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How You Can Find A Job In Germany


How You Can Find A Job In Germany

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Germany is the best country to study, work and find jobs in Germany. It provides world-class knowledge and quality of life that too at minimal cost. With many employment opportunities  If you are looking for work, we are here to walk you through the ways that you must know to find your desired job. Germany has several visa types that can help you find your dream job. You can also find a job for/by yourself via online. There are several websites that might help you to find several job opportunities in Germany  without actually going to Germany. Some of the websites are:

  2. Stepstone
  3. Snaphunt
  4. Indeed
  5. Linkedin
  7. Jobrapido (Germany)

These were some great websites to find work in Germany by a foreigner without visiting Germany. 

However, many employers require the candidate to interview physically to assess their skills before providing a job letter. The government of Germany has a visa type with which one can have an employment in Germany from India for a limited duration of time.

Germany job seeker visa! 

Do you want to look for a job in Germany by visiting germany? You can apply for jobs in Germany with a job seeker visa. The German government provides a special visa type where you can find employment for yourself in Germany and after you have this visa. This visa takes approximately 4 to 6 months to process. After getting the visa  you will be able to visit Germany for a given time frame. You may  try to apply for jobs in Germany from India and if you manage to find a job that suits your qualifications within the given time frame you can convert your job seeker visa to a work permit to explore job opportunities in Germany. The given time frame for a job seeker visa is 6 months but if you fail to find a job for yourself in Germany that suits your qualifications you will have to leave the country before the expiration of your visa. 

Get jobs in Germany for qualified professional!

If you are a qualified professional in India and have studied from a designated institution or a qualified vocational training from outside Germany, you can explore job opportunities in Germany and now want to get jobs in Germany from India, the work visa will be given for 4 years. If your work contract ends before 4 years then the work permit will be given for that duration. 

Students are allowed to work in Germany part time! 

If you want to study and are willing to work part time in Germany you can work on your student visa. The European students are allowed to work. During the semester, students can work for 20 hours per week and during semester breaks students can work for unlimited hours. Whereas, non-european students can work for almost equal to 120 days after finding a job. In this article we will find out how to get jobs in Germany. Many students study in another country in order to work in Germany.

Top in demand jobs in Germany!

Germany has a huge demand for skilled workers, to meet this demand Germany provides a visa facility with which you can search for any of the jobs listed below with the average annual package that you may get. Considering your current job you can find out what jobs you can apply for jobs in Germany

IT and software jobs from India in Germany! 

Currently , there is a high demand in Germany for IT specialists. To get a job in the IT sector you must have good work experience in relevant streams. The average salary for an IT employee is 49,966  and for a software specialist it is €60,000. 

Accounting and Finance! 

Accounts and financing are highly skilled jobs that you can apply for in Germany and around the globe and could be good job opportunities in Germany. This includes professions like business analysts, accountants, account managers etc. The average salary for both ranges between €39,195 to €49,000. Accountants and business analysts looking for a job can apply for high paying jobs as well. 

Human Resource Management Job in Germany

Human resource management has a great scope of growth and is expected to grow by over 18% in the coming years. This job sector is a great option to apply in Germany from India as it demands a good HR background and experience in the relevant field to apply. The average annual salary for HR management can go upto €85,800. 

Hospitality job sector from India! 

Hospitality is a booming industry in Germany and around the globe. If you are keen to get jobs in Germany in the hospitality sector, you must be able to communicate in German. Germany is one the highest paying countries in hospitality. Average salary of an employee goes upto € 27,788. 

Sales and Marketing opportunities in Germany from India!  

Sales and marketing goes hand in hand with some differences in their day to day duties. There are always vacancies available in sales and marketing jobs. To apply for a sales job the average annual salary may go upto € 45,990 and for marketing the average annual salary is around € 30,000. With high demand by the marketing sector one can apply for jobs in Germany from India

STEM job sector to apply in Germany! 

Despite having a great number of graduates in the country, the country has a shortage of STEM specialists and professionals. STEM specialists can add great value to the German economy and lead the country. The average annual salary of a STEM professional is € 78,810. If you are a science student ,a techie or a researcher in mathematics you will surely find a great deal of work in Germany.  

Teaching sector in Germany 

There is a huge number of vacancies in the teaching sector in Germany. There is a huge demand for English teachers in Germany and one can apply for English teaching jobs in Germany from India with a licence to teach. The average annual salary for a teacher in Germany is € 30,000. 

Nursing Sector jobs from India! 

Nursing profession is one of the most stable job opportunities in Germany to apply, with much more growth in the health sector. Germany has a huge demand for qualified nurses. If you are looking for a nursing job this is quite a good time for you.  

The average annual salary of a professional nurse in Germany is € 39,519. 

These were some in demand jobs and methods for you to know how to get jobs in Germany from India 

Why consider immigration consultant to find a JOB IN GERMANY?  

Consulting an immigration consultant can be a boon to finding employment in Germany from India. Province immigration provides a number of services if you want to immigrate to Germany. Province immigration has been leading immigration consultants in India since 2015 and will be most eligible to find favourable job opportunities in Germany. We provide the following services:

  1. 100% job assistance 
  2. Post landing services 
  3. Visa filing
  4. Documentation
  5. Cover Letter (visa status)
  6. Resume (as in European standard) 

With the provision of these services you will be able to have maximum chances of your immigration finding a job in Germany. After landing in Germany you will be at ease with our services for you. These were some of the benefits that you can enjoy after enrolling with Province Immigration.

Province Immigration

Province Immigration


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