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Australian MATES Visa – Everything You Need to Know


Australian MATES Visa – Everything You Need to Know

The MATES – Mobility Arrangements for Talented Early-Professionals Scheme is a new immigration program established under the MMPA(Migration and Mobility Partnership Arrangements), launched on 23 May 2023. This visa program is a collaboration between the Australian and Indian Government authorities. This visa program enables young graduates and early-career professionals in India to work, study, and stay in australia for up to two years. 

This new visa program is not just a pathway to Australia but a gateway to unique career advancement opportunities. It’s an initiative to expand your skills and horizons and enhance your networking with industry professionals. 

If you’re ambitious and aspire to grow in your career, this collaboration program is for you. This article will provide every necessary detail about this program that can change your life. But before we delve into the details, let’s give you an overview of this exciting new visa program. 

MATES (Mobility Arrangements for Talented Early-Professionals Scheme) – An Overview 

On 23 May 2023, the Indian and Australian governments signed a contract named Migration and Mobility Partnership Arrangements(MMPA), and MATES(Mobility Arrangements for Talented Early-Professionals Scheme) has emerged as a part of MMPA.   

The MATES visa program is a pilot program that was created to attract young graduates and professionals. This visa program has targeted providing this to over 3000 young indian graduates and professionals every year, allowing them to stay, work, and study for two years. 

Benefits of the MATES Visa in 2024 

The following are the benefits of getting this Visa in 2024. 

  • No Requirement of Employer Sponsorship 

The MATES visa program is a unique opportunity that doesn’t require employer sponsorship, allowing you to explore better international opportunities on your terms. It’s a chance for young Indian professionals to independently expand their skills and expertise in Australia, empowering them to shape their career paths. 

  • Pathway to Permanent Residency 

The MATES visa program is not just a temporary opportunity but a potential pathway to permanent residency. If you get an employment opportunity during your stay, you can apply for a visa program that could lead to temporary or even permanent residency in the country. This program offers security and stability, making it an attractive option for young Indian professionals. 

  • Get Australian Work Experience 

This visa program allows Indian nationals to gain valuable work experience in Australia. This benefit can help the candidate to gain valuable skills and expertise. 

  • Generous Annual Visa Cap 

The MATES program aims to provide 3,000 temporary visas annually to skilled and young Indian professionals. 

Eligibility Criteria for Australian MATES Visa Program 2024 

The following information illustrates the eligibility criteria for the Australian Mates Visa Program 2024. 

  • Age Criteria 

One of the first criteria for this collaboration program is age. Candidates planning to migrate to Australia through this visa program must be below 31 years old. 

  • Educational Qualification 

Another eligibility criterion for this collaboration visa program is that the candidate must graduate from a recognised university and have graduated in the last two years. The candidate must have the equivalent educational qualifications required for the MATES visa program. 

  • Young Professional 

Another eligibility criterion for this visa program is the candidate should be at an early stage of their professional journey. 

  • Language Proficiency 

Another eligibility criterion for this visa program is that the candidate must demonstrate language proficiency in the official language of Australia, English.

Candidates can take the IELTS language test to demonstrate language proficiency. Under this, the candidate must score at least 6 IELTS band scores with a minimum of 5 points in each module(Speaking, Reading, Writing, and Listening). 

Eligible Occupations under the MATES Visa Program 2024 

Indian students and early professionals from the following seven occupations are eligible to apply for this immigration program and live and work in Australia. 

  1. Agricultural technology (AgriTech)
  2. Artificial intelligence (AI)
  3. Engineering
  4. Financial technology (FinTech)
  5. Information and communication technology (ICT)
  6. Mining
  7. Renewable energy

Essential Things to Remember about this New Immigration Program 

The following information illustrates the vital things to remember about the new immigration program. 

  • This Immigration program will start from 1 November 2024 
  • This is a pilot program, and it sets a target of attracting around 3000 applicants every year. 
  • Candidates should be 30 years or younger to apply for the program. 
  • Have not participated in the MATES program earlier 
  • No Sponsorship is required from the Australian Employer to apply for the program 
  • MATES candidates can work, study, and live in Australia for up to 2 years. However, Visa holders have 12 months to make their first entry into Australia and can make multiple entries in Australia.
  • MATES candidates are not restricted to work in their nominated field of study as this program aims to help them expand their skills and networks, especially in the abovementioned fields.
  • The visa fee details are yet to be released. 

How can Province Immigration help you? 

Province Immigration, one of the Best Immigration Consultants in New Delhi, provides one of the best personalised services to candidates to migrate to Australia, Canada, Germany, Sweden, and other countries. However, there are ways through which we at Province Immigration can help you successfully immigrate to Australia. 

  1. Counselling 

Province Immigration is known for its team of experts, and our well-experienced expert team provides one of the best counselling and guidance about Australia Immigration. 

  1. Complementary Services 

We also provide complementary services to candidates, including IELTS training, job assistance, resume writing and others. 

  1. Transparency 

We at Province Immigration provide 100% transparency to candidates in their immigration application process to build 100% trust between our team and potential clients of Australian Immigration. 

  1. Processing Fee 

We don’t charge a massive processing fee; we provide successful and budget-friendly processing fees to make your immigration dream a reality. 

If you want more details about the MATES program, contact Province Immigration via [email protected] or +91 98961 96762. 

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