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Dubai visitor visa

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    Dubai visitor visa

    One of the well-known tourist attractions in the globe in 2023 is Dubai. In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), it is well renowned for its exceptional lifestyle and rich cultural heritage. Millions of tourists from all over the world come to Dubai each year and enjoy an amazing time there.

    Every year, more people are becoming interested in travelling to Dubai. Furthermore, the largest foreign source market for arrivals in Dubai continues to be India. Over 2 million Indian tourists comprised the 16 million foreign visitors who came to Dubai for vacation last year.

    Know about Dubai visitor visa

    You must get a Visit Visa if you are a non-citizen planning a trip to Dubai. You can spend your free time in this renowned UAE city with this visa.

    This is a temporary visa. After 30 or 90 days, you’ll be expected to depart the country. However, it is possible to change the UAE Visit Visa into a work or residency permit.

    What are the Types of Dubai Visit Visas?

    Visit visas come in two primary types.

    90-Day Extended Stay Visa

    • A non-renewable visa that is valid for 60 days after it is issued
    • Visa that is non-renewable and is valid for 90 days after the date of entry

    30-day Temporary Visitor Visa

    • A non-renewable visa that is valid for 30 days after it is issued
    • A non-renewable visa that is valid for 30 days from the date of entry

    Dubai Transit Visa

    Transit visa types must be reviewed and accepted before departing for the UAE. They are sponsored by airlines with operations in the UAE. This category’s visas cannot be renewed.

    Two kinds of UAE Transit Visas are issued by the UAE government.

    • 48-Hour Visa: There is no charge for this visa.
    • 96-Hour Visa: This requires payment of 50 AED and is not a free visa.

    Eligibility criteria for Dubai Visa

    If you intend to go to Dubai, you should be able to satisfy the following requirements for eligibility:

    • You should be accompanied if you are under 21 years old by an immediate relative, such as your parents or older siblings.
    • All female travellers,regardless of gender, should travel with their father, adult brother, spouse, adult son, or a close family.

      Note: Travelling insurance is mandatory for travellers.


    Documents required for Dubai visitor visa

    When applying for a Dubai Visit Visa, you must be quite particular about all the documentation you submit.

    Any submission failure might result in obstacles for your application.

    • It is necessary to submit an application form with all necessary information completed.
    • Must be able to supply copies of the sponsor’s and their family members’ passports.
    • It should be possible for you to present official documentation attesting to your connection if you are sponsoring your husband or partner.
    • The birth certificates of the children you are supporting ought to be available.
    • Identity documents
    • Photograph 
    • Provide employer and salary statements, among other documents, if you are employed.
    • Cover letter outlining the reason for your visit and how long you plan to stay.
    • Proof of funds

    Apply for a Dubai Tourist Visa

    Steps to apply for Dubai Tourist Visa

    • Step 1: Fill the Tourist Visa application form.
    • Step 2: Attach valid photos for the application form.
    • Step 3: Take a print of the application form and put your signature from the specified location.
    • Step 4: Need to provide all valid documents for your visa application process.
    • Step 5: Submit your application form to the UAE Visa Processing Centre with the required amount of fees.
    • Step 6: Once you are done with application submission, you can check the status online.

    Cost for a Dubai visitor visa

    Visa Type

    New UAE Visa Fees (INR)

    30 Days Tourist Visa


    48 Hours Transit Visa


    96 Hours Transit Visa


    90 Days Tourist Visa


    Express Tourist Visa


    Express 48 Hours Transit Visa


    Express 96 Hours Transit Visa


    90 Days Multiple Entry Long-Term Visa


    30 Days Multiple Entry Short-Term Visa


    Cancellation Charges


    Processing time for Dubai visitor visa

    For all visa classes, the standard processing period is 72 hours or three working days in the UAE. But Friday, Saturday, and any UAE holiday cannot be included in these three working days.

    Additionally, the status that is received from the UAE Security Department may have an impact on the processing time.

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    How Province Immigration Can Help You?

    • Profile Evaluation: We check your particular profile history with the criteria for visa eligibility and advise you as to which visas you need to apply for. 
    • Resume Writing: We assist you in preparing a CV that attracts the attention of the relevant immigration authority. 
    • Obtaining documents: Assist you in gathering the paperwork required to apply for a visa. 
    • professional direction: We are always here to help you, whether it be with interview preparation, French/English classes, working samples for resumes and cover letters, or help with application forms, medical clearance certificates, or police clearance certificates.  
    • Dedicated Case Officer: Throughout the process, we provide you with individualized support and serve as the company’s primary point of contact.
    • Post-Landing Services: After you’ve gotten your visa, we assist you in settling down in the nation. These services are specially tailored to meet your needs. With Province Immigration, you can anticipate a one-stop solution for all of your visa needs, including profile evaluation, documentation, application preparation, and post-visa services


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