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Canada’s July 2020 permanent resident intake fell by 63 % compared with last July.

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Canada Immigration

Canada generally welcomes a number of its highest amounts of new immigrants every July. This is because of immigrants moving to Canada through the warm summer months, also to register their kids in school before the academic year starts across Canada in late-August and early September.

Canada’s July 2020 ingestion was also lower than the 19,200 immigrants Canada welcomed in June of this year.

June 2020 has become the strongest month for Canada’s PR levels because the corona virus was labelled as a pandemic in March.

Following the start of the pandemic, Canada’s PR intake plummeted in April due to Canada introducing travel restrictions, which remain in position, plus other coronavirus-related disruptions such as approved immigrants not being able to find available flights to get them into Canada.

It is essential to note that some authorized permanent resident applicants are entitled to move to Canada right now despite the travel limitations. For example, confirmation of permanent residence (COPR) holders who acquired their COPR on or before March 18, 2020 are one of those that are exempt.

Top 15 countries of new immigrants in July 2020

Canada’s top 15 countries of new PR’s in July were (PR figures in brackets) :

1) India (3,195)
2) China (870)
3) Philippines (865)
4) Pakistan (640)
5) Nigeria (555)
6) Morocco (515)
7) Iran (405)
8) United States of America (405)
9) Algeria (335)
10) France (290)
11) Syria (245)
12) Egypt (225)
13) United Kingdom (225)
14) Cameroon (220)
15) South Korea (205)

The present state of Canadian immigration

Canada remains processing immigration applications throughout the pandemic and devoting new permanent dwelling invitations to successful applicants.

Canada’s flagship method to handle economic class immigration applications is named Express Entry.

Express Entry draws have continued to take place on a bi-weekly foundation since March.

As of the last Express Entry draw that took place on September 2nd, IRCC issued 69,950 ITAs at 2020 thus much compared with 56,200 in the exact same point in 2019.

Additionally, the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) continues to operate.

Canada also remains committed to its 2020-2022 Immigration Levels Plan.

When you include these variables collectively, IRCC anticipates that Canada’s PR amounts will surge once the pandemic is over.

ο Reference taken from CIC News

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