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Canada Study Visa: A Comprehensive Guide  

Canada study visa

Canada Study Visa: A Comprehensive Guide  

Canada has remained a dream destination for international students worldwide, especially among Indian students, because of its diverse opportunities. Therefore, students from all over the world are immigrating to Canada for further studies. If you also want to study in Canada, you must get a Canada Study Visa.  

Canada has set a study permit cap for 2024, through which it is allotting almost 2,95,000 study permits to undergraduate and postgraduate students. 

Are you one of those students who wants to get a Canadian Student Visa but doesn’t know much about it? This article is here to help you. However, before proceeding, let us briefly explain Canada Student Visa India. 

What Is A Canadian Student Visa? 

The Canadian Student Visa is a document issued by the Canadian Immigration authority, IRCC(Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada), to candidates who want to pursue under graduation or post graduation in Canada. 

This study permit allows candidates like you to study in Canada’s DLI (Designated Learning Institution). It is designed for non-Canadian candidates pursuing courses lasting more than six months. 

Types Of Canadian Student Visas For Indian Students 

There are mainly three types of Canadian Study Visas for Indian Students. 

  1. Student Permit 

The Student Permit to Canada is one of the most common or opted-in visa programs for international students who want to pursue full-time educational programs in Canada. 

  • The Student Permit is valid for up to four years. 
  • Becoming an eligible candidate requires acceptance into a DLI(Designated Learning Institution) program, meeting program requirements, and maintaining financial stability. 
  • For this type of Canada Student visa, candidates are required to pay 9,000 INR as the Canada Study Visa Price. 
  1. Quebec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ) FOr Study 

This student visa type is designed for those candidates who want to attend a DLI(Designated Learning Institution) in Quebec. 

  • Students need a Canadian federal government’s CAQ and Canada Study Permit to become eligible candidates. 
  • For this type of Canada Study Permit, candidates are required to pay 8,000 INR as the Canada Study Visa Price. 
  1. Student Direct Stream(SDS) 

The expedited application process is available for students from selected countries, including India. It ensures faster processing times for complete applications meeting specific criteria. To become an eligible candidate, you must have the following things: 

Canada Student Permit Eligibility Requirement For Indian Students 

The following information explains the Canada Student Visa Requirement for Indian Students. 

  • Acceptance Letter 

Candidates applying for the Canada Student Permit should get an acceptance letter from Canada’s Designated Learning Institute(DLI). 

  • Evidence Of Funds 

Candidates applying for the Canada Student Permit should provide evidence of funds to the immigration authority of Canada to ensure that they are financially capable of managing their expenses, including their tuition fees and other related cost during their stay in the country. 

  • Police Clearance Certificate 

Candidates applying for the Canada Study program should have a clean criminal background. To demonstrate this, candidates should provide the immigration authorities with a police clearance certificate. 

  • Medical Report 

Candidates applying for the Canada Study Permit should complete the medical check-up and provide the test result to the immigration authorities to ensure they are medically fit to travel abroad. 

  • Ties To Home Country 

Under this, the candidate must demonstrate that they have strong ties with their home and they will leave Canada when their student permit ends. 

Ways To Apply To Canada Student Visa For Indian Students In 2024 

The following information includes how to apply for a Canada Student Visa for Indian Students in 2024. 

  • Check The Eligibility 

Verifying one’s eligibility for the program is one of the initial steps in the application process for a student visa. To confirm that the applicant satisfies every prerequisite for the course.  

  • Gather All The Required Documents 

Under this, the candidate must provide all the required documents to the immigration authorities. These documents include valid passport details, an acceptance letter for DLI, evidence of funds, passport-size photographs, medical examination reports, an English language proficiency score, a statement of purpose, and other related documents. 

  • Apply Online

Now, the candidate must apply online by visiting the official website of IRCC and creating an express entry profile. In this profile, they must provide all the required information and submit all the required documents. 

  • Wait For Confirmation 

Now, the candidate must wait for confirmation from the immigration authorities. If their application gets selected, they will get the Canada Student Permit and fly to Canada. 

Student Visa Canada Fee For Indian Students 

Candidates applying for a student visa in Canada must pay CAD 150 as a study permit fee and CAD 85 as a biometric fee for the study permit. 

Canada Visa Processing Time For Students

The processing fee for a Student Visa in Canada varies per the candidate’s country of residence.  But, for Indian students, the processing time can take up to 4 to 12 weeks. The student permit validity covers the program duration plus 90 days for departure or stay. 

IELTS Score Required For Canada Study Permit 

The following tabular information explains the IELTS required for a Canada Study permit. 

Course Level Listening Reading Writing Speaking Total 
Vocational Courses
Foundation Programs 


This article is about the Student Visa Canada. Canada is a popular destination for Indian students, offering diverse opportunities. In 2024, the country set a study permit cap of 2,95,000 for undergraduate and postgraduate students. 

Indian students can apply for a Canada Study Visa, which includes a Student Permit, Quebec Acceptance Certificate, and Student Direct Stream. Eligibility requirements include an acceptance letter, funds, police clearance, medical report, and strong ties to their home country. 

If you want more details about the Canadian Study Visa, visit our website at Province Immigration Consultant. Here, you can find comprehensive information about student visas.

For further assistance, contact us at [email protected] or call us at +91 98961 96762 to speak with our expert consultants.

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