North Bay unveils RNIP immigration stream |North bay to start RNIP

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October 26, 2020BY Rohan Kumar ( 0 ) Comment

Northern Ontario to start RNIP Stream

north bay unveils rnip stream
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The northern Ontario community would be the eleventh Canadian municipality to start its RNIP

Another Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot (RNIP) stream went live on October 21.North Bay, Ontario, is now the eleventh Canadian community to unveil the RNIP program criteria. North bay Ontario to start RNIP Stream.

There are twelve engaging communities at the pilot. The only community that hasn’t launched its program is Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.

North Bay is a town of more than 50,000 people. It has a diversified economy that includes strong health, mining, and tourism sectors.

Instruction is also an important element as North Bay is the site of numerous post-secondary associations.

The RNIP is a brand new initiative of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to associate with communities out of Canada’s main population centers to draw immigrants who will best contribute to every community. There are requirements that that apply to all communities and people immigrating to them.

One of these are that applicants possess the following eligibility standards :

    minimum of one year of job experience in the previous three years, except for a few international students and graduates

    minimum levels of English or French

    no less than a high school diploma

    the capacity to support themselves and their immediate family members; and

    a full-time, more permanent, job offer in the participating community

The job offer must be at the same skill level, either one level above or one degree under the National Occupational Classification (NOC) that matches with the candidates’ job experience.

How, then, will somebody get a neighborhood recommendation out of North Bay, that will induce them to apply for Canadian permanent residence? North bay Ontario to start RNIP stream to welcome more new immigrants.

The more powerful the knowledge of one of Canada’s official languages, the better. Experience living in northern or rural communities helps also.

Family or friendship ties with somebody already living in North Bay are also beneficial. Someone who has already lived or is currently living in North Bay will acquire additional points.

If someone analyzed at a post-secondary institution in North Bay, this adventure will operate in their favor.

Possessing an occupation that North Bay considers to be in demand will also enhance one’s program. North Bay has additional info on applying to the RNIP on its webpage.

ο Reference taken from CIC News

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