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Provincial Nominee Program – Step by Step guide


Provincial Nominee Program – Step by Step guide

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What is Provincial Nominee Program?  

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) is the most popular and successful program introduced by the Canadian government to invite immigrants for Permanent Residency visas. Canada has 10 provinces and 3 Union territories. Almost every Province has their own Immigration program to invite immigrants. A Province can invite any candidate having –
1. Adequate skill set as per province’s requirement
2. Want to stay and serve a particular Province
3. Want to be a Permanent Resident of Canada
Provinces may have multiple streams as per their requirements (Ex.- for Students, Entrepreneurs, Skilled Workers, etc. ) . Provincial Nomination Program was introduced to fulfill labor shortages in certain categories to grow the economy of Canada.

Applying through Express Entry or without Express Entry

Find out if you are eligible to apply through Express Entry or find out if you are eligible to apply directly, without Express Entry

Applicants may submit applications with or without Express Entry application. To Understand the application options, Primarily, Applicants have to check the stream to which as per eligibility requirements. If eligible, applicants can even submit applications to multiple streams. Many Streams are connected with Express Entry applications.

The process to apply through Express Entry Stream-

  • Create Express Entry Application
  • Apply to the chosen province on their portal with the Express Entry application profile number 
  • Receive Interest Letter from Province 
  • Submit all required documents to the province including proof of funds 
  • Receive nomination letter and accept under express entry application
  • Receive Invitations and submit Documents including Medical Clearance Certificate and Police Clearance Certificate

The process to apply without Express Entry Application –

  • Submit an Expression of Interest under a selected stream
  • Receive Interest Letter from Province 
  • Submit all required documents to the province including proof of funds 
  • If selected, You can apply for a Permanent Residency Visa online with the required documents.

Eligibility requirements

The first and foremost requirement to get eligible for PNP is having an occupation that is on the demand list. More over, eligibility factors vary from Province to Province. Few may ask for an Express Entry application prior to submission, few streams may require 67 points as per FSWP Points Grid.
Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program has its own 60 points eligibility criteria. Manitoba and Quebec also follow their own point grid.

How to apply for PNP?

To apply for PNP there are certain ways as per the province’s guidelines. Below are the steps-
– Find out, If you are eligible to apply
– Get ECA done for education
– Appear for the IELTS exam
– Create an Express Entry Application ( If Required)
– Collect all required documents
– Submit an Expression of Interest on respective portals.
– Receive Interest letter and submit required documents 
– Receive the nomination letter which adds 600 additional points current CRS score.

Information you need to provide when you apply

Every province invites candidates having IN- Demand occupations or qualifications. To assess the application, Province may ask for information regarding current age, Higher Qualification, English Language test score, Past working Experience, Connection in Province, Spouse qualification or occupation, etc.
Before applying for any PNP applicants must complete the ECA ( Educational Credential Assessment ) and English Language exam. Applicants must have details about the last 10 years of work experience. Each Province also asks for applicants’ contact details to connect back with them.


If you are invited to apply, when and how will I be notified?

Provinces usually conduct a round of invitations after a certain interval and notify invited candidates through email. Every applicant has to provide an email address to the respective province to communicate with the applicant. Provinces always send emails to notify applicants of any requirement or to convey any notice. Candidates must check the given email Id’s inboxes to avoid any delay in response. 
Applicants can also log in to their accounts to check the application progress. Provinces usually update about progress on the portal. 

Selection criteria for the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)


The Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) is a Canadian immigration program that allows provinces and territories to nominate individuals for immigration to Canada based on the specific needs and labor market requirements of the province. The criteria for selection vary depending on the province or territory, but generally, candidates must:

  1. Meet the minimum requirements for work experience, education, language proficiency, and other factors as determined by the province or territory.
  2. Demonstrate that they have the skills, qualifications, and experience in demand in the province or territory.
  3. Have the intention and ability to settle in the province or territory.
  4. Meet any additional criteria set by the province or territory. For Example, Saskatchewan needs at least 60 points as per their points criteria.

To be eligible for the PNP, candidates must also:

  1. Be at least 18 years old.
  2. Meet the admissibility requirements of Canada, including criminal and medical checks.
  3. Have sufficient funds to support themselves and their dependents after arriving in Canada.

If you are interested in applying for the PNP, you should contact Province Immigration Private Limited for more information on their specific selection criteria and requirements.

Forms and supporting documents

To apply for the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), you will need to complete and submit the following forms and documents:
  1. The appropriate PNP application forms- This will depend on the province or territory you are applying to and the category you are applying under.
  2. Language test results ( IELTS/TEF/CELPIP )- You will need to provide proof that you meet the minimum language requirements in English or French, depending on the province or territory you are applying to.
  3. Educational documents – Applicants need to provide copies of your educational certificates, diplomas, and transcripts.
  4. Work experience documents- Applicants must provide proof of your work experience, such as letters from previous employers, pay stubs, and job descriptions, Reference Letter for salary slips .
  5. Proof of funds- As per IRCC guidelines every applicant must show sufficient funds which are required to show that you have enough money to support yourself and any dependents when you arrive in Canada.
  6. A police clearance certificate- Candidate must undergo a police clearance certificate from any country you have lived in for six months or more in the past ten years. PCC can be applied through the passport Office.
  7. A medical exam –You may need to undergo a medical exam to make sure you are in good health.
  8. Other documents- Applicants must provide other documents, depending on your specific circumstances and the province or territory you are applying to such as Marriage certificate, Birth Certificate etc.(If Required) .

It’s important to carefully read the instructions and requirements provided by the province or territory you are applying to and to submit all of the required forms and documents. Incomplete applications or applications that do not meet the requirements may be rejected.

The PNP is a way to get faster access to permanent residency in Canada. The Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) is a way for Canadian provinces and territories to nominate immigrants who want to move to Canada and who have the skills, education, and work experience to contribute to the economy of the specific province or territory they are applying to. If you get a nomination through any Provincial Nominee Program ,Your PR Application process can be faster. As candidates need not to wait for a longer time in the Express Entry Pool .

Nowadays, the Federal government is inviting candidates with higher scores. whereas, PNP are even inviting candidates at even 300 CRS points. Many of the provinces are facing extreme labour shortages in few occupations. To overcome this shortage Province or territories are inviting the maximum candidates.
Applying through PNP can be a wise idea, If applied under guidance of Genuine Immigration Consultant.
Province Immigration

Province Immigration

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