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Spouse Visa Canada: A Comprehensive Guide

Spouse visa canada

Spouse Visa Canada: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you a Canadian citizen, PR, or work permit holder and want to bring your spouse to Canada? You can do so via Spouse Visa Canada. Canada is one of those countries that value family reunification. 

Therefore, the Canadian federal authorities have initiated this visa program. Through this, eligible candidates above 18 can sponsor their spouse to live with them in Canada. Province Immigration can help you with the same through our Canadian Spouse Visa services. 

This article will detail the Spouse Visa in Canada, Canada Spouse Visa Requirements, and its processing time 2024.  But before proceeding, let us give you a brief insight into Canadian Spouse Visa Program 2024 

Canadian Spouse Visa – A Brief Insight 

The Spouse Visa is a part of the family class category of the Canadaian Immigration pathways. Canadian citizens or permanent residency holders can sponsor their spouse or common-law partners to Immigrate to Canada. Successful candidates can get a direct Canadian Permanent Residency Permit. 

Who Is Eligible For Spouse Visa In Canada? 

The following is the list of candidates eligible for the Spouse Visa in Canada.

  • Spouse: A legal partner of a Canadian citizen or PR holder with a valid civil marriage 
  • Common-law Partner: A partner who has lived with a permanent resident or Canadian citizen for 12 consecutive months with the intent to get married. 

Benefits Of The Spouse Visa In Canada In 2024 

Candidates can get the following benefits through the Spouse Visa in Canada 2024. 

  • Family Reunification 

One significant benefit is that the Canada Spouse Visa makes organising family reunions much easier. Under this visa procedure, a citizen or permanent resident of the nation may sponsor their spouse or common-law partner to reside in Canada alongside them.  

  • Medical Care and Social Services 

Candidates sponsored by their spouse, a Canadian Citizen or permanent resident, are eligible to access free social services and medical care facilities in Canada. 

  • Authorisation for Employment 

Candidates sponsored by their spouse in Canada can get employment authorisation. They are eligible to work in Canada and explore better work opportunities. 

  • Pathway to Canadian Citizenship 

Another advantage is that the sponsored spouse may apply for Canadian citizenship after three to four years of residency there. Citizens with Canadian citizenship are eligible to vote and can travel overseas using a Canadian passport. 

Eligibility Criteria Of The Spouse Visa For Canada 2024 

Candidates are required to fulfil the following Canada Spouse Visa Requirements. 

  • Status in Canada 

Candidates applying for the Spouse Visa Canada should have valid status in Canada. It means the candidate’s spouse either be a permanent resident or a citizen of Canada or should have a valid work permit in Canada.  

  • Relation with Spouse 

The principal applicant should be legally married to a Canadian citizen or permanent resident for at least one year to become an eligible candidate for the Spouse Visa for Canada.  

  • Age 

Candidates applying for this visa program should be over 18 years old. 

  • No Criminal Background 

Candidate and their spouse should not have criminal backgrounds and must not be included in any criminal cases. It ensures that the candidate and their spouse do not threaten Canadian security.  

  • No Immigration Violation History 

Candidates applying for this visa program should not have an immigration violation history and must meet all the Requirements. 

  • Medical Examination 

The primary candidate and their spouse must complete the necessary medical tests and meet the requirements for good health.

Ways To Apply For A Spouse Visa For Canada For Indians 

The following are the ways to apply for a Canadian spouse visa for Indians. 

  • Check your Eligibility 

Under the first step, candidate must check their eligibility for the program. Candidates must ensure they fulfil all sorts of requirements for the spouse visa program, such as legal and civil marriage and financial requirements. 

  • Apply to become a sponsor 

As the candidate fulfils the Requirements, the Canadian spouse or partner should apply for the sponsor application by visiting the official website of the Canadian Immigration Authority, IRCC(Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada). 

  • Gather Application Package 

Under this step, the candidate must gather the application package and include the application form, supporting or necessary documents, and the application fee. 

As per IRCC, applicants must undergo a medical examination and provide biometrics and passport-sized photographs along with their application. 

  • Submit the Visa Application 

The sponsored spouse should submit the application package at the consulate office and pay the application fee for the spouse visa. 

  • Wait for the Visa Confirmation 

Now, the Canadian Immigration authority, IRCC(Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada), may ask the sponsored candidate and their spouse to appear for the interview level; it may happen in a few cases. 

The candidate will receive the POE letter once their visa application gets approved, and once the candidate receives the approval, they can Immigrate to Canada to live with their spouse. They can also apply for a work permit if they want to work in Canada. 

Canadian Spouse Visa Processing Time 2024 

The Processing Time 2024 varies and greatly depends on whether the candidate has applied for spousal sponsorship from outside Canada or Inside Canada.

The processing time may also vary based on the complexity of the candidate’s application. However, if the candidate has a standard visa application, the processing time for Spouse Visa will be 7-12 months.  


The Canadian Spouse Visa is a family-class immigration pathway in Canada that allows Canadian citizens or permanent residency holders to sponsor their spouses or common-law partners to immigrate. Eligible candidates must have a valid civil marriage and have lived with a Canadian citizen for 12 months. 

Benefits include family reunification, access to free social services, employment authorisation, and a pathway to Canadian citizenship after three to four years of residency.

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