as a tourist or a visitor. This is because of the very obvious reason that we will discuss. Canada offers so much to their tourists such as a chance to explore nature, cultural diversity, outdoor activities, etc. There are many factors which will let you know the highlights of Canada. A tourist or a visitor is likely to visit Canada due to the following reasons:

    1. Nature: Who doesn’t love nature? Everyone does! That is why most of the candidates apply for Canada tourist visa in order to get an opportunity to see the natural beauty of Canada. Canada has astonishing landscapes with rocky mountains and a great flora. Some of the beautiful places to visit in Canada include Alberta which has eye-soothing glaciers, lakes and mountains. The world famous waterfall “Niagara Falls” is also in Canada, and it attracts the most tourists every year. Toronto, Montreal, etc., also has vibrant tourist attractions. Canada is full of vast and diverse landscapes.

    2. Diversity In Culture: This is the reason why you should apply for a Canada visitor visa. This country welcomes rich cultural diversity. You can easily find a number of people there with different ethnic, culture, and religion. There is no bias and no race in the country. Canada has a rich cultural and traditional history that has shaped the lives of people living there for years. You can find British, French, Indian, Filipino, Vietnamese, etc., settlers there who might have come for immigration or work purposes. If you visit Canada, you will get a chance to explore different cultures. 

    3. Flora And Fauna: If you are fascinated about wildlife and “never-seen-before” plants and trees, this is the right chance for you to apply for a Canada tourist visa. With this, you will get to explore Canada’s wildlife which includes moose, bears, caribou, etc. you will also find different types of plants, shrubs, and several different trees that will catch your sight instantly. Canada is a home to different breeds of plants and animals.

    4. Outdoor Activities: Canada is a great destination if you want to explore fun outdoor activities such as skiing, hiking, fishing, and many more. Canada has over 30,000 lakes and rivers which gives you a chance to do canoeing and kayaking. Get your Canada visitor visa right away and not miss any chance to explore Canada.

    5. Best Quality Life: You must apply for a Canada tourist visa because you will get to explore the lavish and quality life in Canada. Canada ranks on the top in providing the best life to the people living there. They get several facilities such as healthcare, transport, education, and many more. There is no doubt why Canada is considered the top choice by the immigrants for work, study, and permanent residency. Many students reside there as a permanent resident after completing their studies in Canada. There are several work opportunities.

    What Is A Canada Visitor Visa And Tourist Visa?

    What Is A Canada Visitor Visa And Tourist Visa?

    Now, we will discuss about the two things: Canada visitor visa and Canada tourist visa.

    What Is Canada Tourist Visa For Indians?

    As we have already discussed, Canada has a lot of tourist attractions. For this purpose, people apply for Canada tourist visa so that they can visit those places in Canada. This visa is basically for a tourism purpose. It is an official document that is issued by the Canadian visa office. They attach this visa along with your passport. It is a proof that shows you have met the eligibility requirements to stay in Canada for a temporary period. You can stay here either as a tourist, or worker. The expiration date of the Canada tourist visa India is generally three months from the time it is issued.

    What Is Canada Visitor Visa For Indians?

    Canada visitor visa is some what similar to Canada tourist visa but there lies a few differences. No doubt, you can use this visa for purposes like tourists, workers, or visitors. The major difference between these visas is that Canada visitor visa India has a longer expiry date. It can last up to 6 months or even longer from the time it is issued. The other thing is if you want to apply for the visitor visa, you will get a covering letter in which you will need to mention the cause of your visit. You can renew your visitor visa after every 6 months in order to live for an extended period.

    Key Differences Between Canada Visitor Visa And Canada Tourist Visa

    S. No.

    Canada Visitor Visa

    Canada Tourist Visa


    Visiting family, business meetings, etc.

    Travel and leisure purposes only.


    Applicable for 6 months or longer.

    Applicable for only 3 months.


    Can be converted into an employment visa.

    Cannot be converted into any type of visa.


    Multiple entry visa.

    Single entry visa.

