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Canada Quebec skilled worker program

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    Canada Quebec skilled worker program

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    Quebec Skilled Worker Program 2024

    Quebec is one of the ten Canadian provinces with the second largest population after Ontario. There is only one official language in QuebecFrench. Quebec’s economy has one of the highest growth rates of gross domestic product (GDP) in Canada. To sustain this rate, Quebec needs to meet the demands of its local labor market and invite skilled immigrants who can help in the province’s economic growth.

    Like any other province in Canada, Quebec does not have any Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). IRCC – Immigration, Refugees & Citizenship Canada has given Quebec autonomous rights for immigration. If any skilled immigrants want to move to Quebec and live as permanent residents they have to apply through Quebec Skilled Worker Program.

    Key Highlights:

    What is the Quebec Skilled Worker Program?

    Quebec Skilled Worker Program – QSWP is for all skilled immigrants who want to live in Quebec as permanent residents. 

    There are two simple steps to becoming a permanent resident in Quebec: 

    • Get a Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ). A CSQ signifies that provinces have selected the holder to become a permanent resident. 

    With a CSQ, you can submit your application for a Canadian PR Visa to IRCC.

    What are the minimum requirements for Quebec immigration?

    Like other immigration programs in Canada, QSWP is also a point-based immigration program. Only the candidates who meet the minimum points requirements are then invited.

    If you are applying as a single applicant, minimum 50 points are required. If applying with a spouse or common-law partner, 59 points is the minimum points requirement.

    Now, these points are awarded based on the selection factors in the Quebec Points calculator. These factors are:

    Selection Factors

    Maximum Points

    Educational Qualification


    Area of Training


    Validated Employment Offer


    Work experience




    Language Proficiency


    Stay and family in the province


    Spouse/Common-law partner Characteristics


    Presence of Accompanying Children


    Financial Self-sufficiency


    Note: Candidates must get a single point for Financial Self-sufficiency to be eligible for the process.

    How to immigrate to Quebec as a skilled worker from India?

    The very first step for Quebec immigration is to register an Expression of Interest (EOI) in the province’s online portal – Arrima. 

    What is an Expression of Interest?

    The expression of Interest (EOI) system was introduced on August 2, 2018, to help streamline the process of applying under QSWP. To start their process, candidates have to show their intention to live in the province by submitting their EOI.

    Quebec’s provincial government has provided the applicant with different types of portals. These portals act as the gateway for the applicants to apply for permanent residency. These immigration portals are as follows:

    Arrima portal

    Arrima was introduced by Quebec’s immigration ministry – MIDI in September 2018. Candidates are required to submit their EOI through the Arrima portal. This online portal is open for the whole year. 

    Mon Projet Quebec

    The other way to apply for QSWP is through Mon Projet Quebec. This portal is different from Arrima as it gives the candidates with the following different features:

    • Complete their application for CSQ
    • Make payments online
    • Check their application status
    • Make changes to the application
    • Access electronic messaging throughout the process

    What are the documents required for QSWP?

    To apply for QSWP, a candidate is required to submit the following set of documents with their application:

    • Financial Self-Sufficiency contract (Quebec immigration form A-0522-OA)
    • A birth certificate
    • A valid passport 
    • Passport-sized photos of all accompanying family members
    • A certified true copy of all completed internship agreements 
    • Proof of work experience as a self-employed person or contractor
    • Parental consent  for a child below 18 years of age if moving to Canada without their parents
    • French language test result: TEF, TEFAQ, TEF Canada, TCF, TCFQ, DELF or DALF
    • English language test result: IELTS
    • A certified copy of the candidate’s income tax returns

    At the time of writing, PR applications for the Quebec Skilled Worker Program take approximately 16 months. Keep in mind that processing times are approximate and are constantly changing. At the end of this estimated processing time, if you’re lucky, you should become a PR from Canada.

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