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Quebec holds biggest immigration draw in over a year

quebec with its biggest immigration draw
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Quebec sent out 365 invitations to people who had registered an expression of attention to immigrate to the French-speaking province.

Quebec held its main draw of this year, inviting 365 immigration candidates to apply for permanent selection on September 24.Quebec holds its biggest immigration draw of the year.

Invitations went to people who had registered an expression of interest through the Arrima portal, which manages applications for Quebec’s Regular Skilled Worker Program.

There were three categories of candidates encouraged by Ministry of Immigration, Francization, and Integration (MIFI). The first group had a validated offer of employment in the state to receive an invitation.

The second category included people who were remaining in Quebec as a diplomat, consular officer, a representative for the United Nations or any intergovernmental organization that carries out operations in Quebec. The draw could have also included people that are members of the team of any such official, because these occupations will also be covered under Section 26 of the Quebec Immigration Regulation.

Ultimately, MIFI also encouraged Arrima applicants who did not meet the invitation standards but who, at the Minister’s view, would have the ability to contribute to Quebec’s prosperity. This is the very first time MIFI has invited candidates under this category.

The province didn’t define how many of the invitations were issued to candidates in each of these categories.

Quebec’s immigration process

Quebec has more power over its immigration system than any other state.

The Government of Quebec is responsible for selecting economic-class immigrants like skilled workers and entrepreneurs.

Immigration candidates who are issued a CSQ can then apply for permanent resident status with Canada’s national government.

How Arrima works

Individuals applying for Quebec immigration throughout the Regular Skilled Worker Program use the online Arrima portal site to submit an expression of attention to MIFI.

Making an expression of curiosity profile in Arrima is absolutely free and it is available to anyone 18 years old or older. It’s open yearlong so people can submit their profiles at any time.

The first step is to create an Arrima accounts and complete the profile within 90 days. Once their expression of interest has been created it remains valid for a year. Nominees are always able to upgrade their profile in this time period.

If candidates are invited to apply for the CSQ, they might have to meet certain cut-off scores based on a points grid.

After the invitations are issued, applicants have 90 days to apply for the CSQ. These applications are processed using the Mon Projet Québec program management program. The ministry will evaluate the program, and issue a comprehensive list of the required documents.

The application review process begins once MIFI receives all the documents that are requested. Some applicants may be encouraged to attend a meeting to check the information provided in their program.

ο Reference taken from CIC News

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