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How to get a Job in Canada from India

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    How to get a Job in Canada from India

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    If you are ready to settle in Canada, then finding a job for yourself must be your next step. You’re new to the area, finding a job may feel a little different than what you’re used to. To land a job in Canada, it is important to keep yourself updated with the current happenings in the job market, so you’re ready for the upswing.

    However, there are many helpful resources available to help you through this difficult time and Scotiabank is here to help too. This article will help you to know the simple ways to get a job in Canada from India.

    Polish your resume

    Canadian employers focus on the candidate’s work experience rather than reading the long list of jobs the candidate has done. You have to tailor your resume for each job you are applying for rather than submitting the same generic resume for all the jobs.

    Major websites and more

    I shall tell you some of the major websites to help you search for jobs in Canada:

    • Job Bank: This is the government job website that can easily be installed on your phone. Plus there are search essential positions in Job Bank’s COVID-19 listing.
    • WorkBC Jobs: This is also a good website where you will be able to search for different jobs like Sales, Electrician, I.T., etc.
    • You can search for jobs in the province of Ontario through its official website and even apply for jobs in the Toronto area.

    Some of the other major job search websites in Canada are Workopolis, Monster, Indeed, Eco Canada,

    Increase your Network

    Social media sites can help you to expand your network and connect with different people and opportunities. Linkedin and Facebook are some of the major social networking websites for you. One of the major benefits of Canada PR (permanent residence) is that you will be able to move to Canada and live anywhere in the country for a duration of five years, giving you ample time to increase your network.

    Listen to related podcasts

    To know more about the details of Canadian work experience and all the things that are related to employment opportunities in the country, you can listen to some of the following podcasts:

    • How Immigrants Conduct a Successful Canadian Job Search by The Voice of Job Seekers
    • Tips & Myths for Finding Work as an Immigrant/Newcomer to BC by Get a Job! A Podcast by Vancouver WorkBC
    • Canadian Job Search Success with Sibasis Das by Canadian Job Search Podcast

    Strong Endorsements by your previous employers

    You can ask for a letter of recommendation from your past employers if you still have good relationships with them after being a part of the Canadian immigration process and moving to Canada. If your business or employer has connections with recruiters in Canada, even better.

    Get Accredited

    For many career-seeking immigrants, you will need to have your previous education, certificates, and work experience certified. This process is intended to ensure that your education and experience are equivalent to your education and experience in Canada.

    Also, if you are moving to Canada as an international student, you can also have multiple options to land a job of your choice in Canada from India.

    Canada is a tempting study destination for many international students who wish to enroll in a bachelor’s or master’s degree university program. If you are one of them and are considering the possibility of studying abroad in Canada, you may also seek employment options during your study program.

    In this way, you will manage to support yourself financially and focus on your studies and also add a bonus to your CV. Working in Canada while studying will be an experience that will help you adjust to a new country faster while receiving a living wage.

    International students require to know the regulations and the places to know where to look for a student job.

    Below, you’ll find information on the types of student jobs you can have in Canada throughout the year or on vacation, and where to look for them.

    What are the different work options for students in Canada?

    After starting your study program, you can work both on and off-campus. As an international student, you are authorized to work under the following conditions:

    • Part-time (up to 20 hours/week) during semesters;
    • Full time (40 hours/week) during holidays;

    These options can be easily accessible even for an international student, thanks to a large number of support programs available to the State of Canada. The most popular of these is the Youth Employment Strategy, which focuses on three areas: Skills Link, Career Focus, and Canada Summer Jobs.

    Who is eligible to get a part-time or summer job during studies in Canada?

    To be eligible for an off-campus job, you must meet the following criteria:

    • Full-time student with a valid study permit;
    • Have a social insurance number (SIN);
    • You must be enrolled in an approved educational institution (DLI) at the post-secondary level or, if you are in Quebec, you must be studying in a vocational training program;
    • You must complete an academic, vocational, or vocational training program that ends with a degree, diploma, or certificate;
    • If you plan to work on campus, you won’t need a work permit or SIN, and you can also exceed the 20 hours/week limit during semesters;

    Simple steps to get a job in Canada from India

    Before you start looking for a job, you should obtain a Social Insurance Number which will be required to work and to access national programs and other benefits. In addition, some jobs require a minimum age that differs between provinces in Canada.

    In addition to writing your CV, cover letter, and preparing for interviews, you can check websites for career opportunities. There is also a ‘hidden job market’, based on recommendations, so you are advised to grow your network and connect with people who can help you.

    Some of the ways that you can increase your network:

    • Join an association or a professional / student committee;
    • Volunteering;
    • Participate in information sessions, business meetings;

    To make it easier, your IELTS online coaching will help you to improve your proficiency in English to easily move to Canada.

    High demand Jobs in Canada

    Below are some of the jobs you can find as an international student and the salaries. You may not find a job in your field of study, but you may be given a well-paying opportunity.

    • Bookkeeper: CAD 25 per hour
    • Educational interpreter: CAD 13 per hour
    • Customer service assistant: 11 CAD per hour
    • Aquarium performer: CAD 13 per hour
    • Sales assistant: CAD 12 per hour
    • Cook: CAD 13 per hour
    • Office assistant: 13 – 15 CAD per hour
    • Human resources assistant: CAD 13 per hour
    • Lifeguard: CAD 12 per hour

    Following are summer jobs in Canada:

    • Painter: CAD 13 per hour
    • Festival coordinator: CAD 10 per hour
    • Camp counselor: CAD 12 per hour
    • Program leader: CAD 13 per hour
    • Leisure activity leader: CAD 15 per hour
    • Responsible for the reading program: CAD 14 per hour
    • Entertainment activities coordinator: CAD 15 per hour
    • Baker: 11 – 22 CAD per month

    Tips & Tricks to get a job in Canada

    • Be extremely specific about your experience, qualities, knowledge, and skills in the job application form. Also, you must add a reference to your CV.
    • Choose your summer job very carefully, as it may determine the job you get for the next year. Must find a job that is close to your field of study.
    • During your employment, pay attention, make a good impression, and, if so, show interest in working with your employer in the future.
    • After graduation, international students are eligible to apply for a post-graduation work permit (PGWP) through which they can work in Canada for a maximum of three years. At the time of application, you must have a valid study permit and apply within 90 days of posting your final grades.

    Getting Canadian work experience gets you extra points in the express entry points calculator to make it easier to get a Canada PR Visa.

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