UK Standard Visitor Visa

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    UK Standard Visitor Visa

    An applicant may stay in the UK for up to 6 months with the UK standard visitor visa often known as a UK tourist visa.

    This visa is for those who want to travel to the United Kingdom for tourism, visiting family friends, business, and medical treatment. 

    As per the UK government, the standard visitor visa has been replaced;

    • Family visitor visa
    • General visitor visa
    • Child visitor visa
    • Business visitor visa
    • Sports visitor visa
    • Entertainer visitor visa
    • Prospective entrepreneur visa
    • Private medical treatment visitor visa
    • Approved destination status (ADS) visa

    Documents required for the UK tourist visa

    Here are the required documents for the UK tourist visa;

    • Application form for UK tourist visa (form VAF1A)
    • 2 recent photograph
    • Valid passport
    • Proof of funds
    • Your last 10 years of travel history
    • Letter of invitation ( If Applicable)
    • Biometrics
    • Fee receipt
    • Language skill certificate
    • Medical certificate

    How to apply for a UK standard visitor visa

    How to apply for a UK standard visitor visa

    Step-by-step process for a UK standard visitor visa

    • Step1: Check whether you need a visa for the UK or not
    • Step2: Choose the right visa type to begin the process
    • Step3: get the online application form completed
    • Step4: Gather all important documents  to submit
    • Step5: Schedule an appointment for the UK visa
    • Step6: Attend the visa interview

    Check Your Eligibility

      Cost of UK standard visitor visa

      The cost of a UK standard visitor visa is £95. The long-term standard visa fee depends on your length of stay.

      UK Standard Visitor Visa Application Fees:

      Visa Type



      Standard Visitor Visa

      6 Months


      Long-Term Standard Visitor Visa

      2 Years


      Long-Term Standard Visitor Visa

      5 Years


      Long-Term Standard Visitor Visa

      10 Years


      Processing time for the UK standard visitor visa

      The UK standard visitor visa comes within 3 weeks of attending the appointment at the visa application center.

      Eligibility Criteria for a UK Visitor Visa

      When submitting an application for the following, you must be able to provide the UK Visa and Immigration Officer with proof of the following:

      Regular UK standard visitor visa 

      To apply for a regular UK standard visitor visa you need to convince the immigration officer about the following;

      • You will be leaving the country by the end of the trip
      • Capable of supporting yourself while staying in the UK
      • You can pay for your onward or return journey
      • Purpose of visiting the UK

      Long-term UK standard visitor visa

      • You will only need this to come to the UK for a visit like on holiday, to attend a meeting, or to see family.
      • You will leave the country at the end of each visit

      UK standard visitor visa as an academic 

      You need to prove that you are highly qualified in your field.

      Visiting the UK upon an invitation letter while on sabbatical leave from the home university.

      • You ought to engage in an official conversation with your colleague in the UK
      • You ought to do your research
      • Alternatively, you ought to participate in the clinical work, teaching, or research of others. However, this shouldn’t entail hiring a teacher on a long-term basis

      UK standard visitor visa for private medical treatment

      You should be able to prove that-

      • You need private medical care or consultation in the UK for a medical condition you have
      • You have either made or paid for the consultation or treatment
      • You can support yourself without acquiring public funding
      • Payment for your subsequent or return trip is available
      • After the course of treatment is over or your visa expires, you will depart the UK.

      UK standard visitor visa as an organ donor

      • You are a family member and genetically belong to the recipient
      • You have a close personal relationship with the recipient.

      UK transit visa

      If you are not from the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland and want to depart the UK  in less than 48 hours, you can apply for a visitor-in-transit visa.

      • If you want to bypass UK Immigration control, you can apply for a direct airside transit visa.
      • However, you will need to make a distinction between the two if you intend to pass through UK border control.

      Marriage visitor visa

        • This type of visitor visa allows you to get married in the United Kingdom.
        • Register a civil partnership or get married in the UK 
        • Give notice of a civil partnership or marriage in the UK. 
        • Not stay or settle in the UK after marriage or civil partnership

      Check Your Eligibility

        How Province Immigration Can Help You?



        • Profile Evaluation: We check your particular profile history with the criteria for visa eligibility and advise you as to which visas you need to apply for. 
        • Obtaining documents: Assist you in gathering the paperwork required to apply for a visa. 
        • professional direction: We are always here to help you, whether it be with interview preparation, French/English classes, working samples for resumes and cover letters, or help with application forms, medical clearance certificates, or police clearance certificates.  
        • Dedicated Case Officer: Throughout the process, we provide you with individualized support and serve as the company’s primary point of contact.
        • Post-Landing Services: After you’ve gotten your visa, we assist you in settling down in the nation. These services are specially tailored to meet your needs. With Province Immigration, you can anticipate a one-stop solution for all of your visa needs, including profile evaluation, documentation, application preparation, and post-visa services.

        Important Faqs

        How long can you stay?

        Generally, your stay in the UK might last up to six months.

        You may be allowed to extend your stay if:

        • You are traveling to the UK to receive up to 11 months of private medical care (£190 cost).
        • As an academic on sabbatical, you and your spouse or civil partner may be permitted to stay in the UK for up to a year with a £190 cost for research.
        • You must apply for a biometric residence permit if you want to stay in the UK for more than six months as an academic or to obtain private medical care.

        If you are a Chinese national visiting under the Approved Destination Status (ADS) Agreement, you may be eligible to get a visitation visa for a maximum of 30 days.

        What are the general reasons for refusal of the UK visitor visa?

        The entry clearance officials would conduct a background investigation prior to allowing admission into the UK. The officers evaluate your application based on a number of variables. You will undoubtedly be turned down if you don't pass the verification.

        Here are some common reasons for rejection:

        • Invented Information
        • Theft and Forgeries
        • Inability to Participate
        • Refusal to Provide Material Information
        • Criminal Past
        • Medical Reasons
        • Travel Ban; Bad Immigration History; Threat to National Security; Exclusion for the Public Good, etc.
        Can I use the UK Standard Visitor visa for business purposes and extend it if required?

        As per the terms of your visa, you are permitted to engage in any business activity in the UK. The UK Standard Visitor Visa may also be partially extended in certain circumstances.

        Do Indians require a UK Standard Visitor visa to enter Great Britain?

        Indeed, they do. An Indian national who intends to go to the UK for a brief period of time—for vacation, to see family, for medical care, etc.—will require a UK tourist visa. You are unable to enter the UK if your visa is not valid.

        Is it easy for Indians to get a UK tourist visa?
        • Obtaining an Indian visitor visa to the UK is not difficult. The United Kingdom urges tourists to make full use of their trip there. The UK government keeps enhancing its visa services in light of the increasing number of Indian visitors to the country each year.
        What you can and cannot do with the UK Standard Visitor visa?

        One may:

        • participate in any business-related activity included in the Visitor Rules study for a maximum of 30 days, provided that it isn't your primary purpose for coming.
        • participate in an educational tour or exchange program (if you are under 18).
        • transform your civil union into a marriage while traveling through the UK (on your route to another country)

        One cannot:

        • work with pay or without pay
        • reside in the UK for extended periods of time by making regular trips there
        • obtain government funding
        • marry, register a civil partnership, or notify someone of a civil partnership or marriage

        To find out more about what you may and cannot do with a Standard Visitor visa, see the guidelines.