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Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program | SINP Latest Draw 2024

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    SINP Latest Draw 2024 – An Overview

    The Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program Draw or the SINP Draw 2024 is conducted periodically, under this the Saskatchewan government invites candidates who have high scores in the Expression of Interest(EOI) pool. The Overview of the SINP latest draw is mentioned below.

    Latest SINP Draw Result

    The SINP latest draw was released on Dec 27, 2023, Under which 63 Invitations to apply(ITAs) were issued to SINP candidates who have a minimum of 69 CRS points. 

    • SINP Latest Draw tabular Representation 

    Date of Invitations to ApplyNumber of invitationsMinimum Points RequiredCategory
    December 27, 20231569Express Entry
    December 27, 20234869Occupation-in- Demand
    October 23, 20238459Express Entry
    October 23, 20238440Occupation-in-demand
    October 10, 20235984Express Entry
    4084Occupations In-Demand
    August 16, 202334560Express Entry
    29760Occupations In-Demand
    June 08, 202326869Express Entry
    23269Occupations In-Demand
    May 18, 202378467Express Entry
    26067Occupations In-Demand
    May 03, 202373968Express Entry
    29368Occupations In-Demand
    April 20, 202362369Express Entry
    44469Occupations In-Demand
    March 23, 202318482Express Entry
    31282Occupations In-Demand
    February 16, 202324284Express Entry
    18484Occupations In-Demand
    165For Ukraine
    DateNumber of invitationsMinimum Points RequiredCategory
    December 21, 202215380Express Entry
    December 21, 202231580Occupations In-Demand
    December 15, 202234882Express Entry
    December 15, 202228582Occupations In-Demand
    December 15, 2022262For Ukraine
    November 08, 20221069Express Entry
    November 8, 20222169Occupations In-Demand
    November 08, 2022464
    September 28, 202263983Express Entry
    September 28, 202250783Occupations In-Demand
    September 15, 20225360Express Entry
    September 15, 202227360Occupations In-Demand
    September 7, 202252170Express Entry
    September 07, 202242270Occupations In-Demand
    September 6, 202214360Express Entry
    September 06, 202224060Occupations In-Demand
    September 6, 202218969Express Entry
    September 06, 202221869Occupations In-Demand
    September 1, 202231261Express Entry
    September 1, 202262961Occupations In-Demand
    August 25, 202229565Express Entry
    August 25, 202233465Occupations In-Demand
    August 18, 202241667Express Entry
    August 18, 202225267Occupations In-Demand
    August 11, 202243368Express Entry
    August 11, 202231268Occupation-in-Demand
    July 27, 202227968Express Entry
    July 27, 202246968Occupation-in-Demand
    July 21, 202279768Express Entry
    July 14, 202243069Express Entry
    July 6, 202227973Express Entry
    May 05, 202227973Express Entry
    March 08, 20223987Express Entry
    January 12, 20223768Express Entry

    Table of Content

    Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program

    Saskatchewan is one of the rapidly growing economies in Canada. Most immigrants look for the Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program to become Permanent Residents of Canada. The Saskatchewan Province of Canada also provides various types of career opportunities to its residents. Saskatchewan offers one of the simplest immigration pathways which is the Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program, through which you can easily immigrate to this province of Canada. 

    In this article, we will provide every insight into the Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program, the SINP Latest Draw 2024, and we will also provide you with the importance of the Saskatchewan Nominee Program 2024. Let us understand the meaning of this PNP Program

    What is the Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program?

    Every Canadian Province has separate rules and regulations, particularly for its immigration. Therefore, Saskatchewan also has a separate Immigration Program, which is the Saskatchewan PNP, this immigration program allows the province to hire skilled professionals, and the hiring process under this program is based on the demand of the Labour Market.  

    Benefits of Immigration Saskatchewan 2024

    Saskatchewan offers numerous benefits to its immigrants who hold a Canada PR visa. Some of the top benefits of the program are mentioned below that you should consider before immigrating to this province of Canada. 

    • Better Job Opportunities 

    This province of Canada has the lowest unemployment rate, and it is growing rapidly therefore, the demand for skilled professionals is also constantly rising. Therefore, if you are planning to immigrate to Canada through this Immigration program, getting a job won’t be a difficult task for you. 

    • Higher Wage Rate

    Canada is also known for its high wage rate. The average salary in the province is CAD 970, which is 3rd largest in Canada. 

    • Access to Public Services

    Another benefit of migrating to Canada through this immigration program is you can get access to public services which include educational facilities, healthcare facilities, unemployment allowances, a Senior Income Plan(SIP), and other services. 

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      Categories of Saskatchewan Immigration Program

      Mentioned below are 3 major categories of the Saskatchewan Nominee Program 2024, these categories also have subcategories

      Saskatchewan International Skilled Worker Program 

      This category is divided into 3 subcategories as mentioned below

      • Employee Offer

      This category is for those skilled workers who have professional and skilled job offers from an employer in Saskatchewan

      • Occupations-in Demand

      This category is for those skilled workers who do not have an employment offer but whose occupation skills are in high demand in Saskatchewan, then you can apply for this program

      • Saskatchewan Express Entry

      Professional workers who are in the Express Entry Pool, and want to work and live in Saskatchewan can apply for this program

      Saskatchewan Experience Program

      This category is for those workers who are currently living in Saskatchewan. This category is divided into 5 subcategories as mentioned below. 

