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Immigrate to Canada as a Healthcare Professional from India

Immigrate to Canada as a Healthcare Professional from India

Immigrate to Canada as a Healthcare Professional from India

Canada has been a dreamland for many skilled professionals, including healthcare professionals. Moreover, Canada always remains in huge demand for skilled Healthcare professionals. However, experienced healthcare professionals can apply for Canadian Immigration via the Federal Skilled Worker Program. This immigration program comes under the economic skilled immigration program. 

This article will provide every detail a candidate should know if they want to migrate to Canada as a Healthcare Professional in 2024. But before proceeding, let us review the benefits an experienced healthcare professional can enjoy in Canada. 

Benefits of Immigrating to Canada as a Healthcare Worker from India 

The following information explains the benefits of a candidate migrating to Canada as a Healthcare Worker from India. 

  • Job Security 

One of the first benefits of immigrating to Canada as a skilled healthcare worker from India is that candidates can get job security. There has always been a significant demand for experienced healthcare professionals in Canada, including nurses, doctors, pharmacists, and other related professions. 

This high demand for this profession ensures that skilled professionals have job security and career advancement opportunities. 

  • Competitive Salaries

Another benefit of immigrating to Canada as a Healthcare professional from India is that candidates can enjoy competitive salaries. The salaries of healthcare professionals are very high in Canada compared to other countries, which reflects the high demand for skilled healthcare candidates in this field.  

  • Advanced Healthcare System 

Canada has one of the most developed healthcare systems, enabling skilled professionals to work with cutting-edge technology and innovative practices. 

  • Professional Growth Opportunities 

Canada offers its skilled healthcare professionals various professional growth opportunities, including additional educational facilities, training programs, and research opportunities. These opportunities allow them to gain valuable knowledge and skills related to their occupation. 

  • Free Healthcare Services 

A skilled healthcare professional with Permanent Residents enjoys access to the country’s universal healthcare system, which offers free comprehensive medical care at the point of use. 

Top Pathways to Immigrate to Canada as a Healthcare Professional 

The following are the top pathways to immigrate to Canada as a Healthcare Professional from India. 

  • Express-Entry Program

The express-entry program is one of the most popular and famous immigration pathways to Canada. It attracts skilled professionals worldwide, including healthcare professionals. 

The healthcare profession is one of the most in-demand occupations in Canada. Therefore, the Canadian Immigration Authority IRCC(Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada) aims to attract more skilled healthcare professionals via category-based and standard draws. 

  • Category-Based Draws 

The Express Entry category-based draws started on May 31, 2023. The healthcare sector is one of the most prioritised categories. There are 35 categories, including dentists, nurses, and others in healthcare occupations.

  • Standard Express Entry Draw 

Standard Express Entry Draw selects candidates for the Canadian Permanent Residency through streams like the federal skilled worker program, federal skilled trades program, and Canadian Experience Class(CEC)

  • Provincial Nominee Program 

Each Canadian province and territory manages the Provincial Nominee Program, which has unique eligibility criteria, application processes, and requirements. Some provinces prioritise candidates with job offers. Moreover, Ontario, British Columbia, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Saskatchewan offer separate immigration programs for healthcare occupations. 

Steps to Immigrate to Canada as a Healthcare Professional from India 

The following information illustrates the steps to immigrate to Canada as a Healthcare Professional from India. 

  • Check your Eligibility 

One of the first steps in the Canadian Immigration process as a healthcare professional from India is the candidate must check their eligibility for Canadian Immigration. 

  • Create an Express Entry Profile 

Another step in the Canadian immigration process as a healthcare professional from India is creating an online Express Entry profile in your IRCC Secure Account, detailing your qualifications. 

  • Enter in the Express Entry Pool 

You will be placed in the Express Entry pool if you are eligible for the Federal Skilled Worker Class, Federal Skilled Trades Class, or Canadian Experience Class. 

  • Ranked in the Express Entry Profile 

The most eligible candidate will be ranked in the express entry profile based on their CRS Score.

  • Invitation-based on category 

Canada will extend invitations to highly esteemed Health Professionals to submit applications for permanent residency. 

  • Apply for Permanent Residency 

If accepted, submit your application for a particular Express Entry program within 60 days of receiving an invitation.

  • Wait for Confirmation 

During this step, candidates must wait for confirmation from the immigration authorities. If their profile is selected, they will receive a Canadian visa. 

The Best Medical Authorities in Canada in 2024 

The following tabular representation illustrates the best medical authorities in Canada in 2024. 

Province/TerritoryMedical Authority
AlbertaPhysicians and Surgeons College in Alberta
British ColumbiaPhysicians and Surgeons College in British Columbia
ManitobaPhysicians and Surgeons College in Manitoba
New BrunswickPhysicians and Surgeons College in New Brunswick
Newfoundland & LabradorPhysicians and Surgeons College in Newfoundland & Labrador
Northwest TerritoriesGovernment of the Northwest Territories
NunavutThe Medical Registration Committee of the Department of Health and Social Services in Nunavut
OntarioPhysicians and Surgeons College in Ontario
Prince Edward IslandPhysicians and Surgeons College in Prince Edward Island
QuebecCollege des medecIns du Quebec
SaskatchewanCollege of Physicians and Surgeons of Saskatchewan
YukonYukon Medical Council

The In-Demand Healthcare Occupation in 2024 

The following are the in-demand healthcare occupations in 2024

  1. Registered Nurses (RNs)
  2. Medical Doctors
  3. Pharmacists 
  4. Physiotherapists 
  5. Laboratory Technologist 
  6. Dental Hygienist 
  7. Nurse Practitioner 
  8. Dietitians and Nutritionists
  9. Surgeons 
  10. Opticians 


This article details how to Immigrate to Canada as a Healthcare Professional from India. Canada is a desirable destination for skilled healthcare professionals, offering job security, competitive salaries, advanced healthcare systems, professional advancement opportunities, and accessible healthcare services. To migrate to Canada in 2024, candidates can apply for Canadian Immigration via the Federal Skilled Worker Program. 

The Canadian Immigration Authority (IRCC) aims to attract more professionals through category-based and standard draws. In 2024, Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, and the Northwest Territories have the best medical authorities in Canada. 

For more such details, you can visit Province Immigration’s official website or contact us at +91 98961 96762 or [email protected] 

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