Top 10 in demand jobs in Canada that will help you enroll in the highest paying jobs in Canada.

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Canada has always been demanding skilled workers and service providers. Canada has less population and the producers are also the consumer, which further gives rise to the demand of skilled workers and skilled labours. Be it tech-related, healthcare, or any sort of professional service, the demand for it is ever increasing. If you are searching for a job in Canada, but are not sure about which are the top in-demand job categories in Canada, then after reading this article you will be able to understand how much scope your occupation has in the upcoming business years. 

  1. First on the list is Web Development, The covid era has highlighted the importance of online businesses and online services need a website to function, the developers develop a website, software, applications as per the comfort of the client. A web developer must be proficient in HTML, Java, python, PHP and more. 

  2. Sales and Marketing is another spiking job occupation, even the pandemic situation could not slow down people buying and selling products and services, the salesman must know about the product/services. Freshers can start their job as salesmen easily, they are required to have a bachelor’s degree in business administration. 

  3. REGISTERED NURSE; The covid 19 virus led the world on its knee and only the first-line workers could handle the situation. The pandemic led to a huge demand in the first line workers which includes registered nurses. Nurses are particularly in shortage. Some PNP draws were held for registered nurses to encourage them to consider Canada as an option to immigrate. 

  4. HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT; You must hold a bachelor’s degree in HR related field. HR plays a vital role in recruiting worthy candidates, ensuring that there is a healthy work environment within the organization. A human resource manager must possess excellent soft skills and communication skills.

  5. PHARMACIST; Just like other healthcare services, pharmacists have been in demand in recent years. A pharmacist is responsible to provide consultations regarding medicines. A pharmacist can work in a hospital, or drugstore, or run its own pharmacy. To become a certified pharmacist in a province you must pass a test conducted by the Pharmacy examining board of Canada (PEBC). 

  6. DATA ANALYST; data analysts are spiking in demand occupation lately. The companies are understanding the value of data analysing and its importance to grow a company. The data analyst is required to have skills related to SQL, R, python, machine learning, and a branch of Artificial intelligence (AI). 

  7. ACCOUNTANT; accounting is needed in every organisation, it is necessary to keep a check on finances especially during post-pandemic. Accounting has ever growing scope in every province of Canada. An accountant must possess a degree or diploma in a business related field.

  8. VETERINARIAN (VET); The Canadians love their pets but unfortunately the veterinarian are in short supply in Canada which makes it an in demand occupation in Canada. The practitioner must possess a license issued by a regulatory body within the province. 

  9. TRUCK DRIVERS; truck drivers are in most demand in Canada so as to transport commercial goods in Canada from one coast to another. According to stats the vacancy for truck drivers has risen by 8% providing immigrants a good livelihood. Moreover, the education qualifications are not that strict for a truck driver. He/she should have a training in truck driving alongside appropriate licensing. 

  10.  SOFTWARE ENGINEER; The never ending demand for engineers has made software engineering rank in the top 10 in demand occupations in Canada. Despite high volatility, high wages and enormous growing potential, engineering is among the top 10 in demand occupations. The candidate must possess in-depth knowledge of computer softwares, a degree or diploma in software engineering, hands on skills in java, python, HTML and coding. 

These were the top 10 in demand job occupations, 2023 which would help you to immigrate to Canada with a livelihood. You can find out which category you fit best and can utilize your potential to the fullest.

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