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    Immigration is the process where a citizen of one country moves to a foreign country with the intention of working and settling there. In the past years people have been immigrating to other countries from India in search of better employment opportunities and quality of life.

    Why should you consider migrating?

    There are several reasons why people consider migrating a great option. Some of them are listed below:

      • Better employment opportunities
      • Educational purpose
      • Escape violent environment
      • Environmental factors
      • To reunite with family
      • Better future for you and your family
      • Free healthcare for family and self
      • International citizenship
      • Live in a multicultural society

    What are the various benefits of immigrating to another country?

    Immigration is a great alternative for countries who are having various problems such as shortage in the labour market, deal with the ageing population, lower economy rate, etc. Benefit is universal when someone plans to immigrate, it is for the country you are moving to, the country you are moving from and for yourself. Other benefits may include:

    1. Better skilled workforce
    2. Increased demand and growth
    3. Increased government revenues
    4. Solves the problem of skills shortage
    5. Flexibility in the labour market
    6. Multi-cultural society

    As mentioned earlier, benefits are for both countries as the remittance sent to the origin country adds up to the country’s economy.

    Top countries to immigrate in 2024?

    Facts about recent migration trends in 2024! 

    1. The number of international migrants globally in 2019 was 272 million. 
    2. The immigrants had 52% male and 48% female population. 
    3. As is 2019, 74% were of working age 20-60 years of age. 
    4. India is the country of origin for the largest number of immigrants all over the world (17 million) followed by Mexico (11.8 million) and China (10.7 million). 
    5. The top 3 largest remittance collectors were India (USD 89.1 billion) followed by China (67.4 billion) and Mexico (USD 35.7 billion). 
    6. Remittance to India has gone up to USD 89 billion in 2021 from USD 53 billion in 2010. 
    7. The United states of America has recorded the largest immigrants i.e, 51 million. 

    Minimum eligibility for immigrating to another country!

    Every country has some eligibility criteria for immigrants which helps in shortlisting/selecting candidates for immigration in the country. However, there are some factors that are standardised for immigration in all the countries: 

    • Age 
    • Education 
    • Work experience 
    • Financial requirements 
    • Language proficiency
    • Health & Character 

    Some countries even award points on the basis of these factors, you have to meet the minimum score requirement in order to immigrate to that particular country. Other requirements are police verification, health insurance and submitting all the required documents properly. 

    What documents do you require for immigration? 

    • Identity proof 
    • Valid passport 
    • Job offer
    • Proof of work experience 
    • Proof of funds 
    • Language proficiency results 
    • Proof of character 
    • Settlement plans 
    • Marriage certificate 
    • Document of your children 
    • Medical test results 

    Application process for different countries! 

    Every country has a different procedure to immigrate to them. They are listed below:

    How can Province Immigration can help you? 

    Consulting an immigration consultant can help you in enjoying a successful immigration to your dream country. Province immigration has been serving from 2015 and has successfully migrated thousands of people overseas. We are the leading immigration consultants in India with a high success rate and transparency. There are a variety of visas that might be useful for you. 

    Visit visa for leisure or business related visits you can avail this visa type 

    Work visa will ensure that you can apply for a job prior to your immigration depending upon your eligibility 

    Study visa will ensure you have a permit to live and work part time till your course’s duration 

    Immigration we will guide you through the entire immigration procedure and will make sure your immigration is a successful one. 

    Permanent Residence we will help you obtain permanent residency in your dream country with your current circumstances 

    All the candidates have different qualifications and skills, based on their ability to settle in another country. We provide services which are customised and are closely in relevance to the ability of the candidate. Some customised services that we offer are:

    1. Profile evaluation – we do a complete profile evaluation on the basis of your skills and ability. We guide you to choose the best immigration program that suits best to your current circumstances. 
    2. Resume writing – We help you write a resume that complements the desires of the concerned authority. We also provide you samples of resumes that got shortlisted. 
    3. Procuring documents – Will help you arrange all the documents prior to the immigration process that you will need during the procedure. 
    4. Professional guidance – We guide you through the obstacles throughout the immigration process. Be it training for IELTS/TOEFL/PTE or police verification, we will always be there for you. 
    5. Dedicated case manager – After joining province immigration you will have a dedicated case manager of your own, who will deal with all the immigration related issues for you. 
    6. Post landing services – Province immigration provides you assistance even after the completion of your immigration. We will help you settle down in the country after your visa provision. These services are customised and are as per your requirements. 

    Province Immigration is a one-step solution to all your immigration related problems. We do our best to enhance your chances of acceptance by the concerned authorities. However, if there is any rejection, we provide you with the other alternatives that might help you revive your overseas dream. Moreover, you will be at ease with our services pre and post landing. 


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