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Nova Scotia PNP program 2020


Nova Scotia PNP Requirements

Nova Scotia is one of the first established areas in Canada.Nova Scotia offers a quality of life and is surrounded by sea, lush green forests, lakes and farmland. Low cost of living and growing cities makes Nova Scotia an enjoyable place to live in Canada.There are plenty of job opportunities there for all settlers because Nova Scotia has a large services economy.
The best way to move to the Province of  Nova Scotia is through the Nova Scotia Nomination Program (NSNP). The NSNP targets skilled candidates who have the ability to contribute for the development of Nova Scotia. Through the Nova Scotia Nominee Program, the Province is able to meet the demands of their local labor market and choose immigrants with required skills and work experience for provincial nomination.

Immigration Pathways For Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP)

Nova Scotia offers a lot of streams for immigration extended from skilled worker applications, in-demand job categories, experienced workers categories, entrepreneurship pathways etc. Here is following categories;-
1- Nova Scotia Skilled Worker:- This stream assists businesses recruit foreign workers and recently graduated international students whose abilities are required in Nova Scotia. To submit an application for PR under this program you have a job offer from an employer.
2- Nova Scotia Entrepreneur:- This stream is for experienced business owners and senior business managers who want to work and live in Nova Scotia. They should begin another business or purchase a current business and should effectively partake in the everyday administration of the business.
3- Nova Scotia Physicians- This stream is intended for skilled immigrants who have a job offer from a well-being association in the area.
4- Nova Scotia International Graduate Entrepreneur:- This stream is for the past international graduates from the Nova Scotia university or college who have owned a business and have operated for a minimum one year in the province.
5- Nova Scotia Demand : Express Entry:- This stream targets highly skilled persons who wish to work and live in Nova Scotia permanently. Candidates must have a good chance of immediately finding a job in Nova Scotia Market.
6- Nova Scotia Experience: Express Entry:- This stream is for those skilled workers who wish to live and at least must have one year experience in Nova Scotia in highly skilled occupations.

What is the Minimum Eligibility Requirement For Applying for NSNP


For all above Immigration Pathways –

1-  You must need to have a minimum score of 67 points or more on the stream’s six selection factor.
2-  You need to have a minimum of one year of experience related to a job offer.
3-  You should have the right educational qualification to work in your occupation. Your educational qualification certificates are equal to Canadian education system.
4-  You need to show minimum settlement funds and that you are intended to live and work in Nova Scotia.
5-  You need to have legal status in your current country of residence.
6-  You need to have language proficiency equal to Canadian language Benchmark (CLB) Level5.
7-  Your age should be between 18 to 49.

How Can I Apply For Nova Scotia PNP Program?

The Nova Scotia PNP program processing time for an application is approximately 3 to 6 months. There are two main steps for applying Nova Scotia application is:-
1- Express Entry Profile:- You need to create an Express Entry profile for PNP process. After this you will have to go to the CIC website and fill out the form with your details
like your education qualification, age, work experience, language proficiency etc. In point section where in Canada you want to move, select Nova Scotia.
2- NSNP Profile-  After creation of Express Entry profile, you should make an NSNP profile. This will increase the speed at which your application is processed. After submitted your right documents. You need to wait to get an NSNP nomination soon if you did your documentation process right and your score is high. After this you will wait for next Express Entry Draw to get the ITA and then apply for Canada PR Visa.

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