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Canada is now sending work and study permits by mail

canada sending work & study permits
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Study and work license applicants that have obtained their approval letters no longer need to go to the border to trigger their permits

Foreign nationals that are in Canada and who were approved to work or study can currently get their licenses sent to them by mail. Canada started sending work & study permits through mail.

The new measure also goes to people who got their LOI under the International Experience Canada program.

Coronavirus travel limitations have left many of those LOI holders in limbo. Though they have been approved to work or research, they can’t get their permits unless they visit a port of entry. They can not go to some port of entry because it is not thought to be essential travel. Consequently, they can’t obtain their work or study permit, so that they can’t legally start working or studying even though they’ve been approved.

The new procedure will allow these people to ask their research or work permit online and have their own papers mailed to them. IRCC states this option is available until March 31, 2021.

The new procedure to get your work or study permit in Canada

LOI holders will have a slightly different process based on if they’re coming to work or study.

They will also look for some issues or event notes entered after the approval has been issued. Officers can contact the employer to confirm the job offer. They might also contact the applicant to get an interview if they think it’s necessary.

Even though they may check open source information to confirm the employer, any information they find that could lead them to deny the license must be followed by the procedural fairness procedure.

If the work or research permit is refused, officers must add case notes indicating why they reached a negative conclusion based from the program.

Applicants who are approved for their licenses are going to receive their records in the mail, and eventually be able to work or study in Canada.

ο Reference taken from CIC News

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