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Steps For Getting A Canada Tourist/Visitor Visa In 2024

Canada Tourist Visa

Steps For Getting A Canada Tourist/Visitor Visa In 2024

If you are planning to migrate to Canada to explore its beauty, you must get a Canada Tourist Visa. The Canada Tourist/Visitor Visa from India is a legal document that is attached to an eligible candidate’s passport, and the Canadian Visa Office grants this visa. 

It explains that the candidate successfully meets all the eligibility criteria requirements for temporary residency in the country(it can be as a tourist, student, worker or they want to visit their family or friends). This visa category is formally known as the Temporary Resident Visa(TRV). 

This Visa type allows the candidate to travel across Canada freely and peacefully. This article will provide every detail about this tourist visa, Canada Visitor Visa and how to get a Canada Tourist Visa from India. But before proceeding, let us give you a complete overview of the Canadian Tourist Visa and Canada Visitor Visa. 

Canadian Tourist Visa – An Overview 

Canada’s tourist attractions attract many visitors. To visit these places, people apply for a Canada tourist visa, an official document issued by the Canadian visa office. Attached to a passport, it shows eligibility for a temporary stay as a tourist or worker, with an expiration date of three months. 

Canada Visitor Visa – An Overview 

The Canada Visitor Visa is similar to the Canada tourist visa but has a longer expiry date of up to 6 months. Tourists, workers, or visitors can use it. A cover letter is required for application, and renewals are available every six months.

Why To Visit To Canada? 

The are following reasons to visit Canada as your next travel destination. 

  1. Amazing Cities 
  2. Natural scenery 
  3. Pocket-friendly 
  4. Various Outdoors activities 
  5. Events and festivals 
  6. French heritage of Canada 
  7. Values family reunification 
  8. Cultural Diversity 
  9. Get a chance to explore the world’s largest coastline 

Types Of Canadian Tourist Visa 

The following are two types of Canadian tourist visas. 

  • Single Entry Visa: This Visa type is granted for six months. 
  • Multiple-Entry Visa: This Visa type allows the candidate to visit Canada multiple times, and it is valid for up to 10 years. 

Canada Tourist Visa Requirements In 2024 

The following are the requirements for a Canadian tourist visa in 2024. 

  • Candidates applying for this visa type should have a valid passport. 
  • Candidates must provide proof of being in good health. 
  • The candidate should not have a criminal record. 
  • Candidates are required to provide strong ties with their home country and families. 
  • Candidate should also provide evidence of funds to support their stay in the country. 
  • Candidate must provide clear information about their intent to stay in the country. 
  • Candidate should also provide complete itinerary details to the immigration authority. 

Canada Visitor Visa Requirements are also the same in they are required to show a valid purpose for visiting this country. 

Document Required for Canada Tourist Visa for Indians 

The following are the Documents Required for Canada Tourist Visa for Indians. 

  • Candidate should submit two photocopies of their valid passport. 
  • Candidate must also provide two passport-sized photographs 
  • Evidence of sufficient proof of funds (Bank Statement of last six months) 
  • Must provide a cover letter to convince Canadian federal authorities to grant you a tourist visa 
  • Must provide complete itinerary details, including your flight details, accommodation details, and other related details. 

How to Apply for Canada Tourist Visa? 

The following are the ways to apply for a Canadian tourist visa. 

  • Meet the Eligibility Requirements 

One of the first to start the application process is the candidate must check and meet the eligibility requirements of the Canadian tourist visa. If they meet the complete eligibility criteria of this visa program, they can apply for this visa. 

  • Gather the Complete Checklist of Documents 

Under this step, the candidate should gather all the required documents to apply for the tourist visa.  It includes a valid passport, passport-sized photographs, evidence of financial stability, proof of ties with the home country, and family and other related documents. 

  • Complete your Application 

Under this step, candidate are required to complete their application form. They can do it either online or offline. Candidates must ensure that they have provided complete information and documents to the immigration authorities. 

  • Pay the Visa Application fee 

After completing all the steps mentioned above, candidates are required to pay the visa application fee. The visa application fee can be paid online or at a designated location. 

  • Submit your Application 

Now, candidate can submit their application and required documents. Under this, candidates are also required to provide biometric information, including fingerprints and photographs. 

  • Wait for Confirmation 

Now, the candidate must wait for approval from the immigration authority. If their visa application gets accepted, they can fly to Canada and explore its beauty. 

Canada Tourist Visa Fee For Indians In 2024 

The Canada Tourist Visa fee for Indians in 2024 is CAD$ 100 (approximately 6,000 INR) per applicant, and the biometric fee for single applicants is CAD$85(approximately 5,100 INR). The Canada Visitor Visa fee is also CAD$100(approximately 6,000 INR) per applicant. 

Canada Tourist/Visitor Visa Processing Time In 2024 

The Canada Tourist visa processing time indicates the time it took IRCC to process most complete applications, starting with the Biometric fee payment and the final decision by CIC. 

The Processing time for Tourists/Visitors for an online application can take up to 27 working days, and for offline or paper-based applications, it can take up to 60 working days. 

However, the Canadian tourist Visa Processing Time may vary based on numerous factors, such as the workload of the Immigration authorities and the candidate’s nationality.  


The Canada Tourist Visa is a legal document allowing temporary residency in Canada for tourists, students, or workers. It comes in two types: Single Entry Visa for six months and Multiple-Entry Visa for up to 10 years. Applicants must have a valid passport, proof of good health, no criminal record, strong ties, funds, and itinerary details. Indians need two photocopies, passport-sized photographs, proof of funds, and a cover letter.

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