    Canada Tourist Visa And Canada Visitor Visa Required Documents

    If you wish to apply for Canada tourist visa or Canada visitor visa, you will require the following documents:

    1. Original Passport: The first and the foremost thing while applying for Canada tourist visa India or Canada visitor visa India is to have a valid passport with the respective date validity. Make sure that you do not carry a fake passport as it will totally affect your visiting chances. You can also take help of an expert consultant to complete the process of applying for a passport, in case you do not have any.


    2. Visa Application Forms: Once you have your passport, make sure to carry your visa application forms along with you. You must analyze that all your documents are filled and completely verified, so that it will not cause any hassle at the end.


    3. Passport Size Photos: You also need to carry 3 coloured passport size photographs. Make sure that their dimension should be 35mm*45mm. Your photographs should have white background, a matte finish and must show 80% of your face size.


    4. Covering Letter: This letter is a must for you if you wish to apply for Canada visitor visa India. For Canada tourist visa India, you will not be required to carry a cover letter. In this letter, the details of the applicant, purpose of traveling/visiting, and with whom he or she is visiting is necessary to be filled.


    5. Hotel Booking: This step is essential for the Canada tourist visa. You must carry the details and payment proof of the hotels you have booked for your visit to Canada as a tourist.


    6. Air Tickets: Another Canada tourist visa documents required is your air ticket. Ensure that you have already booked your air tickets in order to fly to Canada and avoid minute circumstances.


    7. Original Leave Letter: This implies when you are employed in any organization before flying to Canada. If you are an employee somewhere, you will need to carry your official leaving letter for Canada tourist visa or Canada visitor visa.


    8. Salary Slips: This is the same as the above point. If you are employed somewhere, you need to get your last 6 months salary slip before applying for the Canada visa.


    9. Self-Employed: If you are self-employed, you will need to carry a proof of shop act, MOA or deed. This is a must for you being a self-employed candidate.


    10. Original Personal Bank Statement: You need to carry your original personal bank statement while applying for a visa. Make sure that you have a sufficient and healthy balance to show.


    11. Income Tax Return Details: A candidate applying for either Canada tourist visa or Canada visitor visa should carry their last 3 years income tax return details. Do not try to falsify it for receiving your visa.


    12. ID Card Copy: This only implies if you are a student in school or college. Ask your authority to give you an ID card copy in order to hassle-free the process.


    13. Retirement Proof: This only implies if you are a retired person. You must have a retirement proof or your pension passbook or pension slips that you can collect from your respective bank.


    14. Financial Documents: This is important in Canada visitor visa required documents. You will be asked to carry documents like FD, NSC, PPF, Shares, Property papers, and many more. Make sure that you priorly prepare all the documents before the authority asks you to bring them.


    15. Planning Of Your Journey: You must prepare an itinerary. This will show your whole planned journey and what you are going to do each day. You must put up only the right details.


      This is all about what you should carry when applying for Canada tourist visa or Canada visitor visa. Canada tourist visa documents required are important for everyone to take along with them to the visa office, so that there will be no issue at the end. Each and every document plays an important role in issuing your visa. Hence, prepare yourself prior and get your visa done on time.

    How Should You Fill Canada Tourist Visa Application?

    There are six steps that you will need to follow in order to fill your Canada tourist visa application:

    Step 1: Firstly, you will have to complete the application form given for your Canada tourist visa.

    Step 2: Secondly, attach the Canada tourist visa documents required by the authority.

    Step 3: After that, you will have to schedule your biometrics appointment.

    Step 4: Then, attend your biometrics appointment.

    Step 5: Once you are done with this, you will need to submit your original passport.

    Step 6: In the end, you will get your shipping labels.

    This way, you will be able to apply for your Canada tourist visa India.

    How Should You Fill Canada Visitor Visa Application?

    There are three steps that you will need to follow in order to fill your Canada visitor visa application:

    Step 1: Firstly, you will have to carry all the documents that show your eligibility for Canada tourist visa.

    Step 2: Secondly, you will have to apply online. In this, you will have to create your personal account. After that, upload all the necessary documents and in the end, pay your fees. Remember to attach the invitation letter for your Canada visitor visa India.

    Step 3: At last, you will have to give your biometrics and a photo.

