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Canada PR For Doctors

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    Canada PR For Doctors

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    Are you a qualified physician who graduated outside of Canada? Looking to make one of Canada’s thirteen provinces or territories your new home? Now you can!

    How to immigrate to Canada as a doctor?

    As per a recent update, physicians are in high demand in Canada and are listed on the Canadian TEER Code 31102. Qualified physicians are eligible for full permanent residence under the Federal Skilled Worker Immigration Program on a federal appointment basis and under Provincial Nomination Program. Due to the labor shortage in the healthcare sector, the Canadian government has started planning for programs other than express entry programs.

    What are the minimum requirements to move to Canada as a Doctor?

    To immigrate to Canada as a physician, you must already be a licensed physician in your home country. In addition, to immigrate to Canada as a doctor, you will need to demonstrate that you are qualified to the same level as a person qualified and working as a doctor in Canada

    What are the simple steps to be a doctor in Canada?

    Following are steps if you want to immigrate to Canada as a doctor from India.

    1. Check if your profile is matching with TEER code requirement
    2. Check for eligibility points under FSWP and PNP
    3. Complete Educational credential assessment through the Medical Council Of Canada (MCC)
    4. Appear for the IELTS exam
    5. Creation of Express Entry Application
    6. Receive an Invitation to Apply from the Canadian Government
    7. Submit the required document and received Confirmation of Permanent Residency.

    What Documents are required to immigrate as a doctor to Canada ?

    Applicants has to provide many documents related to Qualification, Work Experience , Internship etc.

    • Working hour report
    • All marksheets
    • Internship Certificate
    • Appointment Letter
    • Experience letter
    • Salary Slips
    • Supporting documents
    • Medical Clearance Certificate and Police Clearance certificate
    • Proof of Funds
    • Bank certificates etc.

    The degree Verification process for doctors to immigrate to Canada?

    To practice as a doctor degree verification and an educational credential report are mandatory. To get a credential equivalency report applicant must apply to the Medical Council of Canada ( MCC). All transcripts, Degree Certificates, Internship Certificates, Work Experience reference letters, etc . are to be submitted to MCC for Verification.

    After Verification candidate has to secure a report from

    What are visa programs available for doctors to immigrate to Canada?

    There are many programs available to migrate as a healthcare professional. The earlier Canadian government announced that doctors can also apply under Express Entry Program. The express entry system is the fastest way to get permanent residency in Canada. Under express Entry, multiple programs are classified –

    1. Federal Skilled Worker Program:
      To get eligible for the FSWP program, the applicant must score 67 points as per the eligibility point grid. These points are calculated on the basis of Age, Education, Work Experience, English Language ability, and other human skill factors. FSWP allow candidates to take their families along with them.
      Under FSWP program candidates are selected through selection system called Comprehensive Ranking System . FSWP is fastest program to settle and work in any province of Canada .
    2. Provincial Nomination Program –
      Candidates can apply under the PNP program as well to get a PR visa to Canada. PNP is a state nomination-based program, Where candidates need to submit applications to a particular province as per eligibility requirements. Almost every province has a demand for healthcare professionals.
      For example – Nova Scotia has a separate PNP program for doctors.
    3. Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program:
      AIP is a pilot program and was launched to fulfill the labor shortage gap in the Canadian market. Under this program, a designated employer can hire any professional with an LMIA letter. The total processing time under this program is almost 6 months.
      For doctors, a prior license is required to get a job under this program.

    What are the costs involved to practice as a doctor in Canada?

    To migrate as a doctor to Canada from India and to receive a licence in Canada to work as a doctor involves multiple costs . Which are stated as follows-

    • ECA Fee – CAD 220
    • ECA Report ( To be taken from ) – CAD 137
    • Application Fee for MCCQUE part I – CAD 1375
    • Right To PR fee – CAD 550
    • Visa Application Fee – CAD 850
    • National Assessment Collaboration (NAC ) Examination application Fee – CAD 305

    All candidates have to a one-time, non-refundable account fee of $310 to set up a account. This fee covers-Storage of your medical credentials in a centralized electronic system and Secure document sharing with Canadian Medical Regulatory Authorities (MRAs) and other related organisations. This also facilitates Access to MCC support to guide you through the verification process.

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