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    Canada Study Visa 2024

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    Introduction To The Canada Student Visa

    Are you one of those students who wants to pursue their education in Canadian colleges or universities? Do you want to study various courses and experience a strong study curriculum in Canada? Then, we, at Province Immigration, are there to help you with your Canada student visa for Indian. We are the specialist in study visa consultancy for Canada and can solve all your queries related to it. 

    Canada has the best infrastructure in their colleges and universities and serves the best-class education to their students. This is what attracts a lot of students from all over the world to study in Canada and enhance their future by welcoming much better opportunities. Province Immigration is there to help you land at the doorsteps of these educational institutions following an easy process and without any hassle.

    About Student Visa For Canada:

    Canada student visa is a type of study visa which involves documents issued by the Canadian government to allow foreign students to study in Canada. Simply, if you want to study in Canada, you must have a student visa issued by foreign nationals. Carrying all the necessary documents before applying for this visa is the best for you indeed.

    Canada is a “most looked for study purposes” country according to the studies. This is obviously because it offers candidates with a bucket of opportunities and new chances. 

    Running in the race of studying in Canada, read the information given here that you might need to know before applying for the study visa for Canada.


    Are You Looking For A Canada Study Visa?

    There is no doubt that Canada offers so many benefits to the students who come there with a Canada study visa. If you are going to Canada soon for your study, you will get to know a whole bunch of advantages Canada will offer you.

    Canada is indeed considered as the top choice of countries in terms of offering the best education. Uncountable students go to Canada each year to pursue their higher education and completely change their career paths. The studies offered in the Canadian institutions are precise, worthy, and fully researched on the latest trends. Once you graduate from a Canadian university or college, you will be considered as a “worthy candidate” by many recruiters from top MNCs.

    The Canadian education system is globally recognised, and also offers students a chance to get scholarships from their respective institutes. Following are some of the benefits you get with Canada study visa:

    1. You can study in Canada by paying a pocket-friendly fee.
    2. Students can get many opportunities to prove their innovative ideas and excellency.
    3. You might get a chance to become a permanent resident in Canada after completing your study there.
    4. Canada offers a great campus life to their students coming from other countries.
    5. This country has the best environment that is safe and healthy for everyone.
    6. You will also be allowed to work for 48 hours per week while studying as an international student.

    A Few Other Positive Points That Makes You Apply For A Canada Student Visa For Indian Includes:

    1. Showing Research Ideas To Your University: If you are an enthusiast and love to research new innovative ideas for your university, they will fully support you till the end. This will boost your mind as well as your career aspects in the future.
    2. Chances Of Getting A PR Immediately After Completing Your Study: Once you have completed your study in your respective college, you will surely get a chance to apply for the Express Entry or PNP programs to seek immigration immediately within the country.
    3. A Great Campus Life: While studying in Canada, you will explore a comforting campus environment, and cooperating faculty who are always there to help you with the best advice.
    4. Best Internship Opportunities: Canada also has a whole lot of internship opportunities for you that can enhance your resume and attract better jobs in the coming future. 
    5. Option Of Working While Studying: It is important for you to note that while pursuing your full-time course in Canada, you will also be allowed to work simultaneously in order to support yourself financially.

    What Should You Know About The Canada Study Visa Eligibility?

    By now, you must have understood how promising it is to get a study visa for Canada and pursue your higher education there. Right? After all, who would like to miss all the opportunities that come with this visa!

    Students seek study visas for Canada because it is the most hyped country for the same purpose. The reason for this is pretty obvious. Canada kindly and warmingly welcomes their foreign students by promising them a better quality of life. 

    No matter:

    1. who you are
    2. what your race is, and 
    3. where you are from

    Everyone is treated equally by them. This is because the cultural diversity, no race bias and equality to everyone is there. Hence, you must apply for the study visa as it is the only way to change your life afterwards! Province Immigration can help you plan your journey to abroad. We are here to assist you with the right guidance so that you will not be facing any issues regarding your study visa for Canada. All you require is an expert helping-hand and supervisory guidance to get your visa in less time. And that help is provided by our 50+ expert immigration consultants team.

    Before you start applying for the Canada student visa for Indian, it is very crucial for you to remember some of the things that we are going to discuss further without any delay.

    The first and the foremost thing for you to know is that applying for a study visa requires you to get a study permit for Canada. This can be considered as the first step for the Indian students.

