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Marketing Manager Jobs In Australia – A Job Market Overview

Marketing Manager Jobs In Australia

Marketing Manager Jobs In Australia – A Job Market Overview

Marketing Manager Jobs In Australia are crucial for modern businesses.. The importance of a marketing manager is the same worldwide and in Australia. This occupation is in high demand in various Australian cities like Melbourne and Sydney and regional areas. 

Are you planning to migrate to Australia as a Marketing Manager? You must know that the country has 60,000 job openings. 

The demand for Marketing Manager Jobs In Australia is expected to rise significantly, with job openings projected to increase by over 10% in the next five years. So, if you wish to Immigrate to Australia as a Marketing Manager from India, start your migration journey today with the Best Australia Immigration Consultants. 

Minimum Requirement To Immigrate To Australia 

The Marketing Manager post requires its candidate to fulfill specific educational and professional criteria. This occupation is also listed under the Australia Skilled Occupation List

The following are the minimum requirements to Immigrate to Australia as a Marketing Manager. 

  • Bachelor’s degree in Marketing 
  • Bachelor’s in Business Marketing 
  • IV Certificate in Marketing and Communication 
  • Diploma in Digital Marketing 

The Career Paths Leading To A Marketing Manager Job Role

A Marketing Manager is responsible for translating and understanding the services, products, and company’s branding to the target audience. 

The career paths leading to a Marketing Manager role are diverse and varied. The following career pathways can lead you to becoming a marketing manager. 

  • Marketing Assistant 
  • Junior Marketer 
  • Marketing Consultant 
  • Marketing Officer/Representative 
  • Market Analyst 
  • Marketing Planner 

Average Salary Of Marketing Manager In Australia 

The average annual salary of a Marketing Manager in Australia is $77,000(Annually). However, the overall yearly salary may be impacted based on the job location, years of work experience, and other related factors. 

The following are the details about the average yearly salary of a marketing manager in Australia’s different states in 2024. 

  • Sydney 

Sydney is located in South Wales, and it is one of the largest cities in Australia. Marketing Manager is one of the highest-paying occupations in Australia. Here, in Sydney, candidates can earn $50,000 to $98,000 as an entry-level marketing manager’s annual average salary, and as an experienced marketing manager, candidates can earn up to $72,000 to $156,000. 

  • Melbourne 

Melbourne is located in southeastern Australia. Here, marketing managers are in demand among the highest-paying jobs. Here, in Melbourne, candidates can earn upto $45,000 to $98,000 as an entry-level marketing manager, and as an experienced marketing manager, candidates can earn upto $73,000 to $144,000.

  • Brisbane 

Brisbane is located in Queensland. Here, Marketing Managers are in huge demand. Here, in Brisbane, eligible candidates can earn a competitive salary. As entry-level marketing managers, candidates can earn up to $45,000 to $82,000; an experienced marketing manager can earn up to $61,000 to $125,000. 

  • Perth 

Perth is located in Western Australia. Here, candidates can earn a competitive salary as professional Marketing managers. An entry-level marketing manager can earn up to $43,000 to $86,000, and an experienced marketing manager can earn up to $62,000 to $124,000. 

  • Adelaide 

Adelaide is one of Australia’s largest cities. Here, candidates with a marketing manager background can find various career opportunities. Entry-level marketing managers can earn up to $41,000 to $86,000, and experienced marketing managers can earn up to $55,000 to $103,000. 

Top Companies Hiring For Marketing Managers In Australia 

The following is the list of top companies hiring for Marketing Managers in Australia in 2024. 

  • Telstra 

Telstra is one of the leading telecommunication and technology companies in Australia. It offers its team unique opportunities to positively impact Australians’ day-to-day routine. This liberal organization provides various resources and assurance to its marketing managers. 

  • Accenture 

At Accenture, a Marketing Manager is responsible for expertise and extensive business results. It includes communications, operations, and business processes at the global level. Marketing managers are motivated to remain creative and innovative in experimenting with the latest or new technologies, such as AI, Cloud, and others. 

  • EY 

At EY, marketing managers are responsible for providing professional services and maintaining an atmosphere for employees to grow efficiently and give their best efforts. EY provides a supportive and healthy work environment for its employees to grow personally and professionally. 

How To Get A Marketing Manager Jobs In Australia From India? 

The following information explains the steps to get a marketing manager jobs in Australia from India. 

  • In-depth Research 

Candidates searching for a job in marketing must perform in-depth research about the Australia job market, and they must understand in which Australia state this occupation is in high demand, the average annual salary of this occupation in each state, and every other detail about the Australian job market. 

  • Make An ATS-Friendly Resume 

The candidate must create an ATS-Friendly CV/Resume per Australian job standards because this type of resume is easily assessed. 

Candidates must include information about their educational and professional qualifications, years of experience, and critical skills needed for this job. 

  • Start Applying 

The candidate must start applying for jobs based on their educational and professional qualifications and years of work experience. 

Candidates can apply through various job portals, such as LinkedIn and Glassdoor, or by visiting the official website of the organization they want to work for. 

  • Prepare For The Interview 

After applying for the job, the candidate must prepare for the interview. They can do it by preparing commonly asked questions about their occupation during the interview. 

  • Apply For Visa 

The candidate should apply for a visa according to their requirements and provide all the necessary information and documents to the immigration authorities. If their visa application is accepted, they can fly to Australia and start working for their dream company. 


A Marketing Manager is vital in modern businesses, and with 60,000 job openings in Australia expected to increase by over 10% in the next five years, candidates must meet specific educational and professional requirements to migrate to Australia. Career paths that lead to marketing manager jobs include Marketing Assistant, Junior Marketer, Marketing Consultant, Marketing Officer/Representative, Market Analyst, and Marketing Planner. 

Top companies hiring for Marketing Managers in 2024 include Telstra, Accenture, and EY. To get a Marketing Manager job in Australia from India, candidates must perform in-depth research, create an ATS-Friendly resume, and apply for a visa. 

For more details about Australia Immigration and Occupation in demand in Australia, contact Province Immigration via [email protected] or +91 98961 96762

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