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Canada PR For Chef

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    Canada PR For Chef

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    Are you a Chef and want to move to Canada to pursue more growth in your career? We can help. In this article, we will help you to know all the things you need to immigrate to Canada as a chef.

    Over the years Canada has slowly increased the number of jobs available for skilled chefs. As Canada has people from all around the world, they have every type of cuisine imaginable like Mexican, Middle Eastern, Indian, Peruvian, Filipino, Chinese, and more. 

    Currently, there are more than 4,575 jobs in Canada for cooks in 2021 especially in the provinces of British Columbia, Quebec, Alberta, Ontario, and Saskatchewan!

    What is the average salary of a Chef in Canada?

    As a novice cook, with just a few years of experience, you can earn a respectable amount of $ 28,000 per year. With five or more years of experience, you can earn $ 31,000 per year.

    Of course, some places pay cooks better than others. Here are some of the cities where you can earn the most in your profession.

    There are two major cities in Canada that pay cooks 15% more than the national average of CAD 29,664 per year – Calgary and Edmonton, which means a chef can get CAD 34,113 per year in these cities!

    The City of Regina offers you at least 10% more than the national average of $ 32,624 and working in Toronto makes it easy for you to earn $ 32,032 a year!

    What is the NOC Code for Chef?

    What is NOC 6322? The NOC is the National Occupational Classification for chef. Canada uses it to organize job titles under certain level categories. To help you understand if your job can be classified as a cook, here are some of the titles it can fall under:

    • Apprentice cook;
    • Cook;
    • Dietary cook;
    • First cook;
    • Grill cook;
    • Hospital cook
    • Institutional cook;
    • Journeyperson cook;
    • Licensed cook;
    • Line cook;
    • Second cook; and
    • Short order cook

    Here are some of the duties of a Chef in Canada:

    • Supervise and direct preparation for the food and all the activities related to cooking in restaurant chains, establishments, or hospitals with food services
    • Coordinate with the clients about the banquets, weddings, and special functions
    • Devis the menu and make sure to meet the food quality standards
    • Estimate food requirements and can estimate food and labor costs
    • Supervises the specialist chefs, sous-chef, and cooks 
    • Organize equipment purchases and repairs
    • Recruit and hire staff
    • Must be prepared to cook food regularly or for function or special guests

    How to move to Canada as a Chef?

    Of course, there is a lot more to consider when applying for a visa, as Canada has over 70 different immigration streams, programs, and categories.

    Express Entry program

    If you want to immigrate to Canada as a chef, you should apply for a Canada PR Visa through the Federal Skilled Trades Program.

    Under this program, you can immigrate in less than three months. But of course, there are certain requirements that you need to meet. First of all, you need to:

    • Have a minimum two years of work experience as a chef;
    • Have obtained at least a 5 in the Canadian language proficiency level for speaking and listening, and a 4 for writing and reading;
    • Have a valid job offer from an eligible employer of the country for a minimum of one year;
    • Have at least passed high school and have an ECA (Educational Credential Assessment);
    • Have obtained a sufficiently high score on the CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) to obtain an invitation to apply;
    • Have a clear criminal record;
    • Have minimum settlement funds to support yourself; and
    • Be in good health, which can be proven by a medical examination

    Another program that you can use to apply to Canada as a cook is the British Columbia Skilled Worker Express Entry program. This program is designed for NOC B-level jobs. Applicants must have at least two years of valid work experience and be qualified in their profession to use this program.

    You should also make sure that you meet all the basic requirements for one of the federal immigration programs and that you have sufficient funds to apply. If you are applying as a single applicant, you must have at least CAD 23,659 in your account if you are immigrating anywhere in the province outside of Alberta.

    In case you’re moving to Canada with your partner/ spouse, you need to have at least CAD 29,087 to show the government that you can support yourself for your move to Canada. You will most likely be asked to produce a bank statement when you apply to prove it. Please note that overdrafts or loans are not considered sufficient funds.

    Minimum work experience requirement

    You need a minimum of two years of valid work experience to apply. This means that the work experience should be for paid work, not as an intern or unpaid volunteer.

    Also, make sure that your work experience is within the last five years of your application, or you will miss out on the requirements.

    Minimum language skills requirement

    To practice as a chef in Canada, it is mandatory to meet the minimum language requirements. You can take two main language exams. As an English speaker, you must apply for the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) or as a French speaker for the TEF (Evaluation Test).

    These tests are used to measure your ability to speak, listen, write and read. Just make sure to select the general test option for these exams, as the academic option will not be accepted for immigration purposes.

    The language test is valid for a minimum of two years. Make sure you submit your application within the allotted time or you will need to reapply when you apply for Canadian immigration.

    Provincial Nominee Program

    The Provincial Nominee Program is an easy approach for applicants with a lower IELTS band score. This program allows Canadian provinces to select people interested in settling in a particular province. Applicants who meet the requirements established by their respective governments can easily apply and get an invitation to apply for a Canadian PR visa.

    What are the provinces with Chef in-demand?

    It makes total sense to settle in a province where chefs are an in-demand profession.

    Some of the provinces with the most vacancies for cooks are:

    • British Columbia
    • Quebec
    • Alberta
    • Ontario
    • Saskatchewan

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