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Job Opportunity in Canada from India

Impact of Covid -19 on job market in Canada-

Since decades Canada has been like heaven for Indians who intend to work overseas and are looking for a bright career. Canada needs 10,00,000 (approx) new skilled workers as immigrants to work in Canada. Hence Canada offers the best working environment, good wage rate and other facilities to people seeking job opportunities in Canada.

Canada' economy creates 1 million job in Canada in June 2020 -

Despite covid- 19 Canada' economy manages to create 1 Million new jobs in the market in June 2020. And unemployment rate continues to drop in june as well after lifting covid- 19 related lockdown. Lifting lockdown started a recovery in the economy as well, Residents and citizens returned to offices and started working.

Canada Overall Unemployment rate also started dropping, which is a good sign for upcoming immigrants.
This suggests that many people can now get optimistic about getting a new job in Canada.

Canada's latest job trends is good news for new Immigrants, Now they can expect a stronger economy once their Permanent residency Visa processing will complete.

How to get job in Canada From India-

There are following ways to get job in canada-

  1. Permanent residency Visa (PR Visa)- Most famous and one of the easiest ways to get a job in Canada from India. This program allows immigrants to live, work and study in Canada along with social benefits like Health facilities, free child education, Unemployment allowances and many more.
  2. Online Job Portals - There are many job portals in Canada which allows you to submit your profile and aplly job, some of them are-
  3. Monster
  4. workopolis
  5. Work Bc
  6. Saskjobs
  7. emploi - Quebec
  9. Job bank
  10. Work permit- work permit is one of the quickest ways to get a job in Canada, Global Talent stream is one of the Famous and successful programs of canada to get work Permit. However sometimes it is difficult to get a work permit from India, There are plenty of fake agents in India who promise to provide you work Permit and they charge 15-20 Lakh for processing.

Apart from these Intra company transfer or Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program can also be one of the good ways to get a job in Canada from India.

How Province Immigration helps -
We help you to find jobs in the best possible ways without much hassle. We have a dedicated and experienced resume writing and job assistance team to help you in multiple ways. Some of our job assistance services include

  1. Resume Writing
  2. Linkedin Branding
  3. Submitting profile in Multiple job Portals
  4. Making Cover letter
  5. Slide Share resume creation
  6. applying with job placement agencies in Canada



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