      • Existing Work Permit

      This category is for those people who are currently working in the province for the past 6 months

      • Hospitality Sector Projects

      This category is for those workers who have been working in Saskatchewan in the hospitality sector for the past 6 months

      • Long Haul Truck Driver Project

      This project is for those who have been working for an approved and eligible truck firm for the past 6 months

      • Health Sector 

      This category is for those skilled who are working in the health sector such as nurses, physicians, etc

      • Students 

      This category is for those people who have completed their graduation from a postsecondary institution in Canada. The candidate must have worked for at least 24 months before applying for the program. 

      Saskatchewan Business Immigration 

      The subcategories of the Saskatchewan business immigration program are mentioned below

      • Entrepreneur 

      This category is for those candidates who wish to invest in the farming sector of Saskatchewan by acquiring a business in this province of Canada. Under this category, the candidate has to take an active business management role in the province. 

      • Farm Owners

      This category is for those candidates who have enough capital to invest in farming operations

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        Eligibility Criteria of the Saskatchewan Nominee Program 2024

        The eligibility criteria for the Saskatchewan Nominee Program 2024 are mentioned below.

        Minimum Points 

        You have to score a minimum point which is 60 out of the 110 SINP point assessment grid, in case you are planning to apply for the Canada PR visa through these programs.

        Language Proficiency 

        You have to demonstrate your language proficiency by taking the language test, in which you should have a minimum of 5 CLB(Canadian Language Benchmark). 

        Education Qualifications

        Suppose you are planning to apply for the immigration program. In that case, you have to complete your post-secondary education and your educational degree has to be equivalent to the Canadian degree. 

        Work Experience 

        You must have at least one year of work experience in the eligible occupation. 

        Proof of funds 

        Under this step, you are required to provide proof of funds, to ensure that you are financially stable and able to manage your expenses without having any kind of financial instability.  

        What are the steps to apply for Saskatchewan PNP?

        One can easily apply for a provincial nomination through the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP). The following are the steps to apply for Saskatchewan PNP:

        • Choose the category

        Choose the category to apply under. Candidates have to choose the categories under SINP to apply for the International Skilled Worker Category, Saskatchewan Experience Category, Entrepreneur Category, and Farm Category.

        • Create an EOI Profile

        Create an EOI profile through the OASIS online portal. EOI profiles are then evaluated based on the SINP point assessment grid.

        • Receive ITA

        Higher-ranked profiles are then invited to submit their application to the SINP. The candidate will have 60 days to submit their application with a proper set of documents for the provincial nomination. The candidate’s application will then be processed by the provincial immigration office. 

        • Approval of Application

        If the application is successfully evaluated then the candidate will be approved for immigration under SINP, and they will be nominated to the federal government for PR status. 

        After the candidate gets the nomination, it will be reflected in the express entry profile of the candidate. They will have 30 days to accept the SINP nomination.

        • Apply for a Canada PR Visa

        Once a nomination is accepted, IRCC will then invite the candidate to apply for a Canada PR Visa within 60 days of getting the invitation. If the candidate meets all the requirements, IRCC will issue the permanent resident visa to the candidate and any accompanying family members.

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          What is the application processing time for Saskatchewan PNP?

          The following table illustrates the average processing time that it takes for 80% of applications. The time is measured when the complete application is received and completely processed. These processing times are an average based on the past quarter (or three months) under various categories of SINP.

          International Skilled Worker

          SINP CategoryQuarter 1– 2022-23 (April 1 to June 30, 2022) Measured in Weeks
          Employment Offer3
          Occupation In-Demand23
          Express Entry 22

          Saskatchewan Experience

          SINP CategoryQuarter 1– 2022-23 (April 1 to June 30, 2022) Measured in Weeks
          Existing Work Permit1
          Health Professionals4
          International Students1
          Truck Drivers1
          Hospitality Workers1

          Entrepreneur and Farm

          SINP CategoryQuarter 1– 2022-23 (April 1 to June 30, 2022) Measured in Weeks
          Entrepreneur ApplicationsNA
          Entrepreneur Nomination10

          Job approval process

          SINP CategoryQuarter 1– 2022-23 (April 1 to June 30, 2022) Measured in Weeks
          Job Approval 9 weeks


          In this article, we have provided with you every detail about Immigration Saskatchewan 2024, the benefits of the program, and the categories of the Saskatchewan Nominee Program 2024, we have also provided an overview of the SINP Latest Draw 2024, the steps to apply for the program. If you want more details about this immigration program, you can consult Province Immigration, because we are known as the Best Immigration Consultant in Delhi.

          Frequently Asked Question

          How long does it take to get a PNP in Saskatchewan?

          The average time is 16 weeks, but in some cases, it might get delayed due to the workload of the immigration authorities.

          A candidate needs at least 60 points out of 100 to become eligible to apply for the Saskatchewan PNP.

          Yes, Saskatchewan is considered a great place to live because it has a cultural scene, plenty of opportunities, and others. 

          Yes, it is considered one of the best places for Indians in Canada. As compared to other provinces of Canada, Saskatchewan offers a low cost of living. In this province, the cost of transportation, daily expenses, and others is comparatively low, which makes it one of the best places to live.

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