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Apply for Canada PR Visa on your Own

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    Apply for Canada PR Visa on Your Own

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    Are you ready to apply for permanent residence (PR) in Canada? Here are some tips for preparing your PR Canada application to submit to Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) on your own.

    Steps to apply for Canada PR Visa on your Own from India

    The following tips apply to all types of Canada PR immigration programs that include Express Entry Programs, Provincial Nominee Programs, and Family Class Programs.

    Canada Visa , Holding 2 Canadian passport

    Identify the immigration program for you

    Canada offers many immigration programs in its three main categories (economic, family, refugee, and humanitarian). Some programs are point-based, some are not. Some immigration programs operate on a first-come, first-served basis, while other programs do not. Some programs require a sponsor, some do not. And some programs stay open all the time, some don’t.

    Have you thoroughly researched which Canadian immigration program is for you? Do you have more than one option and, if so, which will you pursue? Make sure you know the best path for you before diving.

    Consider getting advice from the experts

    The first step above can be daunting, there is no doubt, and it is important to note that it is possible to complete the Canada PR visa application on your own. However, help is always available. Province immigration can answer your questions, explain the process in detail and, if you wish, provide representation on your behalf with Canadian Immigration authorities. ‘immigration.

    Gather documents in advance, even if you haven't been asked to submit them yet

    As part of your PR Canada application, IRCC will ask you to provide certain documents. Some documents may take several months to obtain. Therefore, if you wait to be formally solicited, this may delay things unnecessarily.

    An example is the police background check. Law enforcement agencies in some countries typically issue these background checks within weeks or even days, with little or no hassle. On the other hand, some countries are quite slow in performing these background checks, and it can take a while, possibly months, for the document(s) to be issued. Depending on your situation, you may also want to think about professional reference letters, marital documents, and other documents that may take some time to gather and get things done before being requested.

    Cross-check your application

    Some Canada PR visa applications are delayed or rejected not because the applicant was ineligible, but because the applicant failed to read instructions, confirm a hypothesis, or address a concern. This risk can be mitigated if you review the material, check (and check and check again) the document checklist, and have your concerns addressed by someone who can provide answers.

    Follow your checklist

    There is no single checklist for Canadian immigration. During your Canada PR visa application, IRCC will provide a specific checklist based on your particular situation and the immigration program to which you are applying. Hiring us will provide you with the perfect Canada PR Visa application checklist that has been generated based on your particular situation, and you must follow each item.

    Be accurate on your Canada PR Visa application

    IRCC expects you to provide the documents required for Canada PR Visa. In case you can not provide the right set of documents, IRCC expects that you provide the right explanations (often in the form of a letter of explanation, plus some supporting documentation, if available). Be complete and specific, especially when explaining why certain documents may not be submitted as requested.

    Keep track of the expiry dates

    Check the expiration dates of the following documents, some or all of which may be required for your PR Canada application:

    • Passport
    • Work permit/study permit
    • Police background checks
    • Bank statements
    • Language test results
    • Invitation to apply
    • Medical assessment

    If you have trouble keeping track of everything, consider setting up a system of reminders or alerts for yourself via a calendar or similar. This will help you stay on top of your application.

    Do not leave gaps in time

    IRCC may want to know where you went, why you went there and when you went there – and that’s only for the holidays. You may also be required to provide detailed employment and education history. Time discrepancies are likely to be noticed and questioned, and therefore such discrepancies may delay or impede your overall Canada PR visa application. Create a timeline of 10 years of your life and make sure there are no gaps. It can be laborious, but it is possible. You probably have a record of much of your activity through routes and email archives, so these are good starting points.

    Note: Check your passport stamps if you’re unsure of the exact dates you entered or left a country.

    Keep updating IRCC of any change

    Did a new member join your family after you submitted your PR Canada application? It can be a newborn or a spouse, for example. Would you like this person to accompany you to Canada? If this is the case, it is important to follow the necessary procedure with IRCC.

    Have you changed your address? Completed a higher level of education? Divorced or separated? If so, keep IRCC informed of developments as your application is processed.

    Do not lie on your application

    Not even a little lie. Lies can kill your chances, even if you don’t get caught right away. Lying on your PR Visa application is termed as “misrepresentation” and can also have criminal consequences.

    Take the Express Entry system, for example. If an Express Entry applicant is found to have provided false information in the Express Entry pool, they may be banned from re-entering the pool, or even entering Canada, for five years. This five-year ban can apply to a person who lied on any immigration application. Therefore, it is extremely important to provide accurate and correct information from the outset.

    If you are found to have obtained permanent residence by fraudulent means, including misrepresenting the facts on your application, the government has the option of revoking your status.

    Keep copies of your documents

    Whether in physical or electronic form, it’s a good idea to keep copies of your submitted documents and forms. For Express Entry applicants, you can take screenshots of the different pages of your profile as you go through the process before submitting the PR Canada application. For common-law or spousal sponsorship applicants, you can keep photocopies of the documents you submit to prove your relationship. You never know when you might need to refer to certain aspects of your application, so it’s always handy to have copies of everything stored securely in physical and/or electronic form. Your scanner is your friend.

    Keep in touch with other applicants

    You are not the first person to apply for immigration to Canada and you will not be the last. There are currently thousands of other applicants in similar positions, all striving to make Canada their new permanent home.

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