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Prime Membership

Prime Membership is a pack of Premium Services which includes creating a Profile of Express Entry and as well as applying for Provinces.  and giving you Guaranteed job Assistance as well as for settling you in Canada.

Benefits Of Prime Membership

  • Lifetime consultancy Services
    • Get Lifetime consultancy services from Province Immigration with Prime With the “PNP Program”. (UP to Validation of Your Eligibility/ Documents)
  • Lifetime IELTS Coaching
    • Get IELTS Training from certified IELTS Trainers.
    • Regular Mock test and review of tests with tips and techniques for attempting exams.
    • 100 % assistance while booking exams with tips
  • 24* 7 Assistance
    • Connect with your Immigration Consultant at your convenient time.
  • Guaranteed Job Assistance
    • Get 100% job assistance with Prime Membership.
    • After getting a PR visa Canadian team will assure at least 5-to 7 job interviews in Canada.
    • We offer a 100% Refund if failed to provide said assistance.
  • Job Search Program
    • Prime with Province Immigration offers you job search services during Express Entry Application by submission of application on multiple job portals.
    • Our professional team will write Canadian Standard Resume and Cover Letter.
    • My Linkedin Profile will be recreated professionally.
  • One Study or Tourist/Visitor Visa
    • Prime Membership will include One Study/Tourist/Visitor visa for you or your Friend/Relative
  • Post-Landing Services
    • Get 100 % Assistance in post landing services such as Accommodation Search, Pick up service from Airport, and Necessary documentation.
    • Our team assures you of comfortable translation to Canada.
  • Transfer to another country
    • We will transfer your case to another country (If required) without any additional charges.
  • 100% Refund
    • We try our best to give you a positive outcome. If your visa gets rejected after receiving an Invitation to Apply we Offer a 100% refund of the total amount paid to Province Immigration.
  • Appeal Against Disputes at no extra cost
    • Prime with Province offers you appeal or judicial support services at no additional cost from our accredited Immigration Lawyer.

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