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Requirement Of Proof Of Funds For Canada PR 2024


Requirement Of Proof Of Funds For Canada PR 2024

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If you considering applying for permanent residency in Canada, One of the essential requirements you’ll need to fulfill is showing proof of funds. Your Proof of funds assures Canadian authorities that you possess sufficient funds to support yourself and your family members during the initial stages of your settlement.

Understanding Proof Of Funds

What is proof of funds?

Proof of funds is a mandatory requirement for the Canadian immigration process. Programs such as the FSWP (Federal Skilled Worker Program) and the FSTP (Federal Skilled Trades Program) considered proof of funds as a major component for express entry in Canada.

Why It Is Important?

It ensures the Canadian government that you are able to support yourself and your family during the initial stage of your settlement in Canada. After arriving in Canada, it validates your ability to financially support yourself and your family members.

How Much Proof Of Funds Is Required For A Canada PR?

The required amount of funds depends on the size of your family. A single candidate needs to show at least CAD $13,310. The following proof of funds amount has been updated in 2023 let’s go through them:

Number of family members Funds required in Canadian dollars (CAD) Approximate in Indian Rupees (INR) ( **Approx. 1 CAD – INR 60.7)
1 CAD 13,757 INR 8,45,733
2 CAD 17,127 INR 10,52,910
3 CAD 21,055 INR 12,94,390
4 CAD 25,564 INR 15,71,588
5 CAD 28,994 INR 17,82,453
6 CAD 32,700 INR 20,10,285
7 CAD 36,407 INR 22,38,179
For each additional family member  CAD 3,706 INR 2,27,832

How To Show Or Prove Your Funds

Canadian authorities permit candidates to show proof of funds in the form of:

  1. Cheques Or Savings Bank Account
  2. Banker’s Draft
  3. Cash
  4. Stocks
  5. Bonds
  6. Treasury Bills
  7. Money Orders
  8. Provident Funds
  9. Mutual Funds
  10. Travelers’s Cheques
  11. Registered Retirement Savings Plans
  12. Tax-Free Saving Accounts
  13. Term Deposits And Time Deposits
  14. Guaranteed Investment Certificate Or Certificate Of Deposit

Optimizing Your Proof of Funds Application

  1. Document Authenticity: Ensure that all your financial documents are authentic and verifiable. Any discrepancies can lead to rejection or delays in your application.


  2. Source of Funds: Clearly outline the source of your funds. This could be from employment, investments, savings, or other legal sources.


  3. Currency Conversion: If your funds are not in Canadian dollars, use official exchange rates to convert them. Include proof of these rates.


  4. Liquid Assets: Focus on including liquid assets that are easily accessible. Real estate or property holdings might not be considered as readily available funds.


  5. Keep Adequate Margin: It’s wise to include a little extra funds to account for unforeseen expenses. This showcases your financial prudence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Can I borrow funds to show proof of funds?

A: Yes, you can borrow funds, but you must provide evidence of a loan from an authorized financial institution.

Q2: What if my spouse is accompanying me?

A: If your spouse is accompanying you, you’ll need to show additional funds to support them.

Q3: Can I use funds from a joint account?

A: Yes, funds from a joint account can be used, but you must prove your share in the account.

Q4: Is proof of funds required for all immigration streams?

A: Proof of funds is primarily required for economic immigration streams, such as Express Entry programs.

Q5: Are there any exemptions from providing proof of funds?

A: In rare cases, applicants with a valid job offer in Canada or those authorized to work in Canada may be exempt from showing proof of funds.


Proof of funds is a crucial requirement for individuals applying for permanent residency in Canada. As of my last knowledge update in April 2023, applicants need to demonstrate that they have sufficient funds to support themselves and their family members upon arrival in Canada.

The purpose of this requirement is to ensure that newcomers can settle in Canada without relying on social assistance programs. The specific amount of funds required varies based on the number of family members accompanying the applicant. It’s important to note that these requirements can change over time, and the amount of funds required may have been updated since my last knowledge update in April 2023. I recommend visiting official Canadian government websites or the best immigration consultant in Delhi for the most up-to-date and accurate information on proof of funds requirements for Canada PR in 2023.

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