    Now, Read The Given Points To Know Some Other Factors:

    1. International students who want to study in Canadian universities, colleges or any other educational institution must apply for their study permit.
    2. One thing to note is that if your chosen course is of more than 6 months duration, you need to apply for the Canada student visa for Indian.
    3. Once you get a student visa for Canada, it will be valid till the time of your course duration and additional 90 days after that.
    4. You must apply for a visitor visa or an electronic travel authorization (ETA) along with your study permit as you can only enter the Canadian boundary only if any of these are issued by the Canadian government.
    5. Study permit is not the same as a Canada study visa.
    6. With the study permit, you can enroll yourself in a Designated Learning Institute or DLI.
    7. It is important for you to carry all the documents before applying for a study permit.

      This was all about the Canada study permit requirements. Make sure to not skip any points in between.

    Let Take A Look At The Eligibility Criteria For Canada Student Visa:

    Applying for the student visa in Canada requires you to check the eligibility at first. 

    1. Educational Qualifications: It is a very basic thing to note that if you graduate in India, you must have a score of 50% from any recognized university under UGC or AICTE. This is necessary for the Indian students seeking study opportunities in Canada. Make sure to complete your graduation from a known university or college as it will positively affect your eligibility for study visa.


    2. If You Have A Year Gap: Canada doesn’t accept students who have a year gap in their graduation completion. It means that you must complete your graduation sincerely so that you will not have a year gap. Only then, you can apply for a Canada study visa from India. For instance, if you are enrolled in a 3 year degree course, it is mandatory for you to complete it within that duration. Similarly, if you are enrolled in a 4 year degree course, make sure to complete it in time.


    3. Backlogs In Your Graduation: Apart from a year gap, make sure that you are not having more than 10 backlogs in your graduation period. If you get more than 10 backlogs, you will not be able to apply for the Canada study visa from India.

    Top Courses In Canada For Students:


    Top Courses In Canada For Students
    1. MBA
    2. Masters
    3. Bachelor Of Technology
    4. Diploma
    5. Bachelors

    Steps To Follow For Staying Back In Canada And Applying For Post-Graduation Work Permit:

    1. The first Canada study visa eligibility is to apply in a course with a minimum duration of 8 months if you wish to stay in Canada after completing it.
    2. The second thing is if you do not pursue a 8 months duration degree in Canada, you cannot stay back there and will not be able to apply for post-graduation work permit.
    3. The criteria for post-graduation work permit is as follows:
    • Let us understand this with an example. Suppose that you are enrolled in a course of 8 months. This will allow you to apply for a post graduation work permit which is also of 8 months duration. Both of them will have equivalent duration
    • Another eligibility is that if you are enrolled in a 2 year Masters or Diploma, you will be eligible for the post graduation work permit of 3 years. This means a 2 year Masters/Diploma is equivalent to a 3 year post-graduation work permit.
    Requirements For Canada Study Visa From India:

    The following mentioned are some of the things that you will require for Canada study visa application:

    1. Valid Passport: First is to have a valid passport to apply for the study visa. You need to make sure that your passport is valid till the end of your course duration. After that, you cannot stay in Canada as your passport will expire. If you wish to stay back, you must begin the process of getting a new passport before 4 to 6 months of its expiry date.
    2. Copies Of Your 10th, 12th And Degree Certificate: It is crucial for you to carry copies of 10th and 12th standard along with your degree certificate. Make sure that you carry trustworthy copies and skip any fraud steps to apply for the study visa.
    3. Letter Of Recommendation: This one is also important for the graduate students. You must get a letter of appreciation from your respective college showing your greatest achievements during the completion of your degree in India.
    4. Employment References: You should also carry employment reference from your past company which will depict the duties and roles performed by you, including your job title and employment date.
    5. Statement Of Purpose (SOP): This will include the reasons why you want to study in Canada, your future plans, and why you chose a particular course. You will need to explain all of these points in your statement of purpose. This should be submitted while applying for a Canada study visa.
    6. Extracurricular Achievement Certificates: If you have gained any additional certificates in your graduation that will benefit you while applying for the study visa for Canada, you must carry it along.
    7. Acceptance Letter From Your Chosen Educational Institution In Canada: Do not forget to attach a proof of the acceptance letter from your Canadian educational institution.
    8. Payment Proof: Attach the documents of payment proof, so that it will not create any issue during your application process.
    9. Financial Funds Proof: You need to ensure that you have a good financial condition when applying for the Canada student visa for Indian.
    10. Passport Size Photos: Always carry your passport size photos as these will be required to be pasted on your Canada study visa from India.
    11. Study Permit And Visa: Once you have fulfilled all the above-mentioned Canada study permit requirements, officers will begin processing your study permit and visa application.
    12. English Language Proficiency: You will need to take language proficiency tests such as IELTS, PTE, TOEFL, and many others.
    13. Additional Documents: If there is any document required, your educational institution will inform you timely.
    Is It Possible To Have A Canada Study Visa Without IELTS?