    That’s all, you will be getting your Canada visitor visa within the specified time duration. We suggest you to follow every step and not miss out on anything.

    What Is The Fee For A Canada Tourist Visa Or Canada Visitor Visa?

    It is important for you to note down the fee for your visa application form and biometric. 

    The fee for Application is 100 CAD which is equal to Rs. 6216 (approx).

    The fee for Biometrics is 85 CAD which is equal to Rs. 5284 (approx).

    Note To Know: The thing to remember is that you should always pay your fees through your credit card. And also keep in mind, the fee is non-refundable, no matter whether your application is approved or not in the end.

    What Is The Processing Time For Canada Tourist Visa?

    Maximum 15 days are required to get your Canada tourist visa issued by the Canada visa officers. It is suggested to you to not miss any documents while filling your Canada tourist visa application.

    What Is The Processing Time For Canada Tourist Visa?

    If your documentation is done properly, it will also take a maximum of 15 calendar days to get your Canada visitor visa issued by the visa officers. Therefore, it is suggested to follow this guide properly to avoid any circumstances.

    What Are The Minimum Requirements For Canada Visitor Visa And Canada Tourist Visa?

    This is a handy-guide that you should follow in the last moments:

    1. Always carry your passport.

    2. You must be a healthy candidate. Good health plays a crucial role in getting your visa.

    3. You should not have any past or new criminal record.

    4. You must have a good bank balance to support your finances while staying in Canada.

    5. Carry proof of your job, family, and financial assets.

    6. Give an itinerary and proof of to and from tickets.
    Why Hire Province Immigration For Canada Visitor Visa And Tourist Visa?

    This is a very basic question that might come to your mind. You should hire us for the below reasons:

    1. Proper Guidance: Province Immigration is known for its quality services in immigration. Therefore, it is best for you to hire us as we will guide you from scratch on how you can apply for your Canada tourist visa or visitor visa, the documentation required for this, and so on. We will tell in-detail everything related to your visa process and what things you should avoid while applying.


    2. Documentation Process: With our assistance, you will surely be able to know about all the documents you will require to file your Canada visitor visa or tourist visa. The documentation process might be long for you and can be tedious. But we are always there for you, and we do not rush to complete a process as quickly as possible. We do it with the candidate’s flow of understanding.


    3. Transparent Services: We are the best immigration consultant in Delhi because we do not hide anything from our clients indeed. We make sure that our client is aware of all the procedures happening to get their visas issued within the specific time. We uncover everything from our clients and make sure that their documents and other details are safe with us.Your trust will not be broken by us!


    4. 100% Trustworthy: Province Immigration is the only immigration services provider company in Delhi who will offer you the best and reliable services indeed. We provide a helping-hand in solving every doubt of yours related to immigration. We promise to give you only right and true answers, so you will not be in illusion of anything. We are always true to our clients which makes us win their hearts.


    5. Experienced Consultants: Province Immigration has the best team of immigration consultants who are always there to assist you. Whether you are stuck in filling up the Canada visitor visa application or unable to know about the Canada tourist visa documents required by the visa officer, our 50+ consultant team will help you and take you out of every critical situation. They have years of experience as well as expertise in handling clients and guiding them throughout the process. Till now, we have counseled more than thousands of clients and have processed a number of visas for them. We are best in the work we offer to our clients.


    6. All-Time Availability: We, at Province Immigration, want to let you know that our team is always there to consult you. We are 24/7 available for you. You can call on our official number (+91 98961 96762), or email us at [email protected]. One of our consultants will respond to your query quickly and take you to the further steps. Do not hesitate to ask us anything about immigration or anything.


    7. Other Services: You should know that Province Immigration doesn’t only offer you Canada tourist visa or Canada visitor visa services but you will also get services for study visa, IELTS coaching, post landing services, spouse visa, prime membership, etc. We provide immigration services for countries like Canada, USA, Germany, etc. 

    If you do not want to miss any chance to visit Canada as a tourist or visitor, it is the best option for you to connect with Province Immigration right away. Do pay a visit to our official company website We are eagerly waiting to talk to you now!


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