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What is a New Zealand Visitor Visa?

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    New Zealand Visitor Visa 2024

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    Having a New Zealand Visitor/Tourist Visa, one can visit their friends, and family, Enjoy amateur sports or adventure activities, and study for up to 3 months while on a visitor visa. Make sure that you have a valid passport and visa type for the trouble-free process for a New Zealand Visitor Visa. You can live for up to 9 months on a visitor visa.

    Eligibility Requirements for a New Zealand Tourist Visa

    If you fulfill the following, you will require a New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority (NZeTA) and not a Visitor Visa. 

    The immigration officer will see to that.

    • You are an Australian citizen
    • You can stay up to 6 months in New Zealand if you are a UK citizen
    • Citizens from Visa-Waiver agreement countries can stay in New Zealand for 3 months.

    Documents are Required for a New Zealand Visitor Visa

    The following documents are required by Indians to obtain a New Zealand Visitor Visa.

    • Duly completed (Form No. INZ 1017) New Zealand Visitor Visa Application Form.
    • Your valid passport
    • Proof of funds to sustain during your stay in New Zealand
    • A sponsorship form is required for Temporary Entry when a New Zealand resident is supporting you.
    • Proof of travel insurance. 

    Apply for a New Zealand Tourist Visa

    To apply for a New Zealand tourist visa, you need to prove and submit certain documents-

    • You should be in good health
    • Bear good character
    • Get a label on your passport or letter when your visitor visa is approved
    • The expiry date of the visa will be mentioned here
    • You will required another visa to stay back in New Zealand after that
    • A New Zealand Visitor visa is non-extendable. 

    Reasons for a New Zealand Visitor Visa Refusal 

    • Fail to meet the character requirements.
    • Circumstances have changed since you were granted the visa.
    • You refuse to provide permission for biometrics
    • You fail to provide evidence of the required funds or any onward travel according to the conditions of your Visitor Visa.

    New Zealand Visitor visa cost 

    Standard Processing

    USD 57

    Rushed Processing

    USD 77

    Super Rush Processing

    USD 97

    Processing Time for a New Zealand Tourist Visa 

    Average processing times for Visitor Visa (Holiday Visa) as per New Zealand immigration services statistics are as given below: 

    • 50% of Visitor Visa applications are completed within 76 days.
    • 75% of Visitor Visa applications are completed within 90 days.
    • 90% of Visitor Visa applications are completed within 120 days.

    Applying for a New Zealand Transit Visa

    • Complete the INZ 1019 Transit Visa Application form.
    • Give a copy of the page with the photo and details on the passport number.
    • Travel passes to the nation where you are legally permitted to enter.
    • Additional proof of any subsequent travel plans, if any.
    • Verified travel schedule with appropriate arrival and departure times to and from New Zealand.
    • any further proof or data proving your eligibility for a transit visa.

    List of Transit Visa Waiver Countries 





    Costa Rica










    Papua New Guinea

    Solomon Islands






    Federated States of Micronesia


    Republic of Marshall Islands

    Arriving in New Zealand 

    Once in New Zealand, you will need to apply for permission to enter the country. Fill out the arrival card you were given on traveling to New Zealand for this.

    In order to return to New Zealand, those wishing to travel in and out of the nation must present multiple entry travel requirements. Usually printed on the visa label or included in the visa letter, these travel visa paperwork and/or requirements.

    Arriving in New Zealand by Cruise Ship 

    Prior to embarking on any cruise that arrives in New Zealand, you must get a Visitor Visa or NZeTA.

    In addition, if you are flying into New Zealand to start a cruise, make sure you have the following.

    • If your nation is part of the Visa Waiver program, you will need to present a NZeTA certificate.
    • a visitor’s visa if you’re a foreign national.

    Only nationals of Australia and New Zealand will not need any of the two.

    • On arrival at the port in New Zealand, others on your cruise will be considered to have a Visitor Visa.
    • 28 days after you arrive at the first port of call or when the ship departs, your visa expires. 

    How Province Immigration Can Help You? 

    • Profile Evaluation: We check your profile history with the criteria for visa eligibility and advise you as to which visas you need to apply for. 
    • Resume Writing: We assist you in preparing a CV that attracts the attention of the relevant immigration authority. 
    • Obtaining documents: Assist you in gathering the paperwork required to apply for a visa. 
    • professional direction: We are always here to help you, whether it be with interview preparation, French/English classes, working samples for resumes and cover letters, or help with application forms, medical clearance certificates, or police clearance certificates.  
    • Dedicated Case Officer: Throughout the process, we provide individualized support and serve as the company’s primary point of contact.
    • Post-Landing Services: After you’ve gotten your visa, we assist you in settling down in the nation. These services are specially tailored to meet your needs. With Province Immigration, you can anticipate a one-stop solution for all of your visa needs, including profile evaluation, documentation, application preparation, and post-visa services.

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