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Requirement to Get an EU Blue Card: For Indians in 2024 

EU blue card

Requirement to Get an EU Blue Card: For Indians in 2024 

Europe has been a land of many opportunities, and you can also start a new life in Europe through the European Union (EU) Blue Card because it can unlock various hidden career opportunities for you. It is a work permit that aims to attract skilled professionals from around the world. 

It will allow foreign skilled professionals to live, stay, and work in any of the European member states. However, before you submit your profile for the EU Blue Card, you must understand the top eligibility requirements for the EU Blue Card. 

But before proceeding, let us provide you with an overview of the EU Blue Card and the top benefits of getting this work permit. 

European Blue Card – A Brief Overview 

This visa program was introduced in 2009, and it was named after the flag color of Europe. It has remained valid for four years. 

The European Blue Card is a residence and work permit that is given to well-experienced non-EU citizens so they can work and stay in the EU member state. 

This work permit aims to make Europe a popular destination among skilled professionals by easing the immigration process. 

Benefits of Getting an EU Blue Card for Indians in 2024 

The following is the list of benefits an Indian skilled professional can get by taking the EU Blue Card.  

  • Movement Freedom 

Indian skilled professionals applying for the EU Blue Card will get movement freedom through which they can work and live in the EU member state that has issued the work permit card. Apart from that, the candidate can also go to Schengen areas for short stays. 

  • Reunification of families 

Indian skilled professionals migrating to EU member states through this work permit can also take their spouses or kids along with them to the EU. Those trained professionals can also benefit from the healthcare and educational facilities of the EU Member state. 

  • Pathway to Permanent Residency 

Candidates who hold the European Blue Card for a certain period(Usually five years) are eligible to apply for permanent residency in the EU member state where they were living and working. 

  • Equal Rights 

Candidates who possess this work permit will get the same rights as citizens in EU member states. It includes social security and job help.  

EU Blue Card Eligibility Requirements for Indians in 2024 

The following is the list of top eligibility requirements for the EU Card in 2024. 

  • Educational Qualification 

Candidates applying for the EU Blue Card should possess a bachelor’s degree or must have equivalent work experience. 

  • Valid Job Offer 

Candidates applying for the EU Blue Card should get a valid job offer or employment contract from a German-based company that is willing to give them a salary of at least 55,200 euros per year. However, the minimum salary requirement can be lower for some occupations which are in high demand.  

  • Valid Passport 

Candidates applying for the European Blue Card must possess a valid passport. 

  • Health Insurance 

Candidate applying for this work permit should get health insurance, which will cover them during their stay in the country. It is because the healthcare facilities in Europe are only available to the citizens of the country. 

  • Language Proficiency 

Candidates applying for the EU Blue Card from India should demonstrate language proficiency in the German language at the B1 level. 

  • Police Clearance Certificate 

Candidates applying for the Blue Card should provide a police clearance certificate to the immigration authority to ensure that the candidate doesn’t have a criminal background and they are not a threat to the EU member state. 

Application Process of the European Blue Card for Indians in 2024 

The application process for the European Blue Card for Indians includes the following: 

  • Meet the Eligibility 

Before applying for this work permit, the candidate should meet the eligibility requirements of the program. 

  • Search for Jobs 

Once the candidate meets the eligibility requirement of this work permit, the candidate should start searching for jobs to get a valid job offer from an employer based in the EU member state.   

  • Provide Documents 

Now, the next step in the process is for the candidate to provide the necessary documents to the immigration authorities. These documents include educational credentials, job offers or work contracts, valid passport details, and proof of health insurance. 

  • Submit the Application 

Now, the candidate must apply for this work permit from the relevant immigration authority of the EU member state where you will be working. 

  • Wait for Confirmation 

Now, the candidate must wait for confirmation from the immigration authority of the particular EU member state, and you’ll receive the notification upon application.

If your visa application is selected, you will get this European Union Blue Card work permit, and you can fly to the particular member state of the European Union. 

Validity of the Blue Card in 2024 

The blue card is valid for up to three years, and if your work contract gets extended, you can renew the validity of the work permit. 


The EU Blue Card is a residence and work permit for skilled professionals, valid for up to three years. It was introduced in 2009 and is popular among Indians in 2024. Eligibility requirements include a bachelor’s degree, a German-based job offer, a passport, health insurance, German language proficiency, and a police clearance certificate. The application process includes meeting eligibility requirements, searching for jobs, and submitting documents. 
For more details about the EU Blue Card, contact Province Immigration at [email protected] or +91 98961 96762.

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