    If you have reached here, you must have read all the information related to Canada student visa. Agree? And by this, we mean to say that you must be thinking that it is not at all possible for you to get a study visa for Canada without taking the IELTS exams.

    Province Immigration wants to clear this misconception of yours. Canada study visa without taking the IELTS exam is truly possible. We can guide you in this following a thorough process. Let us start with the basic concepts for you.

    What Is An IELTS Exam?

    First of all, IELTS’ full form is the International English Language Testing System. It is a basic exam to test your English language proficiency. It is a well-known exam and is used by a number of universities to check the English language eligibility of international students. It is accepted by Canadian universities as well as immigration authorities.

    How Can You Study In Canada Without IELTS?

    If you consider not taking the IELTS exam, you can go for other options. You may take the TOEFL exam as it is also considered by Canadian universities. You can easily study in Canadian institutions without taking IELTS. Even universities accepting IELTS scores will also accept you as their student.

    How To Achieve A Canada Study Visa Without IELTS?

    To get a study visa without IELTS for Canada, you may take English assessment test such as the following:

    1. TOEFL
    2. CAEL
    3. CAE/CPE
    4. CELPIP
    5. CanTEST

    We advise you to check the eligibility of your chosen university to analyze which exam they are accepting. Hence, you will be able to get a Canada study visa without IELTS.

    Why Hire Canada Study Visa Consultants To Help You?

    By now, you know that there are a lot of benefits of immigrating to Canada for your study. Once you get into Canada for study, you will be assigned points for: Language, Work and Education. Later on, after completing your study, you can apply for permanent residency in Canada. As we discussed before, being a student, you will also be allowed to work along with your full-time study. This will give you work experience and an additional point that will boost your CRS score.

    After you study, you can also apply for a post-graduation work permit which lasts from eight months to three years. During that period, you can either work full-time, part-time, or for any individual employer. Remember that, if you are an undergraduate, you need to have at least 5.5 bands in each part of IELTS. And if you are a graduate in India, you need to have at least 6.5 bands in each part of IELTS. IELTS includes four parts: Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking.

    One should not be in a hurry as the visa process takes time varying from country to country. But if someone applies for a study visa in Canada, they will get it within 20 days after the day of applying. This is because they are eligible for the Student Direct Stream (SDS).

    Immigration consultants have the ability to guide you from scratch if you ever get struck in applying for the Canada student visa. They will let you know the benefits and advantages of getting a Canada student visa for Indian

    Province Immigration has the best Canada study visa consultants who are always ready to help you using their experience and expertise.

    Why Choose Province Immigration As Your Canada Study Visa Consultants In Delhi?

    There are many benefits of choosing us as your Canada study visa consultants in Delhi. We will indeed help you in these ways:

    1. We Will Give You An Accurate Information Of The Canada Study Visa: By visiting Province Immigration, you will get a full detail about the study visa and other information related to it. If you are a newcomer to immigration world, and want to study in Canada, you should come and visit us to get in-depth information about the visa.
    2. We Will Tell Your Full Procedure Of Study Visa Application: Once you have understood about what Canada student visa is, we will move to the next step. In this, our immigration team will offer you a roadmap to the procedure of filling study visa application form. You will be informed about which documents you need to carry, what eligibility you must possess, and some other important details.
    3. You Will Get Your Canada Study Visa Within A Few Days: We are not sure about other companies, but with us, you will get your Canada study visa from India within a short duration. We assure that our services are fast, 100% trustworthy, and we have an experienced team.


    About Us!

    Province Immigration is the best choice for you if you wish to get a Canada study visa without any hassle. We have the best team of Canada study visa consultants who can help you right away. We have a team of 50+ immigration consultants who have years of experience as well as expertise in this field. Our company is the best-rated immigration services provider in Delhi, and we rank first in the competitors chart. Your Canada study visa from India can be easily done if you take our assistance right away. Once you have completed your education period, we will help you in settling down as a permanent resident in India. It means we will provide you assistance for a PR visa so that you can also live with your family there. Moreover, we offer different types of visas along with study visas like tourist visa, spouse visa, visitor visa, etc. We can help you immigrate to other countries such as Germany, Australia, USA, etc. To know more about services, take a look at our official website. You may contact us via phone (+91-9896196762) or email [email protected]. We are 24/7 available for you.

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