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September 25, 2020BY Rohan Kumar ( 0 ) Comment

New Brunswick’s provincial government aims to increase immigration

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The New Brunswick Progressive Conservative Party won the recent provincial election and has promised to improve immigration to the province to help the population and economy grow

New Brunswick could benefit from an increase in the number of newcomers over the next three decades as a consequence of policies suggested by the Progressive Conservative Party. New Brunswick to increase immigration for bringing new comers to their province.

New Brunswickers re-elected the Progressive Conservative government on Monday, September 14.

During the election campaign, the premier, Blaine Higgs, vowed to keep his administration’s five-year action plan on population growth. The authorities had already declared its goal of bringing 7,500 immigrants per year by 2024, which is the highest allowed by the national government.

The Progressive Conservative Party said its goal is to attract 10,000 people to the province each year from 2027.

The state would like to improve the number of francophone immigrants through the Provincial Nominee Program to support the growth of francophone culture. The party’s platform sets a target that would allow francophone immigrants to constitute 33 percent of the populace by 2024.New Brunswick to increase the immigration process to increase its economy & population.

This goal, which would reflect the percentage of francophones in New Brunswick’s inhabitants, was supposed to be attained this year, but has been postponed and is now set again.

Higgs claims the secret to increasing the population is bringing families to the province while at the same time encouraging them to remain. In its platform, the party establish a retention rate target of 75 percent for the next five years.

During his campaign, Higgs stated New Brunswick’s population grew by over 4,000 people annually and that this expansion was almost exclusively because of immigration. Statistics Canada estimates the state’s population at approximately 780,900.

The Premier had stated in January that the province would open offices in India and Europe to promote immigration to New Brunswick. This initiative is aimed at attracting foreign investors and workers interested in New Brunswick.

Higgs said that the government’s business development agency, Opportunities New Brunswick, is committed to bringing companies in emerging industries like cybersecurity, electronic health and vitality innovation in the decades ahead.

ο Reference taken from CIC News

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