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    Canada has been growing its economy in the past years which led it to become the 10th largest GDP in the world with 3.86 Crore population across the nation which is quite less if we compare it to India. Canada is a technologically advanced country but however lacks skilled workers which in turn gives rise to the demand of skilled workers/laborers in various business sectors. If you are planning to immigrate to a foreign country, Canada must be your priority. You can Immigrate to Canada from India, with the pioneers of immigration consultants Province Immigration, who have been serving since 7 years and have a 100% success rate in immigrating and 100% transparency with the client. Our valuable and essential services have made numerous clients and their family members immigrate to Canada. Province immigration provides customized immigration options to the client which suits best to the needs of clients. 

    Why hire Immigration Consultants for Canada? 

    Shaking hands with a Top Canada immigration consultant in India will be a better option for you if you want to save time and effort and do not ever want to miss deadlines. There are several reasons why one should consider consulting an immigration consultancy, mentioned below;

    1. If you don’t want to miss any detail regarding your immigration procedure
    2. you do not want to miss any deadline laid by IRCC 
    3. Minimize the chances of rejection of your profile. 
    4. To make your profile look error-free and more attractive 
    5. To maximise your chance of getting an ITA
    6. Provision of IELTS coaching 

    after shortlisting the best alternative to consult for your immigration procedure, you can follow the following steps such as;   

    • Check online reputation of the company and know the perks they are promising  
    • Visit the office as offline verification is necessary so as to avoid any kind of fraud. Ask them if there are any branches, look for any additional services that will help you settle in a foreign land 
    • Analyse the cost breakdown 
    • Check for the knowledge and expertise, now about the documents, deadlines, costs. Talk it out to your case manager and check that they know what they are talking about. 
    • Look for any sign of fraudulent 

    Benefits of immigrating to Canada from India

    immigrating to Canada can be a boon to a foreign candidate wishing to settle in Canada because of the following reasons 

    1. You can live, study and travel anywhere in Canada.
    2. You will be able to enjoy all the social benefits and health coverage just like any other citizen of Canada.
    3. You will be provided with the protection and able to enjoy all the rights under the Canadian Law and Canadian Charter of Rights and freedom.
    4. Children under the age of 18 will be provided with free education and subsidised higher education.
    5. You will be allowed to stay in the country even when you lose your job.
    6. After having a PR for 3 years you will be allowed to apply for Canadian citizenship by which you can travel visa-free to the United States. 

    Top 6 programs for Indians for Canada Immigration!

    1. Federal skilled worker program (FSWP), is the best program to get a PR visa in Canada because of its faster processing time. The candidate needs to have a 67 CRS score or more and a job offer beforehand.
    2. Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP), this program is targeted for Skilled trades workers and labourers who are specialized in a specific skill set in various sectors. Any specific qualifications are not required for this program only English language efficiency of CLB5 is required. 
    3. Canadian Experience Class (CEC), This program is for skilled workers who already have work experience in Canada of at least 1 year. The processing time is relatively less in this program. According to the World migration report for 2020, candidates entering via this program will have higher chances of getting a good job than others entering via other programs.
    4. Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), as the name suggests here, the provinces themselves shortlist the candidates having favourable profiles from the express entry pool. Getting shortlisted by the Province will provide you with an additional 600 CRS points which will help ensure your ITA. This program is specifically for the candidates who may not be eligible for Express entry or in need of additional CRS points.
    5. Atlantic Immigration Pilot program (AIPP), this program is to fill up the vacancies of the Atlantic region: Nova Scotia, New Brunswhick, Prince Edward Island, Newfound labrador. 
    6. Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP), This program is especially to settle in the province of Quebec. One must score a total of 50 CRS points, age under 40, work experience of at least 2 years of work experience and English/French competency. 

    Why do you need Canada Immigration Consultants in India?

    If you are planning to apply for the PR visa for Canada you must look for assistance in order to escalate the process and minimize any chances of rejection you must surely look for an immigration consultation. Province Immigration is achieving milestones if we talk about a name in immigration consultancies. It is led by a knowledgeable and experienced team of immigration experts who will assist you at every step of your visa process and will enlighten you with the latest or emerging policies and draws. We tend to create a client friendly ambience where you can feel free to ask doubts if any. We try to do our best to resolve all your immigration related queries  in the best way possible. We choose the best visa program that will complement your profile and make your profile look presentable as well as professional. We have served thousands of clients since we started in the year 2015 and have managed to secure our name in the top immigration consultants in India for canada. It is the most trustworthy immigration consultancy and will make your immigration procedure hassle-free and smooth that too  in minimum fee structure. 

    How Promising the Indian Immigration Consultants?

    Delhi is the National capital of India and is full of immigration consultants which gives rise to false promises and hopes giving rise to the complication of choosing a genuine and successful immigration consultant. Well, Province Immigration is your one-step solution to all your immigration related problems with a great success ratio without burning a hole in your pocket. You must always search for a brand name which has been in the immigration industry for several years. It has been providing flawless services for 7 years now, which makes it rank amongst the top immigration consultants in India. We have built a brand name and have individuals visiting us in our office with queries like How long will be the Canada PR processing time? What will be the important documents that will be submitted? or there might be follow up queries regarding your profile by the immigration authorities. Handling all this can be quite a task for you, in absence of professional guidance it will become hectic and you might commit a mistake. Here comes our role, we guide you through these obstacles and make the immigration procedure smooth for you. 

    What makes Province Immigration the best immigration consultant in India for Canada? 

    Province immigration has been upholding distinguished services since the year 2015 in providing visa consultation and is the best Canada immigration consultant in India, we have helped migrate thousands of candidates to Canada, who have been satisfied with our services and have given positive reviews to our services. We tend to have the most experienced and knowledgeable staff to guide you. When applying for immigration the procedure is usually quite extensive and happens to be very time-consuming for most. We guide you through and are available for you at any hour of the day so that you won’t miss any deadline and regret it later. After you are all prepared the chance of rejection is quite less but if it happens, you will be provided with alternatives that may help to revive your chances to move abroad. Our “Never lose hope” attitude has made us rank among the leading immigration consultants in India for Canada.

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