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Jobs Exempt from LMIA in Canada in 2024 


Jobs Exempt from LMIA in Canada in 2024 

Canada Maple Country is known worldwide for its lowest unemployment rate and economy. However, the growing economy requires more skilled professionals, and Canada depends entirely on foreign workforces to fulfill its increasing economic demand. Canadian Employers must obtain an LMIA(Labor Market Impact Assessment) to hire foreign skilled professionals. 

The LMIA is a common requirement for most work permits in Canada. However, some jobs are exempt from the LMIA process, which provides a streamlined process for candidates to secure employment in Canada. 

This article will detail the list of jobs exempt from LMIA in Canada. But before proceeding, let us give you an overview of the LMIA(Labor Market Impact Assessment). 

LMIA(Labor Market Impact Assessment) – An Overview 

The Labor Market Impact Assessment is a document the employer must have before hiring international skilled workers. A positive LMIA explains that the employer is looking for a foreign professional worker to fill the job, and it also explains that no Canadian worker or permanent resident is available to do the job. 

Who needs and doesn’t need an LMIA in Canada? 

The following situations explain who needs and doesn’t need an LMIA in Canada. 

  • Situation: 01 

Canadian employers require a positive LMIA to prove unsuccessful attempts to hire a citizen or permanent resident for vacant positions, necessitating hiring a foreign worker. 

  • Situation: 02 

Indian candidates who want to work in Canada must apply for a work permit, attach a copy of a positive LMIA certificate, and provide the LMIA number included in the application. However, there are some exceptions. 

  • Closed Work Permit 

If you are applying for a closed work permit, you must have a positive LMIA. This permit is given to those candidates who wish to work in a particular job position and location as listed on the LMIA report. 

  • Open Work Permit

Candidates applying for an open work permit, as a candidate, you aren’t required to have a positive LMIA report. This work permit allows a candidate to work for any job position, Canadian employer, and at any location. You also are not required to have a job offer to apply for this work permit. 

  • Closed-LMIA Exempt Permit 

Candidates applying for a closed-LMIA exempt permit must work for a particular job position and employer but do not require an LMIA certificate. 

Jobs Exempt from LMIA in Canada in 2024 

The following information demonstrates jobs exempt from LMIA in Canada. 

  • Entrepreneurs and Self-Employed 

Indian business people who want to establish or have a business in Canada are exempted from LMIA requirements. However, they must demonstrate that their business will generate considerable economic, social, and cultural benefits for Canadian citizens and Permanent Residents. 

  • Intra-Company Transfers 

The Intra-Company Transfers (ICT) program enables qualified business owners to relocate to Canada and obtain a Canada work permit, typically for spouses and dependent children. 

  • French – Speaking Skilled Workers 

Candidates proficient in French and with a valid job offer from a Canadian province or territory except Quebec do not require an LMIA certificate. 

  • International Trade Agreements 

Canada’s foreign workers entering through international agreements like NAFTA, GATS, and CETA do not need an LMIA. 

  • International Youth Exchange Programs 

Canada offers international youth exchange programs for young people to travel and work without needing an LMIA.

  • Professional Athlete and Coaches 

Professional athletes, coaches, professors, guest lecturers, and students participating in exchange programs in Canada can work without an LMIA in specific industries. 

  • Academic Professionals 

Indians sponsored through recognised federal programs in Canada, including academics, researchers, guest lecturers, and visiting professors, do not require an LMIA to work in Canada. 


This article details the jobs exempted from the LMIA certificate in Canada in 2024. Despite its low unemployment rate and economy, Canada increasingly relies on foreign workforces. Employers must obtain an LMIA (Labor Market Impact Assessment) before hiring foreign skilled professionals. Some jobs, such as entrepreneurs, ICT programs, French-speaking workers, and academic professionals, are exempt from LMIA requirements. Candidates must have a positive LMIA certificate for closed work permits. 

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