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Manitoba PNP Program 2023

Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program – MPNP is one of Canada’s most popular provincial nominee programs, for immigrants who want to settle in the province of Manitoba. Through MPNP, you can live a PR in the province.

What are the different streams under Manitoba province Nominee Program?

There are fours streams under Manitoba PNP:

  • Skilled Worker in Manitoba 
  • Skilled Worker Overseas
  • International Education Stream
  • Business Investor Stream

Skilled Workers in Manitoba

Manitoba PNP’s Skilled Workers in Manitoba stream is designed to meet the needs of the Manitoba employers. Through this stream, the province can nominate foreign skilled workers with strong connections to the province for permanent residence.

Here is the minimum requirement to apply for provincial nomination through MPNP’s Skilled Workers in Manitoba:

  • Be a qualified temporary foreign worker OR a graduate international student
  • Have a permanent full-time job offer from their current employer in Manitoba
  • Have worked for their current employer in Manitoba continuously for at least six months
  • Hold a valid Work Permit or Post-Graduation Work Permit from IRCC
  • Have all qualifications for the position including training/education and any required license or certification
  • Have proficiency in the English language
  • Have a connection to Manitoba via employment that is stronger than ties they may have to another province  
  • Demonstrate in a Settlement plan their intention to live and work in the province
  • Show they have sufficient settlement funds.

There are two immigration pathways under this stream:

Manitoba Work Experience Pathway: This pathway is for skilled temporary workers and graduates in the province to apply for provincial nomination. 

Employer Direct Recruitment Pathway: For the skilled worker overseas who have a valid job offer from an eligible employer in Manitoba

Skilled Worker Overseas

MPNP’s Skilled Worker Overseas stream is for skilled workers with skills and training in Manitoba’s In-Demand occupations. 

There are two immigration pathways under this stream:

Manitoba Express Entry Pathway: This pathway allows express entry candidates to apply for provincial nomination. If an express entry candidate gets a provincial nomination certificate, they are awarded 600 Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points. These many CRS points are more than sufficient to get an ITA to apply for a Canada PR Visa.

Human Capital Pathway: This pathway is for international skilled workers with skills, training, and experience in one of Manitoba’s In-Demand Occupations. They have to show the potential to find employment soon after they arrive in the province.

International Education Stream

This stream is for recent graduates from Manitoba to apply for permanent residency through a provincial nomination.

There are three immigration pathways under this stream:

Career Employment Pathway: International graduates from a recognized educational institution of the province can apply through this pathway for a provincial nomination

Graduate Internship Pathway: This pathway is for Manitoba international graduates of a Master’s or Doctoral (Ph.D.) who then complete an internship that contributed to innovation in Manitoba’s industries.

Student Entrepreneur Pathway: This pathway is aimed at recent international graduates from Manitoba institutions who want to start their own business in the province.

Business Investor Stream

MPNP Business Investor Stream is for experienced entrepreneurs around the world who want to run their own business or buy an existing one in the province. 

There are two immigration pathways under this stream:

Entrepreneur Pathway: This pathway is for immigrants who want to run a business in the province. Applicants are initially given a temporary work permit. They are offered PR status, after having created a company that meets the conditions of a Business Performance Agreement (BPA). 

Farm Investor Pathway: This pathway is for experienced investors and entrepreneurs who want to purchase or start a farm in the province.

What is the Manitoba PNP (MPNP) EOI system?

An Expression of Interest (EOI) is an online profile that will be submitted together with the profiles of the other eligible candidates in a pool and is valid for one year. Your EOI profile will be awarded points based on the answers you provide. The highest-scoring EOI profile will be then invited to submit their application for a provincial nomination through a frequently held round of invitations.

How to calculate your MPNP points?

The following MPNP points assessment grid is applicable for Skilled Workers in Manitoba, Skilled Worker Overseas, and International Education Stream. 

Points are awarded based on the following factors:

  • Language Proficiency
  • Age
  • Work Experience
  • Education
  • Adaptability

The following tables will help you to evaluate your application for Manitoba provincial nomination:

Language Proficiency

First Official Language

CLB Level


8 or higher










3 or lower


Second Official Language

For CLB level 5 or higher (overall) – 25 points


Age (In years)


















50 or older


 Work Experience

Work Experience (In years)










4 or more


Fully Recognized by the provincial licensing body


Educational Qualifications

Educational Qualifications


Master’s or Doctorate


Two post-secondary programs of at least two years each


One post-secondary program of three years or longer


One post-secondary program of two years 


One year post-secondary program


Trade Certification


No post-secondary education



Adaptability Factors


Close relative in Manitoba


Previous authorized work experience in Manitoba (six months or more)


Previous work experience in Manitoba (at least six months)


Completed post-secondary program of two years or more in Manitoba


Completed post-secondary program of at least one year in Manitoba


Friend or distant relative living in Manitoba


Ongoing employment in Manitoba for six months or more with a long-term job offer from the same employer


Invitation to Apply under a Strategic Initiative


Bonus: Intention to reside outside Winnipeg



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What are the occupations In-Demand in Manitoba Province?

MPNP regularly updates its list of occupations that are categorized as “in-demand” in Manitoba. Many professions on the request list are limited to specific MPNP skill streams, and applicants must meet the specific criteria and requirements for one of the specific streams. Applicants working in a profession in demand will be given priority when drawing EOI.

What is the process to apply for Manitoba PNP?

To apply for provincial nominations under Manitoba PNP, candidates have to create their profile in Manitoba’s Expression of Interest (EOI) system. To get a Canada PR visa via Manitoba’s provincial nominee program (MPNP) there are three steps that a candidate needs to follow:

Step 1: The candidate has to make an Expression of Interest (EOI) in immigrating to the province by answering a series of questions and creating an online profile. Profiles of the candidates are then given a score based on the answers and then get placed in the Manitoba EOI pool with other eligible candidates. Points are awarded to the candidates out of a maximum of 1000 points. How these points are awarded will be discussed later. 

Step 2: Based on the points, the highest-scoring candidate will be invited to apply to the MPNP. They will receive a Letter of Advice to Apply (LAA). Once after receiving LAA, the candidate will have only 60 days to submit a complete and accurate application to the province of Manitoba

Step 3: After receiving the nomination from the province, a candidate then submits their complete application with a proper set of documents to IRCC and applied for Canadian permanent residence.

Once you get your provincial nomination as an express entry program candidate, your CRS score gets a major boost of 600 points. Check your updated score with our CRS calculator.


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