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Five Canadian Provinces Ontario, Saskatchewan, BC, Quebec, and PEI Invited 7700+ Candidates


Five Canadian Provinces Ontario, Saskatchewan, BC, Quebec, and PEI Invited 7700+ Candidates

Five Canadian Provinces Ontario, Saskatchewan, BC, Quebec, and PEI Invited 7700+ Candidates

This week, five Canadian provinces welcomed applicants to apply for provincial immigration programs.

The provincial and federal governments share responsibilities for immigration. When a province nominates a candidate for permanent residence status under the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), the candidate’s application for permanent resident status is strengthened. This is especially true for Express Entry applicants, who gain 600 more Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points when nominated.

The PNP is not used in Quebec or Nunavut. Quebec has a one-of-a-kind arrangement with the federal government that gives it complete control over the selection of its economic immigration programs.

Results of Provincial Immigration August 12-18, Ontario

This week, Ontario welcomed 5,450 candidates in four different streams:

  1. Employer Job Opportunity: International Student Stream 
  2. Employer Job Opportunity: Stream of Foreign Workers
  3. Employer Job Posting: In-Demand Skill Set
  4. Stream of Human Capital Priorities

On August 15, all three Employer Job Offer drawings took place. The province welcomed 853 international students with a minimum score of 61 and a job offer in technology, healthcare, or skilled crafts.

There were also 375 applicants invited under the Foreign Worker stream with employment offers in skilled crafts and a minimum score of 30, and 1,131 qualified candidates with job offers in health and technology sectors and a minimum score of 46.

The third Employer Job Offer draw saw 256 competent individuals get invites with job offers in in-demand skills and scores of 23 or above. These individuals had employment offers in high-demand occupations such as agriculture, construction, and other fields.

On August 17, the province stated that it had welcomed 2,835 Express Entry Human Capital Priorities applicants with expertise in technology and health-related sectors and scores of 473 or higher throughout the week.

The province of Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan published Expressions of Interest (EOIs) for the first time since June 8 on August 16. For the first time, the province staged drawings for applicants in its Express Entry and Occupations-In-Demand streams but did so across six draws based on the candidate’s country of residency and occupation. 

The province claims that the purpose of each draw is to promote recruiting programs that link eligible individuals with labor market possibilities. The province invited 23 applicants from Ireland, 224 from India, and 98 from Poland, Czechia, Germany, Lithuania, Slovakia, and Ukraine through its Express Entry stream.

Invitations were sent to 12 applicants from Ireland, 207 from India, and 78 from Poland, Czechia, Germany, Lithuania, Slovakia, and Ukraine under the Occupations in Demand stream. Candidates in each draw have to have a minimum score of 60.

The province of Quebec

On August 10, Quebec announced the results of its most recent round of invites.

In all, 1384 individuals were asked to apply for permanent selection by the Ministry of Immigration, Francization, and Integration. According to the requirements, candidates needed a score of 591 and level 7 oral proficiency (or better) in French.

According to the Échelle québécoise des niveaux de compétence en français des adultes, candidates needed a score of 591 and a level 7 oral competence (or better) in French. Candidates with a genuine employment offer from outside the Communauté métropolitaine de Montréal were also invited.

An invitation to apply for permanent selection is not the same as being granted permanent resident status by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). Candidates seeking permanent residence status must still apply to IRCC individually.

The province of British Columbia

On August 15, British Columbia held four targeted lotteries for candidates in the BC PNP’s Skilled Worker and International Graduate Streams (including Express Entry). The greatest pull welcomed 107 IT workers with a minimum Skills Immigration Registration System (SIRS) score of 88.

The following were the remaining three draw results

  1. 27 early childhood educators and helpers; 
  2. 19 healthcare occupation candidates; and 
  3. less than five applicants in other key occupations. 

A minimum score of 60 was necessary for all candidates.

The province of Prince Edward Island

PEI welcomed 142 applicants in two independent streams of the PEI PNP on August 17. In the Labour and Express Entry streams, the province invited 138 applicants. These invites were sent to people who work for a PEI employer and have a minimum EOI score of 50. nearly the last year, Labour and Express Entry candidate have received nearly 97% of all PEI PNP invites.

In addition, four invites were given to candidates in the Business Work Permit Entrepreneur category who scored at least 102 points.

Province Immigration

Province Immigration

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